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  1. i believe it was around 43 to 45
  2. so so so much fun cant wait till the next one
  3. i think my donation will be around 40 to 60 pounds
  4. looking forward to this
  5. for any bunnys that turn up i will donate 1 gbp pound
  6. bigbro


    welcome to the fun house
  7. i tell u what these mini gamedays are so funny its just great
  8. sorry i couldnt be there i had to go to hospital yesterday for a couple of scans i will defo be there for the next one
  9. if thats this sunday i cant wait i look forward to these its so fun
  10. looking forward to this on a lovely snowy day in the uk
  11. will defo try and be there i need to learn the slient war cmds i know the nq ones
  12. happy new year to all thanks for a great gaming year and for many more to come stay safe and lets get though this together
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