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  1. yooooooohoooooooo

    1. Maximo Decimo

      Maximo Decimo

      Hello there, im alive , Yoyo

    2. tipsy


      Goooood  to see you.   your friend swiss army is around too, not sure if you remember him. 

    3. Maximo Decimo

      Maximo Decimo

      Of course i remember him and almost everyone. Time to time read the Telegram chat.

  2. I'm here, checking forum time to time but most of the time like a ghost because i am so absent since long time ago. Anyways, i good to hear about you
  3. My pc dead since 2015, it started to overheating and one day it doesnt turn on. I got tired of it and instead of fixing i simply got rid of it. Basically, i had only the pc in the office but now i have nothing jeje. Of couse, i need one for the office so im going to replace it and buy a new one.
  4. I think i choose the worst time to create new topics to say "hello" because my personal office pc decided to stop running since yesterday and here i am using my partner pc. But it does not prevents stop by and say i am still alive.
  5. Parcially gone. The work in the office intensified lately because some coworkers are on vacations and the rest of us have to deal with their jobs. I hope they come back soon.
  6. Hello guys, i hope some of you still remember this noob player who was ausent for quite some months (or a year). I prefer introduce myself again becuase im sure the community is bigger now: My name is Maximo Decimo, i used to play in Silent 1 Server, my e-home. I play ET since 2004. I am a formal member since 2009 until 2015, the year that my pc got too old and slow and i threw it away in one of those days you are in bad mood. Since that day, i only used the pc in office to open the forum to stay in contact with all of you, i helped as much as i could but without stay in touch with the game,
  7. And now, our country will be the point of his attacks, he hates México more than other countries. Unfortunately, we have tons of troubles with corrupt politicians, the drugs and now we have to deal with his campaing proposals. We have to be prepare, economically talking, for the big problems that México and the rest of the world has to pass through.
  8. I'm close to be an old fart here but, indeed, I should introduce myself again
  9. Is a hard question to explain but i will try: "para" is a preposition, it is use more likely as a goal. I would like to give a couple of examples: - Tengo un regalo para ti / I have a gift for you - Necesito dinero para comprar un videojuego / I need morey to buy a videogame. In both sentences, the reason of use "para" is like reach an objective, a goal. Now, the word "por" is also a preposition and it has the meaning of "pass by" or a "place". 2 Examples: - ¿No hay una gasolinera por aqui cerca? / Isnt there a gas station around here? - Ayer pase por tu casa / Yesterda
  10. one left, cheaters busted, a welcome back and a smiling "face".

    1. audrey


      Very interesting news I bet but welcomeee baack.

  11. Im back. Whats news?

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    2. Sonofdoc
    3. Dovaah


      Lot of new S1 members ! ( United Blood rocks !!! )

    4. RedBaird


      I am awake today.

  12. Donation to support =F|A= and Silent 1 server: $10.00 Confirmation number: 4G133738VM0649328
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