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  1. welcome to wolve/keith
  2. hopefully someone can help me with this im new to all of this stuff but im willing to learn
  3. no dont think it was i mean there are so many different versions of this map thanks dare i will message u in discord in a bit
  4. omg havent play this in years this would be a great map
  5. rota 1 saberspeak frostbite final fa goldrush siwa oasis teuthonia_final Marrakech Streets 2 Night fa_italy_b3 TramFight! beta2* fa_bremen_final Special Delivery TE final* rota 2 SOS Secret Weapon final railgun Supply Depot 2 final* fabase Braundorf beta4* Base Race Desert final* Warbell final fa_temple tc_base V2 Base TE final* rota 3 Berserk TE final* MML Minas Tirith first playable3* Paris Bastille beta3* Caen 4 final* Secret Bay final* Stargate Center different versions* Rhine Bridge final2* Dubrovnik final* Rommel final* La Rochelle beta2* rota 4 Raiders final* X-Labs final* Monte Cassino final1* MML Church final* 2 Hide CAL R1 final Byzantine final2* MML Helmsdeep alpha2 Axis Lab beta2* Chateau Voilegarde beta1.1 Ponza Isle final* let me know what u guys think i can put any map u would like into this so pm me if u would like a map put in
  6. im working on 3 new rotas for nq1 as we speak they are nearly done
  7. thanks for a bloody great gameday was one of the best ive known. i hope there will be many more like it
  8. bigbro

    ctf pool v2

    it just crashes to desktop and thats the only map i have trouble with
  9. bigbro

    ctf pool v2

    hey guys i am having trouble playing the map ctf pool v2 it crashes my et and i cant play on nq1 until the map is over i have deleted and reinstalled the map but no difference any ideas .
  10. will do just doing my housework then i will sort it out

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