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  1. Yo Sas, sorry not to say much ingame, but my keyboard is not working right, it misses some keys...

    All cool

    (question mark is one of them)

    1. Sasirou


      Yo Man was wondering why you are so queit at the server :'D i'm doing good mate what about you ?

  2. Guys gonna say it for now here, there are a lot of guys returning, now with windows 1o, get a sticky thread for them to use ET legacy, and even on our facebook, leave that recomendation.

    1. 0siE.


      i heard once that legacy isn't safe. Do you confirm ?


    2. Sparrow


      how it is not safe, never heard of. sorry my grammar but my keyboard is broken, some keys dont function right

    3. 0siE.


      No idea lol


      I dl it once but i go back and never used ah ah 

  3. Ahoy there

    1. GwS BadBoy
    2. GwS BadBoy

      GwS BadBoy

      Should have been Hey... lol



    Stay Strong ❤️

    1. captnconcrete


      whatcha been up too  buddy!

    2. Sparrow


      Not much, just kill everyone on J3...

  5. Someone knows how to bring console on et legacy


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    2. Sparrow


      Thank you so very much, all we in j3 thank you. ❤️


    3. RedBaird


      @Sunno , that was a very good idea, to check to see if it is bound to some other key. :D It is also a good idea to see if anything is bound to the key that you want your console.cvar bound to!

    4. w1cx


      The default one is shift+esc on legacy. I told u in game but if others are wondering :)

  6. Sparrow

    Website Coronavirus Updates

    I wish you all the best of luck irl. In servers i will slaughter you all
  7. Sparrow

    Website Coronavirus Updates

    Well here the number of cases increased from 0 to 80 in 3 days, i think it will be like italy, governement only today shutted down schools, i think it will be real bad.
  8. Yo Buck, wich machine is that you´re riding on your foto


  9. I´ve experienced some lag at jay3, is it me or the server lagging (question, my keyboard misses some keys)

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    2. Sparrow


      will try it now

    3. Sparrow


      Done, thanks for all guys.

    4. RedBaird


      No more "sud" for you!  :D 

  10. So, do you even Play?

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    2. Sparrow


      Bring the vk along with you, i miss killing the whole squad in a row.

    3. audrey


      They were all rly good I don't think you killed them all that easy :D

      But they are quite scattered, don't think I can bring them at this point😕

    4. Sparrow


      ask them for that time on school, on the corridor near the meds and ammo that i killed them all in a row, Wardell started saying wtf ahaha 

      Bring rektum and wardell :( ahhh and the panzer no long belongs to you

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