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  1. Such a nice day out; ... Time to play ET 🙂

  2. yooooooooo, come to jay1 for some epic time
  3. Ti Q4 Giulia - Alfa Romeo Just got it ~2 months ago. This baby is !
  4. epicofail

    F|A Designs

    Graphic designs for forums/website
  5. Damn, it has been 10 years already. That's indeed a very long time. To hold a community together of this size and shape, you need one hell of a leader(s) and also the supporting pillars. I remember seeing you on dow for some time.. and poof F|A was born into existence a few weeks later. From there on and now has been a trip down the memory lane, good times were had. I'm proud to be a part of this community. If you ever want to grab a drink or 2 sometimes, hit me up man.
  6. Well well look who we have here Welcome back! See you on Jay1.
  7. dope forums update B)

  8. phone crashed.. #**$@#( and now its dead dead

    1. tipsy


      phone crashed that's normal, you using forums status update.. that's new , finally u got how forums works. .. lol jk

  9. iEpic92 - Anyone playing Monster Hunter World or Fortnite, hmu
  10. Out on a road trip. Y'all have a Merry Christmas!!

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    2. RedBaird


      About 1/3 of the US will be traveling now! 6 million will fly and another 101 million will be moving by cars, trains, buses and canoes.

    3. Neuro


      Roadtrip with me and we JAMMIN. HOHOHO It dont get better than this

    4. AnG3L


      Merry xmas !

  11. come play jay1 ;)

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    2. bell reavue

      bell reavue

      I'm doing good, hbu?! I started playing again this summer...don't know half the maps now lol. You should come on again just for meee

    3. epicofail


      Oh you know, living the dream. When do you usually play?

    4. bell reavue

      bell reavue

      I've don't have a consistent schedule but generally in the evening. Sometimes in the morning too. Whenever I have work I need to procrastinate, really

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