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Website Welcome to our new updated website

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Been busy with life for awhile now. I log back on after several months to find a slick new forum. Very nice indeed! Loving the Deflection theme. Keep up the great work.

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Welcome email added. So whoever signs up we will auto send them below email - Any suggestions welcome.



Welcome to Fearless Assassins Gaming Community.

If you are player and looking to join our community then you can post your application here:

You can find all the rules and regulation here:

We also have download, gallery and blog sections if you would like to use it to show your photography pics, technical blogs or upload your software's!

You can also purchase VIP membership or Private slots on =F|A= servers so you don't have to wait if the server is full.

If you like us and you enjoy playing on our gameservers please feel free to donate for the server and website bills.

Don't forget to introduce yourself:

Let us know if you need any help! We are here to help you and enhance your gaming experience.

Your Profile Link: %profile_link%

Fearless Assassins Gaming Community


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Omg.. I am not a member of any club :huh:I feel a little lost in this new site, I hope to see the light soon :P

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