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  1. Edited the title so people know theres a known solution available.
  2. @forestcat You only needed to delete the map fa_baserace.pk3 as that was causing the issue.
  3. Thanks but I believe you added an extra "r" in the title by mistake
  4. New accomplishment: haven't eaten in 48hours. :D  Time to stuff myself. jk.

    1. PikeKiller


      Omg 😀 nice record 😎🍻

    2. CheepHeep


      Next record: stop eating forever.  :) 

  5. Use your judgement and follow your instincts. If you see someone insulting or directing swear words at another player and you sense that it will cause tension or start a fight, thats definitely a prime time to jump in and intervene otherwise, like the others have said, a few comments here and there are absolutely fine. If you do feel they are being a little too excessive, just PM them to relax a little as you have done. Repeat offenders you don't need to be so lenient with depending on the severity of the situation but for first timer offenders or regulars that go overboard occasionally, just reminding them of the rules usually keeps them in check. The others have said everything else.
  6. HEY NIKOLAIIII!!! Join Voice chat some time!
  7. Are you guys stalking me or something. I was unaware these pictures were taken.
  8. Alright ladies I think this recipe discussion should be moved to private hahahhaaha.
  9. If you are on our discord server, we have a channel specifically made for streamers. So if you want to stream whilst playing you can post there too.
  10. That's one accent I'm sure you don't wanna "wash" off anyway haha
  11. Neattttttt! Lol, totally forgot what she sounded like
  12. I realised I had not donated for months. $20 - Transaction ID:1A928483YR5442407
  13. Hey, Opening this topic so you can share your epic kills for all to see. To begin with I shall share my sniper moment I had today. I am not that good of a sniper so pretty proud of myself stopping 3 doc carriers Please marvel at this glory and praise your royal chicken leaders epicness.
  14. @MikeSlayer You had to go dig that up didn't you
  15. Nice video. Quick tip: to make it more immersive, I'd remove the global chat - /cg_teamchatheight 0. Also remove lagometer and clocks/fps counter.
  16. Lets keep on topic guys. FPS or other questions can be asked in other topics that are related to it. Thanks.
  17. Check your GUIDs still match the ones on the forums. Most likely you lost at least your silEnT GUID when you deleted your silent folder which contained the silent.dat file. Update any new GUIDs into your profile and PM me or another recruiter+ to set your level again.
  18. Now I know who to avoid so I don't get fried
  19. The solution is posted above. Remove the fa_baserace_v1.pk3 from your etmain folder. Should do the trick.
  20. I thought I was going to see cool dynamite plants

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