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  1. @Ltm10 Discord me for remote desktop. Will take 5 mins to fix.
  2. What worked for me so far is give the website and ask them to share their logic on site in the topic. So if someone on server has good opinion/logic to improve, they can directly come to topic and reply. I create short URL which is easy to share for me and ask for feedback on it. But then again, everyone got opinion and that doesn't mean we can add each one. We need to see what makes sense and what doesn't and based on that, we work it out. Sometimes even if it makes sense technical limitations block it up. NQ is not open source either.
  3. Their is no limit on covert ops, field ops, soldiers overall, etc. Only panzer 1, flammer 1, etc. is limited and so does rifle nade. We can make those limitations map specific as well. Also it's not we are limiting weapons i.e. we only modified flammer so others get chance and no rifle nades you can't spam i.e. 4 in one shot. We also made venom powerful which we useless kinda before. We can also balancing at map level if required. Try to think out of the box and I will see what can be achieved. Their is always room for improvement where ever possible.
  4. We offer variety of servers but adren wouldn't be removed from Jay2. We might enhance it in near future but removing of adren is no and no. PS I play Jay2 because it provides me challenge i.e. kill adren noobs without adren and the best vsays! I like SPAM!!
  5. Happy Ramadan everyone. I hope, I spelled it right.
  6. daredevil

    FA Servers

    As explained on Discord - you have massive packet loss on your ISP side. Till they fix it, you will have issue. Try our Euro servers and post winMTR.
  7. Start ET. Open console - do \com_hunkmegs and press Enter. Share what it says -
  8. https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/103136-update-your-enemy-territory-to-26b-version-in-2-minutes/
  9. We already have Fun #1 but I will change it up as per my thoughts initially. The whole XP reset every 3 maps is not going anywhere. So I am going to change it up. First, I want to complete sniper server for @Luki and team.
  10. I think, some serious mod changes, required. Something like if you die, your old charge carries over and even though you spawn with it, you can't use it. Noted. I was more like thinking out loud to add some features in future if possible.
  11. 6 vs 6 and if we have 50 landmines. I really don't think attacking team and can even plant dynos if good engineers keep planting s-mines. I plan to make it, player count based.
  12. I am just thinking to limit adren to 2 if possible and that would resolve the issue. Also, remove adren from medics all together again if possible.
  13. For testing raised to 34000 from 30000
  14. FG42 sucks at medium and longer distance because of spread. MP40 player, can roll up even snipers. With shorter distance and person who knows how to give HS, yes it's powerful.
  15. Whatever mentioned in PDF - we can tweak. https://fearless-assassins.com/jaymod.pdf Rest custom code.
  16. @HarryAimpotter Join us and provide fair play. If you be fair to others, we will be good for life long. If you end up throwing accusations for cheating to regulars, admin abuse, etc. sooner or later, you will find yourself banned or removed. But if you are really interested for helping server joining the team is best way to go.
  17. daredevil

    Lag on jay2

    Your first hop has higher latency why? Where u running pingplotter and winMTR at same time?
  18. Take SS and contact us. Aadmins are humans too and if they miss checking scores, sometimes, I don't blame them. But my problem is when regular notifies teams are bad or another admin mentions it and then also some admins ignore it. That's when, I start warning those admins. I also warn players who complain for teams when teams are fine and it's 18 vs 20. Just off by 1 and some players actually spam up. For me team balance is common sense: Don't let one team slaughter and don't let one team get spawn killed on 'continuous' basis.
  19. Wiki wasn't updated while some rules had changed. That rule is legacy rule which you 'highlighted' when we had active admins and also sometimes admin skill level suck, ex like mine. I really suck at game now to make huge difference so sometimes asking skilled players is best route. Let's just be realistic - moving 10 low+ players like me, would be hard compare to moving 1-2 skilled players as well. So asking works sometimes. Rule is updated to reflect: "Trial and clan members should be the first to move to even teams. We expect members to move at least once every 2-3 maps. Also not all members have good enough skill level, to make difference or actually resolve unbalance issue, so if that's the case, asking/moving regulars/skilled player is best thing to do. "
  20. In FPS Latency is king. BW is good to have but not going to make difference. You have 10 Gbps but if latency is not good, you will lag like anything. Overall you don't have bad latency to be honest. My wifi 6 is giving me more headache then you can think.
  21. @Sisje Do it We can create club for GTA!
  22. Your first hop has average latency of 5 ms - that's fucked up and worst 13 ms is bad as well. Other then that you need to run winMTR for 100 packets.
  23. You are only sending 14 packets and 38 packets in both. Run min for 100 packets to capture higher picture. Try ping plotter as well. I don't know why your PC or modem is blocking ICMP pings. I don't see any packet loss in either or screenshot. Zero packet loss for me from those SS. Few reasons: 100% loss is not actually packet loss. If packet loss then it should show up in last hop. Once u trigger packet to target - u see between hops reply or not. In many cases in between hops don't reply because - a) ICMP blocked b) QoS c) Partial QoS - active/inactive based on load Always monitor last hop - in this case, I don't see packet drops.
  24. Fixing. Update - Fixed

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