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  1. Sold my 2 Lambo's Bought a house in Oregon. A place to store Tipsy's camels.
  2. Good news : wife will buy a dildo for us.


    stay stuned

  3. My Crib. Next door to the rich People. It's got Butters Style. Still worth 4 Mill. Can't complain..........Frag on.....
  4. SUCK IT.............and have a Happy Birthday all in the same day (-=
  5. 1530 N Lake Blvd, Tahoe City, CA, 96145 | realtor.com® Not shitting you 12 million, Living next to Butters Priceless..... SUCK IT!
  6. Nah it's my neighbors so now they have 3 Lambo's. Lmaooooooooooo At least they are going to let me drive it!@!!
  7. She was out on a friends boat getting towed from a nice boat (-= SUCK IT MIKE!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Having a good time on Lake Tahoe!!! And my ugly ass...........SUCK IT........Hello!!!!!!!!!! Peace Butters. O shit 666 Post It's EVIL!!!!
  9. I saw this picture in this post and guess who I immediately thought of?  







  10. I just saw a "Red Zone' warning map on TV, showing high winds, high heat and low humidity for the Valley.  (until 1pm Thursday, I think).


    The Sierra ridges also have a Red Zone, but I could not tell if it reached your location or not.  


    It might be "danger close", as those predicted 'zones' can shift. :( 


    Hmm, you do have a "lake wind advisory" until 9pm PDT today:




    Here are the numbered Fire Zones for N. California, but it looks like you might be included in the Nevada zones???



  11. I hope it has a 12 cylinder CAT Motor (-=
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