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  1. Xernicus

    Weekend Plans?

    Got to sleep in and catch up with some friends
  2. Even at full price, this game is worth it. I'd call it the true successor to SimCity 4.
  3. Decent idea in theory. In practice- at least for JayMod- I could see this melting down pretty quick. And honestly I cringe at the thought of the filesizes of these DB's and the response times- major overhauls would have to be done across the board. And TBH, I'm not 100% onboard with this. It'd be fun and have a novelty factor for a day or two... but it'd get boring pretty quick and tilt those who like to reset their XP when playing for a challenge vs keeping their XP on their favorite server when playing for fun. All I can think of is "why?". What purpose would it serve besides being a novelty side project? I'd call that impossible. -Pressing TAB to display XP is clientside. So that'd would require client modifications. It'd be a pain, only work for one mod, and bloat the code... but not a huge deal if we use some a prefs file to store those servers clientside. But who wants to start five different ET executables just to see their XP across servers by pressing TAB n times? It'd be faster just to type "/connect server.domain". -When you press TAB, netcode of the game queries the server to get XP. How would it get XP if you were offline? Opening up userinfo queries is a big no-go, that'd be huge security risk.
  4. Set the "Run as an administrator" option under the compatibility settings in your shortcut or the executable's (et.exe) properties. That way it's just set and forget.
  5. Happy Friyay~!

    1. RedBaird


      Are you going to relax or are you going to use the weekend to "catch up"?  :D

    2. Xernicus


      A bit of both. Definitely trying to maximize the relaxation time. :D I've got some prep to do though... four meetings next week.  😨

    3. RedBaird


      With the heavy rains that fell here, I have weeds to fight ... and now the temperatures are in the 70s...I am loosing! 😱

  6. So it delivers 1.3Gbps over wireless and 1gbps over wired? ...No 10gig ethernet and this thing costs 200 bucks in 2019? Yeahhh...... no. And what is "geo-filtering by limiting distance to game servers/other players"? That.... just doesn't work. Your ISP controls that, it's out of your hands. Looks like the marketing team asked "How can we take advantage of the 13-18yo demographic who primarily play fortnite?" And this was the result.
  7. Solid choice! I've looked at that model a few times. I'd get it, but the keycaps don't float my boat. (and I don't feel like spending the additional 50 bucks for custom caps xD) Yeah, unfortunately macro keys are definitely taking their leave. Think it's a two part dilemma for the macro lovers: the minimalist/10-keyless fad is part of it, plus lots of newer (and even some older) games now block hotkeys and macros through anticheat. Looking forward to seeing what you think about it!
  8. Found my GPU has been missing a VRM thermal pad from the factory... and it somehow still works? GG Sapphire. (Also: DO IT BETTER!)

    1. RedBaird


      How did you come to discover that?

    2. Xernicus


      I decided to replace the thermal paste on the GPU die, the fans were starting to sound like a jet engine.

  9. This topic displays properly for me. For the record: this issue occurred on my end for about half an hour, then it was resolved. Didn't change anything on my end, cookies, cache, site prefs, etc. I'd say it would be at about 03/08/2019 2:00PM PST. I would have created a topic, but I couldn't do so at that time. Clicking on a topic or a subforum would give that error (couldn't see anything really), and was AFK so couldn't Discord without a hassle. Thought you did something on the backend to fix it.... maybe the cookies expired?
  10. Thanks for your report of this issue- It's related to a software update. Keep an eye out for a fix in the next few days. TBH I thought this was fixed... ran into this yesterday.
  11. This is for all of the folks running Windows 10 with the October update (v1809). It went FUBAR and erased files, and gaming performance and driver compatibility has been abysmal so far, but now there's more to add to the list! Windows update KB4482887 was recently pushed to everyone running v1809, and there's been reports of it killing performance of all games on systems powered by both Intel and AMD CPUs, and GPUs from Intel, nVidia, and AMD. Basically everyone. It's also reported to affect mouse input lag. For now, Microsoft is recommending uninstalling the update- but as far as I'm aware, it has not been pulled from the Windows Update repositories or WSUS. if your performance has tanked, and you're wondering if this update has been installed, or are wondering how to uninstall it, you can find a great tutorial here: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-uninstall-and-reinstall-updates-windows-10
  12. I can definitely help with 1080p and 720p 60fps settings. Could you share your system specs? For YouTube - an intro is a good idea- even if what you upload to YouTube is twitch VOD clips. it gives branding which gives you an identity across Youtube, Twitch, facebook, instagram, reddit, etc. For streaming, no intro necessary. I can throw together some assets for you if you'd like when my PC isn't busy crunching numbers.... sometime in the upcoming week. RE: XBox DVR... if you're using an Xbox, sure I can help. If you're gaming on a PC- I would recommend ditching Xbox DVR and game bar and going for OBS instead. Game bar and Win 10 xbox features will hurt your FPS. I can help with OBS as well. Awesome to hear about using an external HDD as a scratch disk. You're waaaay ahead of most people already
  13. 8800 XX also has support for 342.xx driver. It's just that you hadn't checked for updates And TBH there's no need to update drivers on every revision. If you find something stable that works well with all of your games and software, leave it as-is. Sorry for the delay, been busy this weekend. If your PC has been powering on fine, and it can be considered "stable" now with this 8400, let's try re-flashing and updating the BIOS. There's some microcode updates that improve memory compatibility and adjust which power rails are active in various C-states. Assuming you don't have a floppy drive in that machine, I can make a custom ISO for you after some sleep (better to be safe than sorry xD)- Then you can put it on a USB drive or burn it to a CD. I still want you to replace that PSU. I'd say that 12v rail is about done for. Bad PSUs can kill just about anything in your system, and 12v is your CPU, GPU, Fans- and most importantly- your HDD. Could you give a screenshot of the blurriness at far distance? Seems like AA or Negative LOD Bias setting in NV CP.
  14. Now we need an eyeroll reaction, you troll
  15. Some Pyramid Outburst. Folks from the West Coast might know about this stuff. Old time favorite of mine Cheers!
  16. Here's some feedback/tips: -Your encoding bitrate would be fine for streaming, but raise it for YouTube. Your 1080p looks like 720p upscaled with pixelation. If your machine can't handle it, stick to 720p. High quality 720p is much easier on the eyes than mediocre 1080. -You might use cutscenes and transitions to go for more of a "montage" style of your best/funniest/most fail moments. Short of "let's play" videos, or VODs from twitch with commentary/talking, most people don't watch straight unedited gameplay. -Add some music and SFX to help turn your video into something creative. Consider adding voicechat clips. Make it yours and distinguish it from the thousands of others! -Don't take this the wrong way, but if you want to use that intro, you might make that transition from "loading" to your intro much less jarring. Use a fade transition or something... I mean seriously, that could give someone a seizure. Keep it up! Experiment, get to know your editing software, and remember that diligence and practice makes perfect!
  17. Thanks for letting me know, that's super helpful. The revisions 1.0 and 2.0 have big differences- both on BIOS and VRMs. Gonna be busy this morning, but I'll have some stuff to try later this afternoon that might help with the fans. Hmm... well the max power consumption of the 8400gs is 26 watts, compared to 216 watts (I believe) of the 8800 gts. So the fact that it cold boots with the 8400 points to power delivery. But let's see if it continues to boot fine from a cold start with that smaller card. If it does, then you found the issue with the no post.
  18. Awesome, and just to double check- it's a Rev 1.0?
  19. Xernicus

    Asian pop music!

    Guess I've been on a bit of a K-Pop kick lately
  20. Well that rules out fast boot then, good to know... I guess you mentioned that already though. Could you share the part number of your motherboard? ie: what's printed in the area I put a blue box around. What I'd do for now though- as a troubleshooting measure at least- is pick up a new PSU. If you've got something like a Best Buy nearby, go for an EVGA, ThermalTake, or Corsair CX-M series. This has two benefits: -If it fixes your issue, you're good to go- and you can consider it the first part for your new rig. -If it doesn't solve the problem, you still have the first part for your new rig 450W would be plenty- go for 650W if you'd be looking at mid-range SLI or future proofing for 125-140W CPU's, RAID, etc. Also: think I said this in PM- but avoid Rosewill components like the plague. There is no quality control, it's a generic "blanket" brand. Worse yet, there are several manufacturers using it- so you could get a good product one shipment and complete trash on a second, similar product.
  21. Mmm... I don't think RAM speed is problem. It's just slower RAM, that's a performance thing. All of the K9A2's have support for 800Mhz RAM. You mentioned that this started happening after adding a third DIMM? I guess it is possible that the BIOS doesn't like the memory XMP profile on that third stick and the automatic voltages or timings are wrong. But that doesn't account for the weird behavior when your computer is off. And I'd think you'd be getting error messages everytime you started your PC if that was the root of the problem.... But that additional DIMM could be just enough to sag the voltage line and throw errors or a no POST though- I've seen that on older or failing PSUs... I'd be very curious to see if removing that DIMM makes the boot problem go away. I guess if it does, then your PSU probably can't deliver what it's rated for (at least any more). But that fan spin thing while the computer is off, and they're plugged into the mobo headers... that has me slightly stumped. Could be leakage on a rail. There could be something backfeeding voltage, like a powered HDMI splitter perhaps? It could be a compatibility issue with Windows 10 "Fast Boot" and your BIOS- I'd try turning that off. When fan controllers fail though, they usually just don't work- or fans are at 100%, they're solid state. Anyways, this is just me throwing ideas around at this point... guess I need some food lol
  22. You try that 450w PSU yet? That will provide plenty of power. But that looks fine +12v is most likely 12.68v- lots of software reads AM2/AM3 SMBus incorrectly. HWInfo64 is some of the only software that does it right. This is confusing: vcore 3.00v -- impossible vcore 1.20v -- about right. Your fan controller is powered right? By like Molex or SATA? Also RAM isn't gonna affect fan speed or lights guys... c'mon.

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