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  1. Should be fixed now. Please give it a try B2 stats are live as well! Happy winning!
  2. Bud! Oasis :D 

    1. Cit0


      It's going, was just working with Smiles on it today going over some of the changes.  We are getting closer :)

  3. All 4 servers stats are live - silent mod 10 mins delay and stats page will be updated. NQ server - every midnight. We will be pruning NQ server stats depending on how DB grows.
  4. I think comments are fun then those Leaderboard likes haha
  5. Going to keep old server for some time and will change name and such. So players know about it. IP to IP can't do it
  6. From your account settings page - Add your Hardcore Profile ID -
  7. After 8 years, it's time to say bye bye to old hardcore IP. If you are using old IP instead of DNS it will not work for you after this month end. Now why move after 8 years? Well with current host, we can't have live stats. https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/hc/ So if you are connecting with /connect hc.clan-fa.com:27960 - it will be no difference for you. Menus and all will auto move you to new server. If you are connecting with IP then please type in console /connect hc.clan-fa.com:27960 Stats are live now. If any issues we might disable it temporarily. We will be adding 10 mins delay for performance. Hardcore DNS still stays the same - /connect hc.clan-fa.com:27960 All your XP and admin levels have been moved. Only 5 hr data would be missing max! Go to your forum - Account Settings. In that under 'Stats' option - 3 server options are available - S1, HC and B2. Add the respective ID from your profile page of stats for respective server. If you need help please ask for it. PS Super thanks to @n3g4n for the stats UI! He has put massive amount of time and effort on it. Thank you
  8. Yes because I didn't played much once stats went live @w1cx is promoting =F|A= on Twitch and streaming sites, so I am promoting his ID haha
  9. Not possible. Each server will read and write user.db - what happens when 1 is trying to read and another trying to write? In jaymod this are sequential events. Now if corrupted data or half written data is being read, we have the problem. Race condition would screw up everything. silent mod also hard because silent, HC and B2 - are all in 3 separate machines. Their is no remote path option. Only on NQ where single file is being accessed for XP store, it was possible and NQ XP sharing is already done between NQ #1 and or Fun #2.
  10. I think i will be able to do something about it. Give me a day or two.
  11. that short URL's are all HTTP. It's http://b2stats.clan-fa.com Final URL's are HTTPS.
  12. I am on it. Migration and stats both will happen at same time.
  13. Welcome to our =F|A=mily!
  14. Yo my Filipino homie! How's all going?

  15. Come back from past man!

  16. I hope u doing good bud!

  17. Ohhh... how's all going u sneaky buddy :)

  18. Should be fixed now. I am going to set up cron job to delete some old stats.
  19. Have added /tips options. Type /tips in chat. @RendeL @K3rmit - Please let me know if B2 /tips is not working or is showing wrong message. Also - New forum field is available for silent #1 server - Take the last number - https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/silent1/player/301 Add that in your profile field. Then anyone who clicks on it - will be redirected to your stats page!
  20. All mods use different format. First question is how you will make different mod aka different style - understand same xp ? Ex - NQ has different level system, jaymod has different and silent has different. Counting of XP is different on top levels are different as well. Best someone can do is create their own XP system - and use sqlite for it and use LUA. Then use same file for all servers except jaymod cos jaymod doesn't have LUA.
  21. Checking - it seems like it's not. I noticed same. Fixing.
  22. You can make up as much as stories you like. You can whine on me in PM's but if you whine on server regulars or admins - you will be having issues on our server.

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