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  1. I really thank you guys, are you sure you want me to play with a decent pc? Ehehe I don't have the words to show how really thankful I am, but I wil decline the offer with respect, I will soon get another pc. Once more thank you guys.
  2. Nope mate, just bios doesnt recognize the disk, i bought anoter one and sometimes work, sometimes it doesnt, i probably have to buy another connector
  3. yo mate, wich so do u suggest? remembered about it now
  4. yo mate, wich so do u suggest? remembered about it now
  5. well its a Asus X555lj, the quality of construction is weak, i let it fall and stopped to recognize the hard disk. It is common on these laptops to happen this issue, i just acellerated it
  6. it sure improved, thanks mate. Gotta repair my pc.
  7. Well it improved it, i can now enjoy better gaming, but still cant get stable fps, and it seems on bigger maps it lags more. But it does its work, i can play a lot better. Thank you all
  8. I know its too high, i exceeded myself a little, i normally use 27.
  9. Yep running vista. cfg attached etconfig.cfg
  10. Well comrades, my pc went to pc heaven, so i´m using a borrowed one.... the issue here: i cant get decent fps rate... The Pc is this one, can someone give me some tips so i can at least run it with 60 fps? https://icecat.biz/pt/p/acer/lx.e970x.013/extensa-notebooks-extensa+5620z-2a1g08mi-1347976.html#
  11. Sparrow


    Yo Vindsie! All cool, hope you are well too mate
  12. Sparrow


    been there in the weekend, without tags mate
  13. Sparrow


    Back to ET after a long pause, wont play with the same frequency as before, since i dont have the time. Hope all of you are well and safe.
  14. Sup?

    1. RedBaird


      All is calm, all is bright...



      I wish. 😄 

    2. Sparrow


      ahahh yes mate, tough year last one, really. But alive and kickin! Hope you´re ok too ;)

    3. RedBaird


      Okay "enough" for now. 😄 


      I hate to ask people about their tough 2020 year! 😮 

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