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  1. me and my son just came from watching this movie probably in my top 5 of best movies i've ever seen was great and i highly recommend it
  2. Shure will do if I see it again and I have done the same with voting even tho I have
  3. im aware of that well i can't make people vote but only give feedback on what i see 2 days in a row first day was like 12 people playing map comes on 8 people went to spec or left i mentioned in chat to vote but rather they sat there and bitched about it instead i would not change it out either based on the numbers just more letting you know what goes on 2nd day was pretty much the same just slightly different # of people
  4. low_airstrip is so bad other then that looks good.
  5. https://shop.spreadshirt.net/wolfet/men?q=D1
  6. oops your link brings me here
  7. listen guys keep it civil i could care less who likes who keep calm or i will be locking the topic end of story
  8. after confirming old account was his and having a chat in pm with him accounts have been merged any thing in his old profile was very minor and it was 5 or six years back people mature and we dont hold grudges of minor things from the past @xpswarrior thanks for being honest and letting us know and hope you continue to enjoy our servers.
  9. we dont remove accounts we merge them and unfortunately all content will be merged with it. @xpswarrior can you please pm me a link to your old account so we can have a look and see what we can do thanks
  10. +1 and thank you for bringing up those points its very hard to keep everyone happy but we do try.
  11. i sure can but i have it set up if i reply in any topic and someone replies after me i get an alert unless i unfollow it
  12. yes they do especially moderators and management.
  13. i know El mentioned this before but ill do it again.. you can quote more than 1 person in a post we dont need to receive 4 notifications from you every time you reply thank you @HipKat
  14. you are correct well you did basically call him daft even if its true you still should be respecting players and not talking to them as tho there a piece of shit was more my point again correct that is the opinion i have after reading through all that and how it comes across to me with all the complaining what i said was please show me were I said SOMEONE said this this was just the general feeling i got from reading it others may read it differently then i this is at the very beginning of the demo BBA part is almost at the end anyway i was just giving an overview as how i read it and how the convo came across to me everyone has the right to view it and come to there own conclusion but there were also some good point as well
  15. Because i like to torment myself i looked through it *yawn So basically this is what i got jay 1 sucks its over crowded and should be less slots, it lags, the map pool is to small and put up christmas maps (btw its october) wait it gets better -hip basically calls panzerfausts an a**h**** (made me lol becuse well its panzerfaust) and we carry on...jay 2 is better, less lag, better map pool size, less chaotic but they should remove adren and double jump. Someone says take a handful of people and transfer them to jay2 to make 2 busy server instead of 1 over crowded one so basically turning it into a second jay 1... then a bunch of rambling bs end of story (btw this is the opinion of like 3 or 4 people 1 being hipkat(not saying your opinion dont count just giving overall picture) so basically 3 out of 40- 50 people that play there at any given time..)

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