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  1. Been busy with life for awhile now. I log back on after several months to find a slick new forum. Very nice indeed! Loving the Deflection theme. Keep up the great work.
  2. Thank you! I had done a ping command before and had gotten ~82 but didn't mention that as that was going to complicate things even more.
  3. Well, I get that, but the numbers can differ quite a bit. For example, the scoreboard usually shows me at 70-75 and I generally have a flat lagometer, but /serverstatus will show me at 98-101. I get this result every time I try it and I'll check it when only bots are on. .cute usually has 0-4, but /serverstatus will show him around 30.
  4. I was wondering why the ping shown in the scoreboard is different than that shown when you do a /serverstatus? Some have a higher ping and a few have a slightly lower ping. No biggie...was just wondering.
  5. I would also love some CTF. I started my online gaming days on Quake II Expert Capture the Flag, so CTF has a warm place in my heart. A few years ago, I played a CTF map on ET, but I can't remember where?
  6. Alita

    Bad ping

    You can log onto the router, and there is usually an option to Reboot the router somewhere in the settings. ...Or you can just unplug the router and re-plug it back in.
  7. Alita

    Bad ping

    Are you sure it's kbps rather than KBps? Kilobits vs KiloBytes?
  8. Alita


    Earlier this year, I had issues with my old XP gaming rig which had ET. I just copied the whole ET folder onto my newer Win 7 computer. When I ran it the first time, the resolution was wrong; I assumed this was due to the new video card environment, etc. But on running it the second time, it work normally. Admittedly, there's no uninstaller in the Programs and Features Control Panel now, but I don't plan on uninstalling it. So if your USB stick is big enough, you could try just copying the whole folder.
  9. I tired this yesterday. "Updated" via Windows Update. Took forever to reboot...then took forever to shut down, for just this one update. On next reboot...it hung at the Starting Windows screen, never gets to the log in page. The fan a running like crazy so it must be chewing up a lot of CPU cycles. It seems like the next attempt to get you to upgrade to Windows 10 is to f*** up your Windows 7 installation.
  10. It's European, so I believe they use . where the US uses , So it's 47,609 kbps, perhaps a 50 Mbps connection?
  11. I had a 12 year old XP computer that had ET, and I kept it around mainly for ET. It had some other old school games on there like Diablo II and the OG Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series so I didn't want to get rid of it. Ran ET just fine until it died this year. Sigh. ET certainly isn't as popular as it used to be, but the FA servers are very active. Many days I can't get on on the first try. And hey, it's free, so you lose nothing...well, my gaming pride goes out the window when I get owned online, but that's another issue.
  12. Alita

    Bad ping

    In the first 2 days of this month, I had used 16 GBs already. I had DSL in the past, and I had those filters on all my phone lines. When I was on ET, if the phone rang, my ping would go a little crazy during the rings. I would be very interested in this. I haven't been active on the forums very long, but you are a veritable fountain of computer knowledge.

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