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  1. Old topic has again grown lot longer... Time to create part 7 https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/85308-what-song-are-you-listening-right-now-part-6/
  2. I am on discord for next 15 mins. Pls ping me if u are on. I would be off on this weekend. We can do teamview and fix it for you.
  3. Old topic has grown out too far - https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/56690-what-was-the-last-movie-you-watched/page-107 Creating new one. Keep sharing good movies.
  4. I suggestion there is no topic for hardcore server. Start suggesting ones in this map going forward. Format: Remove: map A Add: map B So to add new map you have to suggest which existing maps need to be replaced. Without that I will ignore the request.
  5. If you like to share your pics with us you can post them here.
  6. Suggest the maps which you know are good maps. I would like to create pool of 50 different maps. My list would be updated based on the maps posted in this topic. Once map pool is created we are planning to change maps every 3-5 days within the pool of 50 maps. Note: Don't suggest useless map which can't be played or buggy and have been removed previously from server or maps which received massive fps lag or whine. 1. Oasis 2. Goldrush 3. Goldrush GALS 4. Oasis B3 5. Frostbite 6. Braundurf 7. Venice NE 8. Radar 9. Minas 10. UJE 11. 2Tanks 12. Subway 13. MLB Temple 14. Streets of Marrakesch by night 15. ET beach invasion 16. MLB Daybreak 17. Italy FPS 18. Warbell 19. Supply Depot 20. Beerrun 21. Baserace 22. Tank Buster 23. Axis Lab 24. Super Goldrush 25. Glider 26. Paris Bastille beta 3 27. Adlernest 28. Castle Attack 29. Battery 30. Special Delivery 31. Cathedral 32. Industry 2 33. Resurrection 34. Vesuvius 35. MLB helmsdeep 36. Chateau 37. MLB Egypt 38. Stargate Center 1945 39. RtCW Village 40. MLB Carnage 41. Dubrovnik 42. Snatch 43. Pretoria Mission 2 44. Breakout 45. Sands of Time 46. Rhineland Bridge 2 47. Battle_of_Wolken_3_b4 48. Hydrodam 49. Caen2 50. Secret Weapon 51. School 52. Eagles2ways 53. TC Base 54. Pirates 55. Pure Frag 56. rommel_ga 57. trmfght_beta2 58. MLB Hotchkiss 59. Erdenberg 60. Heart of Gold 61. Supply Pro 62. Missile_B3 63. ET ice 64. Password 2 65. Falcon 66. Reactor 67. Steel Plant 68. Fuel Depot 69. D Rush 70. Alchemy Castle 71. Fueldump 72. Bremen 73. Das Boot 74. Haunted Mansion Updated: 70 maps. Updated 2: 74 maps. List goes on. Feel free to post maps.. Correct format to request map - Add - Map Name Remove - Map name Map URL to add - URL for download from our download section. If map is not present please submit the map in download section.
  7. Placebo. Both are server cvars and wouldn't do anything good for client.
  8. COD4 Screenshots from Fearless Assassins COD4 Gaming Servers Feel free to share your COD4 screenshots here. I have locked old topic and created new one.
  9. TE one is always on server. What I am missing? That map hasn't been removed since 2013. Can u pls confirm? Are you talking about another version?
  10. Years back, we started telling everyone to use 2.6b and so far we have been successful. It's about time for new change. You can download ETLegacy from here - https://www.etlegacy.com/download Current members, playing from ETLegacy, please share your feedback here so that other players can make a call from your experience i.e. do you face any issue or it works out well for you.
  11. OR Just winMTR and paste the text here
  12. We don't need PB - so u can remove PB services and PB folder all together. For lag - please provide winMTR
  13. 1. Use game lagometer to find your lag problem. Click Me 2. To check your internet: OS XP: In Windows, select Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. This will give you a window like the one below. In that type: ping -t server IP Example for F|A #1: ping -t it run for 5 mins and then type ctrl + c.Post the result. OS Vista: 1. Click on the windows icon in the lower left of the computer screen. 2. Click on 'Run'. 3. Type cmd when the menu pops up. You will see the text entered at the bottom of the window. Hit enter. This pulls up the cmd window. 4. Type in ping -t server IP and hit enter. Let it run for 5 mins and then press ctrl + c. All I need is: Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 22, Received = 22, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 90ms, Maximum = 129ms, Average = 97ms Control-C ^C 4. PC and other Specs. Post your pc and other specs and OS while asking for help. OS: RAM: Motherboard: CPU: Hard drive (IDE, PATA, SATA, etc): Graphics card: Wifi: Internet Speed: Do you use router? : Your location (country): ET Version: 5. Your internet speed: http://www.speedtest.net/ Make a new topic if you lag on our server with all above info. We can't help if you don't tell us any info.
  14. daredevil

    Lagging Badly

    After a long time, I have seen good report on lag. Thank you for that. Much appreciated. I will follow up with our host gameservers.com on that. They have been POS lately.
  15. Current NQ #1 map rotation. Yeah Flamer Gaurd is on caen2, 0, 40, mlb_temple, 24, 40, bba0-beta2, 30, 64, etdo6, 24, 64, warbell, 20, 40, fueldump_uvf, 18, 30, tankbuster, 20, 40, sos_secret_weapon, 12, 32, password2, 18, 40, falcon2, 12, 30, italyfp2, 12, 24, frostbite, 0, 45, et_beach, 0, 45, bremen_final, 0, 45, braundorf_final, 0, 34, beerrun_b7a, 0, 32, adlernest, 0, 40, mlb_daybreak, 16, 22, etdo1, 24, 64, baserace, 16, 30, teuthonia_final, 0, 64, cathedral_final, 14, 50, pirates, 18, 45, etdo6, 16, 64, capuzzo, 14, 45, tc_base, 6, 45, flame-guards, 4, 26,
  16. Welcome to our forums. Used to play on RC NQ back in the days. Me and my roomie used to have fun.
  17. Done. Will add some new maps later. Fueldump crashes on NQ 1.2.3. Will add fueldump once i update server to NQ 1.2.9 B6 - this weekend.
  18. Tried to fix the missing waypoint - from the upgrade. Let me know if issue happens again.
  19. Old forum to new forum - Paypal API has changed. Sadly old forum Store API was really mess. Yes even though it's paid software, API was mess. I have re-issued the invoice and mark it as paid - manually. Sorry for the delay.
  20. Applied the fix. Please let me know how it works out. I also updated omni version while I was at it. Also applied the fix from jay2 so omnis will not use panzer anymore. Please let me know if any issues. If i forget to follow up on this topic, please PM spam me on discord.
  21. Increased to 8 maps voting for testing. Let me know how it works out.

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