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  1. daredevil

    Etpro fps drop

    2 things - 1. How much FPS u where getting before and how much u are getting now? 2. How much u are getting now when u replay demo and how much u get it when u play the game? Share u config. Thanks
  2. daredevil

    M_pitch ....

    Thanks. Will check with Gao/silencer and will see what can be done.
  3. pak1 or pak2 or mp_bin etc is missing from your installation. Try to put below pk3s in your etmain and see if that helps. It's assumption based on your error. if that doesn't help let me know. pak1.pk3 pak2.pk3 mp_bin.pk3
  4. Can you please share your screenshot of error? Also please post in your local language - i will use Google translate or assign my Angie to help u. Angie is french expert.
  5. daredevil

    Pk3 error

    We never think anyone is leeching any one of us. Either you donate or not donate. We are always here to help. We like to help because we like seeing players playing happily. ETL also deletes the users file without their permission like a trojan/virus. Can you please PM me your paypal ID so i can pull the transaction and add to your profile. On an avg 99% it happens auto. Only sometimes due to some issues, I need to do it manually. Thanks for helping!
  6. That was the beauty - yet people played happily. In last 10 years ISP infrastructure has improved big time from dial up/DSL to cable. That's why now a days when I see someone complaining for like +/- 20 ping difference- i just move along.
  7. Yesterday night was trying to find same.. but couldn't find it.. so created new one. I remember having one. May be ID changed after forum upgrade? Time to figure out.
  8. You should try our hardcore server. That would suit your needs.
  9. Nop full server - old days The days when people played as a team and no one whinned for OMG mortar mortar this and that. It was fun server - and people played has fun. Like no anti rush was required. Defending team really defending well and attacking team attacked like their is no tomorrow. It was like bring out any weapon and we will still kill you. Ding ding ding!
  10. Depending on server - time zone remains. Euro server at Euro time zones and US at US one.
  11. daredevil

    ui mp 86

    I really don't understand your language but here is what mine look like - Also your path seems odd - what are those .......... lines?

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