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  1. Disabling driver enforcement on anything after Vista is a bit of a pain. The third party drivers are likely legit, made by people like you who want Dolby features that were included on their mobos to work. For the record though, all drivers that are for Vista will work on Vista+ and that includes Windows 10. First thing I'd check though is the mobo manufacturer's official site-- often times they continue support with beta software at the very least. if that doesn't work, I'd check Dolby's software site. Last I checked, they offer software downloads. To answer your question about Windows Restore- yes it does rollback driver changes.
  2. Bumping this- there's only one vote. At this point, there's not enough interest for me to continue working on my tutorials and they won't be published at this time. Here's some background info on the tutorials: 1: How to early-detect drive failure and rescue your data from a failing or failed drive using both *NIX and Windows. 2: Demystifying TCPOptimizer and other utilities like Razer GameBooster 3: For web devs: Setting up e-commerce sites or internal inventory management systems.
  3. Oof, that makes me cringe. My proudest use of an Arduino was to translate an ancient video signal (TTL level) on a HAAS mill machine to VGA. Bastards wanted something like $700 for a replacement CRT... nope. Imma hack that. Now my mill guy machines using a flat screen
  4. We use cutting-edge spam flagging services in addition to common sense. However #1 sign of more recent spambots is the bumping of topics that are over one year old. Took a quick peek at our ACP and in addition to some research, I can verify that you are not a spam-bot. My apologies for the confusion. Have you checked that your VPN server is not behind a NAT? Typically a 433 error comes from bad credentials, but various factors can come into play. In any case, since this topic is ancient I'd suggest starting a new topic. Friendly FYI: Please keep in mind when discussing VPNs that we do not allow people to use VPN or proxy services to connect to our servers.
  5. Xernicus


    That looks like what would be in the profiles folder. You don't want to go that deep. This would be what you're looking for: This folder is where the ETKey (your xp) and profile (name, config, etc) is saved when ET is not run as an administrator.
  6. Xernicus


    @Moatazmell could you see if you have an etkey file in this directory: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain %username% would be replaced with the one you use.
  7. Xernicus


    /Moved to ET Support. Could you tell me which version of Windows you use, and whether it's 32 or 64-bit? if you don't know, -Press the Windows Key + R, a "run" window should appear -Type "msinfo32" and press ENTER. -The top line "OS Name" will tell you which version of Windows you are running. The 8th line will tell you whether you are running a 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) version of the OS.
  8. New homewrap and siding is up, now it's time to paint!

    1. RedBaird


      OK, I had pictured you "wrapping" your house with plastic shipping wrapping.  That could be done, but uh...



      What is the purpose of a house wrap?

      To sum it up, house wrap is a lightweight, paper-like material that is most often used to completely cover the house, directly on top of the sheathing and behind the vinyl siding. Its primary purpose is to prevent air and water leaks that may have seeped past the vinyl exterior.  Mar 12, 2018

      Did you put that on the outside of your house or while building the walls???

    2. Hulk



  9. I thought I threw a "afaik" in my post, but looks like I didn't. Haven't been able to connect to the server lately, but I know we used some "zz" PK's as early as 2014. Also some brackets "]]]]". I have a bit of free tomorrow where I can see if ET:L 2.76 is able to connect to our servers, but I don't recall DD backing down, rather the dev team and kemon did. Second edit: oof, I'm tired. I did throw an afaic in there. Could you double check the dates on your pk3 files by viewing them in details mode?
  10. Regarding ET: legacy and tilde files: Removing the tilde files won't fix the problem if he is using ET:L. He would need to downgrade ET:L to 2.75. We require the tilde "~" files, and a big issue with ET:L starting with the release of 2.76 some months ago is that it was automatically deleting PK3's with tildes without user notice in violation of federal laws (depending on the country you reside in), and screwing the connection to most well-known servers, including ours. I can't remember whether they uncommitted the change and re-released 2.76, but afaic the solution for ET:L is still to downgrade. @Shana might be able to give more clarification on this.
  11. Hey folks! I've got some tutorials I've been meaning to finish up, and I'd like your opinion on what you'd like to see. In an ideal world, I'd get all of them done- but my schedule is pretty packed. So I've thrown a poll in, and I kindly ask that you vote for one. I haven't included every idea I have, just the ones I've made progress on. Feel free to comment with ideas for future tutorials though! EDIT: Please submit your vote before August 24th, 2019. I will close the poll at that point.
  12. To RGB or not to RGB? That is the question~

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    2. RedBaird


      Oh, Noooo !!! :( 

    3. CabaL


      Always RGB. RGBs = wins.

    4. OnionKnight


      RGB everything. 

  13. Well, it's Friendship Day here in the States~ so here's to sticking with each other, through the thick and thin, the good and bad, and what the future has in store. And this is what we're all about. Beyond the games we play, the opinions we hold, or any disagreements that occur... from day one, we've been here to have fun and make friends for life. Love you all~! Now I've got to give some special thanks... Huge thanks to @Ann!b@l and @MaKy (And of course Kyla! Say "hi" to her for me!) for bringing me back several years ago. Looking forward to seeing y'all soon. And of course, I miss the late night chats on TS with y'all and @GI-JOE. Of course I can't forget @PiNoY and @von Rantala though! Both of you helped give me a voice of reason when I was getting pissed off. And @D..X @My Ass @Night Hunter and @Sisje... it's had to have been like 5 years, but it seems like yesterday we were chilling and fragging it up on Silent 1. Hope everybody is doing well. @JoeDirt... I wouldn't say we're close enough to be friends, but you've taught me a great deal- even through our limited conversations. You've helped me become a better person, and I have no words besides "thank you". Thank you for helping me rationalize and realize what I can handle. You were right btw- I was compensating when we first met. @speedfact We never saw each other on the servers, but you helped me realize an entire perspective I was missing. Thank you for helping me see the whole picture when I make decisions. @daredevil ...I don't even know what to say. I know I disagreed with you some years ago, but you've taught me how to calculate for the future- and along with Anni- make calculated decisions, hold everybody in a fair light, and be patient. From 2008-2019, Here's to 11 more years of lifelong friendships~! PS: My apologies if I left anyone out. You all have a special place in my heart and I look forward to seeing you soon~
  14. You specifically mentioned DRAM. I quoted it. And then you tell me you're not referring to DRAM? So what exactly are you talking about then? "Everything else" is beyond vague.
  15. Now I'm even more confused. xD All good though, I can relate to lack of sleep. But if you or anyone else wants to chat about standards, cross-compatibility, ECC buffers, or other highly technical aspects to PC platforms, I'm down for it. Let's just do it in a new topic since it doesn't really relate to someone building a new PC in the near future.
  16. Build looks solid. If you can get your hands on a 2600 or 2700x, go for it. Should be more than enough for what you plan on doing. -Should you build for a Ryzen 9? Not based on what I see. That's basically a workstation/HEDT CPU. If you plan on getting into video encoding, app development and virtualization, professional 3D modelling or rendering... then sure. But for cat videos and gaming? No. -If the 2700(x) comes down in price is it worth buying? Sure. Doubt you'll need the extra two cores, but that's one nice thing about AM4, you can pretty much slap any AM4 processor into it (2017-2021). Some motherboards will do better than others, but that's a more technical aspect. -3200MHz RAM is worth the price difference over 3000MHz. Since I'm late to the party: -I do like Gigabyte (Aorus) boards more than MSI's. MSI used to be high quality, but they started skimping on some components. They've stepped up their game lately from what I've heard, but still have a bitter taste in my mouth. The answer depends on whether you plan on overclocking, and since Ryzen doesn't overclock well... go Aorus. (I say this because Gigabyte's UEFI is a bit fubar for overclocking imo) -I'd go for an SSD. I like Crucial's MX500 line. Cheap, reliable, and FAST. Doesn't even need to be low capacity. You can get 500 gigs under $100. 1TB for $110- and they go on sale often. -New PSU is worth it. Don't take your chances. -You don't need a x500 series board. Personally, I think now's the perfect time to build a PC. There's always something new coming out... DDR5, PCIe 4.0, new process nodes, etc. If people were to wait every year for something new, they'd never get a new PC. But for the first time in some 3+ years, prices are fair. If that's not justification enough, I don't know what is. DDR5 isn't going to make any sort of difference for anybody except extreme power users. neither is PCIe 4. DDR3 to DDR4 was a big jump, and DDR4 to 5 might be as well. However, those benefits aren't going to be seen except for extreme users- for example, those wanting to game at 4K above 60FPS. Most people game at 1080p- and current hardware pushes framerates well past 100, sometimes into the 200's. I'm curious as to this speculation regarding new parts in a few months. New GPU's is the only thing I can think of... and he's gonna reuse one he has on hand for now as far as I understand? For CPU's, AMD's got another year- and that will bring refinement (7nm+), and Intel's got yet another 14nm+++ part on the way... which I'm guessing won't support DDR5 or PCIe Gen4 unless they can make some magic happen by shrinking the process or changing the node.... wait. I'd say DDR4's got another two years left, and PCIe 4.0 doesn't matter just yet. Even the highest end GPU's don't saturate PCIe 3.0. Remember, just because a standard is ratified doesn't mean that it will be implemented immediately (DDR5 is still in development btw). Look at USB and even PCIe for example. PCIe 4.0 didn't come to life until 8 years after it's initial announcement. We're still seeing USB 2.0 devices with Micro USB connectors. I don't understand. DDR-DDR3 were/are not backwards compatible. There's pinout differences, voltage differences, and most importantly the socket...
  17. Nope. An exception would be your own content for archival purposes before deleting an account, I suppose. Whether IG considers that an "abuse" of their service though is another story. But IG is not a source for creative commons/loyalty-free content, and all content is DMCA protected. PS: Spambot banned. Topic locked since it's ancient.
  18. Now here's something I hadn't seen yet... System freezing, display flickering, PnP display dis/re-connecting. Nuking drivers, and finally Windows... no solution. One would go for GPU failure, right? I know I was thinking GPU failure- especially based on symptoms and some basic troubleshooting, but it proved to be a bad mouse hanging up the system bus. A mouse!

    1. RedBaird


      W H A T ? 


      Some kind of random and unexpected signals to the system? 

  19. No need to apologize. Everybody is providing constructive and respectful feedback, and that makes the forums a better place for all. If anything, thank you for sharing your opinion. The Chatbox is an addon- it's not included with the base forum software license. Also as this is proprietary code, we're limited to passing your suggestions on to the developer for their consideration. Luckily, the dev is quite responsive-- Dare has already made a suggestion to have tagged names (@user) highlighted which was implemented awhile back. With that said, we'll see what can be done. Thanks for the suggestions so far and keep em coming!
  20. Welp, guess my girlfriend moved in with me over the past 6 months without my knowledge. XD
    Her place is empty... and my closets + master bath have been taken over. Wouldn't have it any other way though.

    1. Shana


      Very sneaky. Congrats :P

    2. RedBaird


      "master bath"?  Do you have a "slave bathroom"?

  21. @DoubleDragon Windows Defender taking 40% of your RAM? Periodic scans outside of what you've scheduled? Something is wrong. How much memory is it consuming? Defender/MSE is one of- if not the lightest antivirus programs I've ever seen. Recently serviced a laptop with 2(!) gigs of RAM, I saw no issues with Defender RAM usage. In fact, in the past I've often uninstalled "well-known" AV programs for customers (if they did not have a paid subscription) and replaced them with MSE with immediate performance benefits. Also, I'm curious as to why you'd disable anonymous error telemetry? I can understand disabling most, but anon error reporting? It takes nearly 0 resources on even the oldest machines, and fixes issues for all. Plus it's anon. The only reason why I could see disabling it would be pirated software. But here's the usual culprits for MsMpEng RAM issues (Windows Defender, which takes 50MB of RAM on my personal machine): -There's an active infection that's spoofing the service executable - or has hooked into it -You have "suspect" software on your machine. If this doesn't go away, usually this would be something that disagrees with the "software protection" service (ie: anti-piracy). Check for KMS bypasses. -There is a process that's triggering a real-time scan continuously. This will happen if you have continuous direct kernel access from a program unknown to Microsoft (NOTE: This should be seen by all AV companies, and exhibit similar behavior for all AV/AM programs). This can be seen in development. I'd recommend following best practices if you're not already-- or using a virtual machine for development. On the plus side, Microsoft will learn from it and your memory (and potentially CPU) usage will drop soon. For all: RE: MBAM and Defender- normally having two AV programs running at the same time causes issues, but mbam isn't an AV, but rather AM. (Anti-Malware) Both will detect big threats- but they're two different products. If you have MBAM Pro or Business and it's conflicting with Defender, I'd leave MBAM realtime disabled for now and wait awhile-- there should be a compatibility update that will allow both to run at the same time. For now I'd have Defender run real-time, and run weekly MBAM scans (monthly if home). For the record: -Defender detection rate: 99.8% - more false positives (not a bad thing unless you're a power user) -MBAM's detection rate: 99.6% - less false positives (good for power users), less detection (bad for normal users) -These percentages are not counting false positives. V1903 is not an "Enterprise" release. It's a GM (Golden Master) release approved for all systems. I'm curious what changes Microsoft has made to the kernel that makes some believe v1903 is made for enterprise. @DoubleDragon What do you mean by 30 day support? The lifecycle is through 2020 for home/pro users and through 2029 (through LTSB, if chosen) for Enterprise users. I'd certainly hope that people upgrade before 10 years - or even one year- have passed. Updates should not cause performance degradation. If anything-- performance should increase. In fact- with v1903 specifically, Microsoft worked with Intel and AMD to reduce the performance impact that the Spectre/Meltdown patches have. And those patches have a HUGE impact on performance, especially for machines with less than 8 gigs of RAM. I'd suggest using GRC's InSpectre for you to disable these patches: https://www.grc.com/inspectre.htm

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