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  1. Hi I'm Evil Butters I just bought this car...I love it........SO every time I kill you and you cry.............Remember Butters has a lambo tooooo.............. Suck it (-=
  2. Thanks girls. I bought that program. I cloned it to the 256. But it says its only 128 now after the clone but I see what you are saying about making a partion but I got that done dont want to fluck it up lol THanks FOr the help (-0=
  3. Hey girls I got a problem.... I have a 128ssd with the os on it its almost full and is not working fast anymore its about 3 years old. I have a second one with 256 ssd. THat is newer and has almost no space taken up. I also have a tig of hhd. I have the disk for windows 10 when I got this peice of shit that is the one on the fisrt ssd. How do I transfer the os to the 258ssd with out going crazy and flucking up everything? Thanks in advance POO POO
  4. I love to party and hang at Hardcore (-=
  5. Went fishing with my little shits for 4 days up the Northern coast of California. Fun time lots of fish. Now Get me a beer and lets frag again...
  6. What tool are you thinking about Masa (-=
  7. Damn snow.....3 feet in the last 2 days. At least got to use the new Loader (-=
  8. You looking for a date Leon? Lmaooooooooooooooooo Good to see your ass back...
  9. It's snow like hell up here took this pic from my living room the wind has started.
  10. (-= Have a great night Peoples...........POO POO
  11. Well she woke me up.........Hint Hint Hint LOL (_)_)......she's leaving now and I can play again lmaoooooooooooooooo
  12. Butters had to cool off his little member so I decided to ......JUMP IN THE LAKE.......So shrinkage occurred ENJOY.......Polar plunge......f*** it was cold. Hump and Angel I had to cool off after Discord.....................And my girlfriend's boobs............Just so you know I miss your f***s....I miss you shits....I will be back when I can't get hard anymore
  13. I got a girlfriend, so now I can't play as much.....But at least I don't have play with myself anymore LOL (-=

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    2. RENEGADE*


      Lmao, epic butters!

    3. ExCaL


      Let her "play" with you while youre playing ET... awesome combination :)))

    4. RedBaird


      I hope that he does not repeat the history of Kevin Bacon, "The Life of Jay#2", who got a job and a girl and faded away into RL. :)

  14. Out with the OLD...........IN with the NEW...............Super excited, will make my life much easier. We have a huge parking lot and this new 2017 918m Just made me wet (-=

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