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  1. And the summer started here Take care everyone mucho mucho!
  2. Without entering into debates, cos im not going to discuss this post that u have made and we dont want to creat confusion and be clear and everyone knows it in the forum. Catalan is a dialect, belonging to a region within a country. Its not a language. There are many dialects within Spain.
  3. We r screwed, very cos we r f***ing selfish, we dont think of others, we dont empathize. 3 weeks had the spanish government to prepare for what could happen in our country seeing what was happening in China, apparently the state of alarm could only be declared once there were a few thousand infected, ... cool! ffss When we get a vaccine everything will normalize, for the moment they are only experimental phases. I dont believe in conspiracy theories, so i dont believe that there is an intentional background on the part of any country. This has not benefited anyone, nor
  4. Its the only game i keep playing, when time and my son allow me ;)
  5. Omg.. I am not a member of any club I feel a little lost in this new site, I hope to see the light soon
  6. Great movie, I liked it a lot. I had no idea of the role these women played in a historical moment... every day we learn something new.
  7. nani*

    Hear me sing

    Oh siii, i´ll be there This time there was no fat woman to hide behind eh? Nice performance <33 Ps: In the sense of looking like a newbie also responding to this post so late, I had to say smth to my lil bro, sorry.
  8. You're going to upset jukebox with this topic,just shhh if u dont want to bounce in your ears his spam
  9. Thx for your kind words DD :* We both are fine and happy :) Hope everyone is well, miss old times sometimes...

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    2. Raskin


      happy is good :)

    3. RedBaird


      Good to hear from you! We do have a few admins and players who are nursing their 'war wounds of Life'.

    4. Luki
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