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  1. Share the maps which you have played before but never on our server. @captnconcrete suggested nice baserace version. I liked played it today, so was wondering what are some odd maps hidden out their. Let's dig them up and play it up. Looking to create 90 maps rotations
  2. Got the G502 few months back and never got hang of it. I am using Logitech G Hub. Any good settings to have stable sensitivity? Anyone experienced with G502? OS - Windows 10. Thanks
  3. I have updated NQ #1 from NQ 1.2.3 to NQ 1.2.9 B6. It was about time. Last time we tried (few years back) some people complained but I hardly see those people anyways. New version gives us much better options compare to old one. Slowly, will add some more useful stuff. As of now priority was to give old style of game play + new features. I have also enabled map voting for testing purpose. If it works good we keep it or we go back to map rotation. Please let me know your suggestions/feedback in this topic and we can work it out. Your admin level and XP - have been migrated. Cheers. Note - If you get error connecting - please run PK3 cleaner. https://fearless-assassins.com/files/file/374-enemy-territory-auto-pk3-cleaner/
  4. Tooo easy. No tough Q PS Chicken wings ftw! BBQ PS2 - 5. Favorite TV series? oh god....theres so many, I can't pick. So many people have asked me what my favourite show, movie or song is. I enjoy almost everything which makes it hard for me to have a favourite FFS - pick one at least We will not judge you based on your choices! Mine fav is Mentalist.
  5. I have started beta server available today for Insurgency sandstorm. We will be soon adding US based servers as well once we upgrade our current machine with 32GB RAM. That's planned soon. For now It's EU based servers. Server - =F|A= Beginners CooP #1 | CLAN-FA.COM Easy IP - sandstorm1.clan-fa.com:27040 Server - =F|A= PvP PUSH - EU | CLAN-FA.COM Server - =F|A= HARDCORE - ALL MAPS | CLAN-FA.COM Server settings, we will update based on feedback. We plan to run 2 US and 2-3 Euro servers for it for now. Please share your feedback here. PS If something doesn't work, please be little patient, we will get it all squared soon. We are also planning to update our US machine with new hard ware. Lot's of new changes are in progress. Thank you
  6. After a long time, I am starting the goal for next year in current year. Thank you for all the people who donated so far, especially, big thanks to anyone who donated more then 100$. My only suggestions or expectation is more donations in the range of 50$ rather then 100$ and above. The only reason, people have to donate more then 100$ is to fill in someone's else place. If we can do find 110 players to donate just 50$, we will reach the goal pretty fast. Nothing free survives for longer and hence we run website and servers based on donation. You don't hesitate to spend 10 bucks for a drink or 20 bucks for a movie for 3 hrs, then why hesitate for 50$/year for 365 days fun? You can find cost of our servers on our donation page. It has complete breakdown of cost. At the end of the day, nothing is free in the world - not your internet, not your food and/or website or servers. Someone, somewhere is paying for it and the only reason clan has survived for so long is because of community who fill in the pot. We are the classic case of Unity in Diversity. Quote from old clan leader Milli: Thanks to every donor small or big, for keeping the fun possible. Cost break down - https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/updates/ Donation link: https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/
  7. If you like to share your pics with us you can post them here.
  8. Old topic has grown out too far - https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/56690-what-was-the-last-movie-you-watched/page-107 Creating new one. Keep sharing good movies.
  9. COD4 Screenshots from Fearless Assassins COD4 Gaming Servers Feel free to share your COD4 screenshots here. I have locked old topic and created new one.
  10. Give it a try, I will wait for your final out come bud.
  11. Please submit both ID's in your forum profile if you play steam supported games. First get your ID from this page - https://steamid.io/ Add your alias or username Then click on steam ID and click on copy ICON in red Now open forum account settings or go to this link - https://fearless-assassins.com/settings/ Then click on Edit Profile - Add the information in pop up and repeat same for steamID64
  12. I don't think they are suspending USA operations or that's not what it was said in their earning call this quarter. I actively follow paypal. But I have heard stories about them cancelling account for no valid reason. In that case, I have created account in Cash app as well. Cash also accepts BTC. I will share the details later in first post.
  13. Update - 3 servers are up. "=F|A= Beginners CooP #1" "=F|A= PvP PUSH - EU | CLAN-FA.COM" "=F|A= HARDCORE - ALL MAPS | CLAN-FA.COM" We are working on fixing pvp. It seems pvp gets auto changed to coop because of broken mapcycle may be. We will see how it goes.
  14. If the bullets will pass through the walls - how can we block it?
  15. Thank you. I guess, you where the one I was looking for. Can you please send me your transaction ID in PM and if available subscription ID (old paypal) or billing agreement ID (new paypal update). It seems forum think your subscription has expired and hence the issue. This is what I see from my side and hence forum doesn't show me any invoice. Von is busy with life so I am going to pick up on adding monthly donations. I will add your total donations missed so far in 2019. Another problem is monthly subscription is from addon A and donation is addon B - both different developers and company. Both addons doesn't talk so monthly donations don't show up and hence manual work required to add instead of regular auto. - Thank you! Update 1 - Found it - will add all your donations to 2019 goal so far and then I will keep adding manually going forward. So sorry for the delay. Update 2 - Added and fixed.
  16. AT&T new phone every year, is bogus program to grab your money. Apple 1500$ for the phone - fk that shit. Samsung is 400$ - S9 Plus - 2nd hand. iPhone X is my last phone on Apple series. Iphone 3GS, iPhone 4, Iphone 5s and iPhone X. I got X for 600$ last year in 2 year contract, so i got it. Ain't paying more for this thing. 100-150$/year is the max i can pay for any phone. Buying 3-4 months used phone if in good condition and use that one. Best $ value.
  17. Hello their Good to see some old peeps back! Glad to here you are alive and kicking! jaja tell me about it I am same boat!
  18. I trade on stocks and options. Platform - Robinhood and TD.
  19. Look out for Robin Hood. Get someone to refer you and you both will get 5$ to 150$ - for free. I use RH for NG and short term trades. Sometimes even I do day trade on it. Eyeing on SQ entry point for now. Started last year and RH has been solid so far. Even options are free on it.
  20. can you please share the screenshot with @kemon. His v4 version is coming up so that can be taken care off? Thanks!
  21. cleaner will remove all same name pk3's. I run pk3 cleaner every few months. If you just played on ours, then you might have old pk3 and that's about it. co-op weapons fixed. Thanks for helping.

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