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  1. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    to die painfully
  2. Hey pudding, Perhaps you can try playing on multiple servers and you dont have to stick to one so theres variation. A couple hours on Jay1 then perhaps you can play on Hardcore or Silent1. Alternatively, you could try Jay3 as well with its fast paced shooting. That way you dont feel like you've been playing the same map over and over because yes hahah hardcore is pretty much tailored to a specific kind of player, ones that like a certain kind of map which is why those are played all the time. Im one of them nubs and for some reason i dont get bored of it haha. See you around.
  3. One day he was walking around happily, the next...6 feet under. RIP buddy. I remember picking him up and just stroking him all the time, feeding him, taking him on walks around the block, giving him treats for good behaviour. All his life, he would protect his hen by following her and looking after her. Whenever they were given treats, he would save it all for her and not take any for himself. I recall the times he would chase my younger siblings around the garden lol. good times. He was so nice. Some may find it funny but I still feel a bit gutted. He's been buried next to the other hen that died in the garden near the mango tree. The world has witnessed a severe and tragic loss. Chickenalive.mp4 Chickendead.mp4
  4. $15 towards my beloved clan. Transaction ID:90N529329K224343W
  5. and thanks to El xD
  6. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    and cucumber fishcakes
  7. I think if you click on create on the top right next to your notifications tab and click gallery image, thats what you're looking for.
  8. Hey noooodle! Welcome to our forums buddy!
  9. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    pain by betraying
  10. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    miniature banana fishcakes
  11. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    not only fishcakes
  12. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    being a fishcake
  13. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    was a fishcake.
  14. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    Causing severe lunacy
  15. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    than mooji's brain
  16. CheepHeep

    3 word story

    larysa's tiny brain
  17. For me, literally everyone on hardcore/silent1 is a pleasure to play with.
  18. I know right. I lost the battle.

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