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  1. Threw some icons on the taskbar. We'll see how long it stays clean Now it just needs some rainmeter and moar custom icons.
  2. Hey bud- could you create a separate topic for this? You've mentioned this, but only bumped other topics. We can't derail topics to help solve a specific problem, you need to create a new one. -This does rule out v1809 as your problem (though it is a piece of junk for other games and doesn't play nice with certain graphics drivers and Intel chipsets) -It actually could be config differences if TM has forced cvars for audio, memory settings (namely soundmegs), etc. -ET:L works differently for user and ET:L server configs only, not for ETPub/ETPro/JayMod/NQ/silEnT server config. -You mention new maps.... but it's hard to understand with Google Translated English. You're referring to new maps on =F|A= servers? Jay3? -If these problems are after new maps were added to Jay3, does this problem occur on Jay1 or 2? Please respond to these questions in a new topic here. Thanks!
  3. Does WinMTR show any differences? Yours look good. Modem/router firmware working properly, though there are some spikes. Seem infrequent enough though, as averages aren't too far deviated from best. Could be the datacenter was getting hit hard with traffic, or they did/were doing some maintenance. I have one or two guesses- but just speculation, so won't mention them as to not derail/cause confusion. Triangles on lagometer explanation (hopefully is accurate- been a long week and I'm exhausted... someone plz correct me if I'm wrong ) -Blue lines w/triangles is server side. -Green line is client side. For upper line/server side: -Downward triangles indicate interpolation- this is ok. Triangles facing up indicate extrapolation- this is not so good. This is where FPS, snaps and other network settings come into play. Basically the server sends out 20 updates per second (20 snaps). -In your SS above, your display is updating 100 times per second (100fps). In fact, you might notice that depending on your net settings, and/or the higher your FPS is, the larger the triangles. For lower line/client side: -Red is bad- means no snapshot sent to the server- which leads to extrapolation-- yellow on the upper line. However, there can also be yellow on the bottom line. This would be reverse but also bad scenario-- client didn't receive snapshot from server, or it was delayed. -ET servers update at a fixed rate, clients don't. Clients depend on networking, system performance, etc. So to account for that (using your latest ss as an example), the game client needs to smooth things out to account for those differences in updates so you don't people warping/jerking all over the place. -So in your example (you're running 100fps*, server is updating 20sps*), those triangles show your client taking 1 snapshot (snap), estimating positions of players, rockets, etc. and smoothing it out over 5fps. *fps= frames per second, sps = snapshots per second (or snaps)
  4. Xernicus

    Really bad lag

    Your ISP's DSLAM does show 13% packetloss with 788ms average latency.... but I don't see that carried down. In any case, that's an odd thing to see and I'd give your ISP a call regardless of whether it's affecting your connection or not--looks like oversold service. dsl-roibng11-50dc60-2.dhcp.inet.fi - 13 | 324 | 285 | 15 | 788 | 4599 | 3298 Still unsure what you have for a GPU- dxdiag would help that. It would also help to know which server you're trying to play on. Thanks!
  5. Good to see you again! It's certainly been awhile. Your levels should still be present on Jay3. (actually all Jay servers + NQ) They would need to be reset on Silent 1, HC, Beginners 2, and TDM Nitmod. I can't do the latter right now, but JayMod and NQ is np. Shoot me a PM when you have time to hop on. Oh one last thing... welcome back!
  6. I don't really buy these numbers... like a 16 core CPU running at 4.7-5GHz at stock speeds just seems ridiculous. Too power hungry, too hot, and they'd be shooting Threadripper in the foot with those core counts. I mean that was the whole thing with the i9 series-- to compete with Threadripper. Why on earth would AMD need two SKUs? In addition, I don't think really the process is mature enough for 5GHz. 4.5-4.7 sounds a little more reasonable... but ehh. And a 6-core R3? That just doesn't seem to fit the market. Maybe they'd be trying to bring back Athlon? I dunno. This is reminding me of the P4 and FX days when "zomg 3GHz, 4GHz, more GHz, more better!" was the thing. IMO stick to low power draw, higher IPC. I guess we'll see on Wednesday.
  7. I want to meet the person who wrote this and laugh. Not messing around?! The chip was delayed for two or three years, and they're still delivering on it despite 7nm making the rounds? 7nm TSMC - already in mass production - is supposed to be equivalent to Intel's 10nm, and Samsung's EUV 7nm is expected to make even further improvements. At this point, I'd guess Intel is simply at the point where they've sunk too much time and money into their architecture that they can't let it go-- even if it means falling behind. I actually feel slightly bad for the shareholders.
  8. *cough* https://fearless-assassins.com/profile/1-daredevil/
  9. Xernicus

    Asian pop music!

    I found that there has been no recent posts/topics about J-pop or K-pop, etc. And there wasn't a community set up across all of us J/K/Mando-poppers. Vocaloid is very welcome, of course! So Iku yo! (Let's go):
  10. I don't think Vega 2 will do anything for AMD. The original cards serve(d) a niche market, and the name's already ruined by the low performance per watt and high cost of the first gen. Even if these were to be decent gaming or rendering cards, just the name alone deters me from being excited. Granted, the cards have lots of instruction potential that hasn't been used due to the market share- but what AMD needs to do is gain market share with more mainstream cards- like Navi- and then focus on niche cards with niche instruction sets simply because those phenomenal features won't be used if the cards are only in 8% of 30% (like 2.x% total) of machines. Game and software designers will instead take the easy, more guaranteed route of catering to the 70% that's nVidia.
  11. Xernicus

    New PC

    FX-series machines.... my specialty! xD -The mobo's robust, you could get decent overclocks. Would boost that chip to 5GHz no problem, maybe limited to 4.2-4.5 because of the cooler (Hyper 212). (some games would benefit from this- ET wouldn't) -2 gigs of VRAM (the R9 380) is a bit dated. I'd say modern AAA games would do medium settings, 1080p. -Quality PSU -212 EVO is a relatively generic cooler, but much better than stock. What do you have right now though, and what do you primarily do on your PC? What types of games do you play? (You can press the Windows key + R and type "dxdiag" into the run box to get that info if you don't know) For the record, sounds like the issue with your PC would be PSU or overheating related. If your machine is faster, I'd see about repairing it. The FX chips are somewhat old, weak in floating point performance, and a bit power hungry... The one thing about them though is that their performance is actually increasing as threaded workloads are becoming more of the norm. They can still do 60-75FPS @ 1080p on modern titles, but I wouldn't expect much more (like 1440p or 144fps on new AAA games). The mobo and SSD are the real killer of the deal, actually worth more than $250 in parts- but with no RAM... that's tricky. TL;DR- more info about your current machine plz and what do you play?
  12. My two cents: At least here in the United States, Vodafone's backbone is abysmal. Pretty sure the majority of their traffic here goes through CenturyLink (Level3), NTT, or Tata infrastructure as lowered priority traffic. Granted, they most likely don't have the same presence here as in the UK, but I still see their phone plans and whatnot all over grocery and general goods stores.
  13. This issue has been resolved as of a year and 2 months ago. For anyone else having this issue or those who'd like to give advice, please create a new topic instead of necroposting. /locked
  14. Xernicus

    Virus on ET.exe ?

    Glasswire is good software, and virustotal is a great service- definitely not going to knock either. As for the result that came up- it was flagged by Cylance, and I've never seen their software in use. Their security software is odd, It doesn't use any of the traditional ways of detecting viruses- instead they use machine learning and datamining to find malicious software. For a game like ET, where it's not installed on many machines... this could explain the result. And after doing some research, I have found that Cylance is notoriously bad with false detection. Here's some reading material: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/04/the-mystery-of-the-malware-that-wasnt/ https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/04/05/cylance_restructuring/ https://www.reddit.com/r/antivirus/comments/6r09o0/cylance_false_positives/ Now if this is the new version of ET with the redirect fix, daredevil explained the situation perfectly: But this doesn't look to be the case after looking at the results: Compilation timestamp 2006-05-08 14:37:04 TL;DR: trust the "big names" and trusted companies. For example it was marked safe by Bitdefender, Comodo, NOD32, FProt, and Sophos (my personal favorite). All are leaders in the security industry.
  15. Xernicus

    Virus on ET.exe ?

    1/70 is definitely not a sign of a virus. With a detection ratio like that, that's a false positive. For that matter, I've never even heard of Cylance, which is the AV that detected it. Are you using the Client Security Patch? That has come up as flagged once or twice.
  16. That's the way networking works, you need to have ports open and packets sent to keep the connection "alive". Half of those are loopback. Netbios? Technically legacy, but not hurting anything. Domain on port 53? That's DNS- absolutely required. Bootps... that's bootstrap for DHCP. SSDP is uPnP. But that's nothing, it's not going to interfere with anything. Lots of ports open would be something like several hundred to a thousand. A modern day line and high-end modem can handle something like 8000 connections at once. Most of the time you won't even be pushing 100.
  17. Xernicus

    What is this?

    Razer Cortex fps overlay would be my guess? Maybe rivatuner? Looks like an FPS overlay to me, but as to which program is hooked in.... no clue.
  18. Wishing you all peace, joy, and a very Merry Christmas! 🎄

    1. RedBaird


      Same Back Atcha, Good Buddy!


      Are you going to celebrate Christmas with a visit to KFC, as I have 'hear' that many in Japan do?



    2. Hulk


      Merry Christmas Peace and joy 🎅

  19. Whoops! Tinypic upload is tiny, and the link is on your local drive-- no way we can view that. Could you upload to imgur please? Thanks!
  20. Xernicus

    SSD with et

    I would not change registry settings to change the disk driver from IDE to AHCI. Yes it will work- but my experience with that just leads to horrendous boot-times while Windows flip-flops on which device driver to use. Of course, your experience may vary depending on the drive controllers on the mobo. Not changing the settings via BIOS would result in the AHCI driver auto-swapping back to IDE or an inaccessible boot device bsod. IMO the quickest guaranteed way is to just run a repair re-installation after changing the settings via BIOS. You're running regedit as an administrator? Maybe there's a permissions issue with the filesystem or something happened with an overzealous registry cleaner... This exists on all versions since 2K, so something is wrong if it's not there.
  21. Holiday treats are all made and wrapped up~ caramel, fudge, and chocolate dipped oreos with candycane sprinkles. 🎄

    1. RedBaird


      i.e., nothing that I am supposed to ingest! :( 🌲

    2. Hulk


      🤤🎄 Drooling, That sounds so delightful!

  22. This is a pretty "grey" topic... it could be considered "abandonware", but id Software is still in business, and there is a version sold, so unfortunately.... https://store.steampowered.com/app/2270/Wolfenstein_3D/ Ancient 16-bit version. And in general: If you have a version on floppies or CD, look at dosbox-- that we can help with.
  23. This is a known issue with ETLegacy afaik. The solution would be to run "stock" ET. I'm not sure which file exactly is our menu file, but I'd go for one with a bunch of tildes "~~~~~" or unicode blocks " □ □ □ " - it'd be located in your ETMain folder.
  24. New Adrenalin 2019 driver is looking pretty sweet, so far getting 4% performance increases to my OC with the tighter memory timings.

    1. RedBaird


      Good onya, Mate!

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