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  1. F|A Designs

    Graphic designs for forums/website
  2. It's been a long time

    Damn, it has been 10 years already. That's indeed a very long time. To hold a community together of this size and shape, you need one hell of a leader(s) and also the supporting pillars. I remember seeing you on dow for some time.. and poof F|A was born into existence a few weeks later. From there on and now has been a trip down the memory lane, good times were had. I'm proud to be a part of this community. If you ever want to grab a drink or 2 sometimes, hit me up man.
  3. What in the tarnation?

    Well well look who we have here Welcome back! See you on Jay1.
  4. FA_logo2.png

  5. dope forums update B)

  6. PS 4 Ps4

    iEpic92 - Anyone playing Monster Hunter World or Fortnite, hmu
  7. Official FA Discord

  8. Who joined us @2008 and is still active?

    oh man 2 yrs old thread I still play on Jay1 here and there Missed the good old days.
  9. f***

  10. Guild Wars 2

    Which server are you on? I play on blackgate #1serverNA They are announcing something big on the 24th at PAX south. Hopefully its a big expansion or some raid type content.
  11. $2.15-30 west mass yes i'm happy
  12. Ebola Reaction USA vs UK

    ahahah, DO YOU KNOW WHAT 80 IS? 2 f***ING 40! lol
  13. happy b-day Epicofail

    Thanks for the wishes.
  14. S*** ET Players Don't Say.

    bring it