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  1. Feedback is feedback mate. We don't delete topics bud. All feedback is welcome. Sometimes we don't reply because we might be working behind the scenes.
  2. Nothing comes up for me for that ID. Is that correct ID?
  3. It should be same for HC and Jay1. Both server has same setting. Server doesn't respond to ICMP packets. Working as intended. I can turn it on if required for testing. @Eazy Share lagometer screenshot. Take few screenshots - where you see problem and when you don't.
  4. @Leatherface Jinxed it!
  5. Welcome backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!  

  6. We will fix the bot issue with ETL. Something is causing the problem for NQ, silent mod and jaymod. Either ETL + AC or ETL + Mode issue or all 3 together.
  7. Their are players who always think, when they die, someone else is unhittable.
  8. I have cleaned up all old users from 90 days before. So i am hoping this issue wouldn't come back anytime soon. If it breaks - Blame Barnie for Jay3. For other servers, blame me
  9. Please don't advertise without prior approval. Please feel free to update our download section if you notice any files are missing. Thanks. https://fearless-assassins.com/files/ PS Truth to be told - everyone wants their website to be popular. If that wasn't the case, you would have helped updating content on this site but I haven't seen any file updates from your end on our website and you are asking to update us, your or your friend's site. Apologize for being blunt and straight forward.
  10. I see total 77 servers. https://www.cs2d.com/servers.php I am not against creating servers but each one takes dedication. I don't want to see trend someone creating server but not following up. I am Ok with Minecraft, Haxball and terraria as long as @RainierWolfcastle agrees.
  11. We will start updating again NQ #1 stats. Some automation will be required to clean up old stats. Will be fixing soon stats for silent #1, HC and beginners #2. https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/nq1/
  12. Some changes to speed up loading time. Their was a random slowness in certain times so trying to resolve it. thanks
  13. You are generalizing too much. If admin is in spec and went on break, they can't pay attention all the time. Last time I remember, you where causing trouble on server and hence your application got denied. If your attitude has changed and you wish to help, silent #1 team, agrees that you are helper now from trouble maker, you are free to apply and become admin. This way you can help! Thanks!
  14. set g_useralliedrespawntime 8 set g_useraxisrespawntime 13 Map will be removed from voting above 22 players. PS We will also enable map stats from another server.
  15. @Sleestak is around he is the best mature homie. Everyone love's him.
  16. All waypoints should be fixed.
  17. Hello, Welcome to our site. It would be nice if you can share some more info about yourself. PS https://fearless-assassins.com/forums/topic/93069-how-to-submit-your-silent-guid-into-your-profile-enemy-territory/ Thanks! PS Your random yohoo!
  18. New theme is added: For those who want to Toggle between light and dark themes:
  19. It seems like ET master list is being used to force players to redirect to certain servers. Please use below patch if you use 2.6b: https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/1755-et-masterlist-hacking-and-redirect-fix-for-players/ It will support both 2.6b and ETPRO. Thanks
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