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  1. Stats are live for HC: https://fearless-assassins.com/et_stats/hc/ S1 and B2 will be fixed soon as well.
  2. How are u bud? 

    1. D..X
    2. daredevil


      He is around, just got to dig him out :) 

  3. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Jay2 New Maps Suggestions

    Let's discuss sometime this weekend or before.
  4. What error? Details please.
  5. Last time you didn't had issue when we tested? issue came back?
  6. Can we connect through discord over the weekend? Sorry, weekdays are crazy fk days since last few months and have no energy to help/respond.
  7. We should create a pk3 for all missing sounds.. and update mapscript to call correct sound.
  8. Amazon prime gaming has some free games. https://gaming.amazon.com/home Claim Battlefield 1 and V - if you have amazon prime account.
  9. Discord me and we can do some live testing.
  10. Is this happening recently? OR Just always been an issue?
  11. "credit to: El! for all his help trying to find a solution to this problem. Thanks! " What's the solution? Do u have HLSW tool open?
  12. Last one is cool. We should add it. Which server to add first? NQ? Suggestion? Possible to add text below website or on right corner? Discord: https://discord.clan-fa.com/ @Shana What do you think?
  13. What you plan to run on that one? Just curious.
  14. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Will add 5 more maps from this suggestions: et_mor2_night_final,0,64, supplydepot2,0,40, caen2,0,40, fueldump,0,36, sp_delivery_te,0,40, pirates,0,64, et_beach,0,64, fa_italy_b3,0,64, fa_bremen_final,0,64, adlernest,0,40, etdo1,26,64, capuzzo,12,64, fa_oasis_b3,0,64, eagles_2ways_b3, 12, 36, bba0-beta2,14,64, river_port,0,64, venice_ne4,0,64, etdo6,36,64, goldrush-gals,0,64, fa_temple,18, 44, decay_b7,0,40, baserace,0,38, warbell,0,64, castleattack_b5, 34, 64, frostbite, 0, 34, etdo3,30,64,
  15. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    @Night Train and @Cracker What's the "laugh smiley" for?? You think he is cracking joke?
  16. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Beginners #2 - Map suggestions

    I thought latest is decay 7?
  17. daredevil

    ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    Glider and helmsdeep = both have entity issue. Please pick another map. Rest i will do the change.
  18. Have added some words to go in auto moderation. i.e. if post or title contains: "Ethical SEO Services" - it will go in approval que. I am testing certain things to make human spam bot life more miserable but if that causes an issue for any valid user posting, please share the issue. Thanks.
  19. F2P mode is successful if the game is. I suggest, keep initial versions free, make it popular and introduce buyable features later. Rome wasn't build in a day and neither is any game. My suggestion: Give the nice admin tools to server admin so they can manage the server. Give good game play to players and then take it from their. Bad idea. Someone buys the token, forces other 50 users to play the map they don't like and players leave. Rather introduce, with pay option give skin guns, instead of 4 bombs for ex: give 5 bombs for xx maps.
  20. Thanks to stalkers, I had it removed from our website. One asshole, showed up at my house stalking me. Lesson learned and information removed. Can't repeat same mistake
  21. Nice! I don't want to go off topic but let's catch up on this weekend if you are around. I am hoping your discord ID is up-to date.
  22. @THE BEAST Smokey mountain rocks Fun place besides Utah.
  23. Are you still facing an issue? If yes discord me and I can help you out.
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