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DOI 2 server suggestions

17 January 2018 - 12:24 AM

We recently got a second DOI server up and running. We are thinking about making it a hardcore COOP/COOP Commando server but we would love to get some input from all of you. Please let us know what you would like to see on our second server!

Server IP

Why him? | Trailer

22 December 2016 - 07:29 AM

Really looking forward to seeing this movie, it looks promising!
Coming out Dec. 23

Terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium

22 March 2016 - 06:27 AM

Black day for Belgium today, we got attacked by terrorists...
Part of the article from the dailymail:

Cowering under desks and running for their lives, this is the terrifying moment passengers were caught up in a suicide bomb attack at Brussels Airport today in a series of blasts that have killed at least 34 people and injured 170 across the city.

Witnesses described apocalyptic scenes with blood and 'dismembered bodies everywhere' after two blasts rocked the terminal at around 8am (7am GMT), killing at least 14 people and injuring dozens of others.


Then 79 minutes later at 9.19am, at least 20 people were killed and scores injured, some critically, when a blast hit a Metro station just 400 metres from the EU headquarters in the city centre.

There were also reports the Tihange nuclear power plant, around 90km from the capital, is being evacuated of all non-essential staff as Belgium raised security to its maximum level.

At the airport, there were reports of a firefight between police and the attackers who shouted in Arabic moments before detonating their bombs. 

An unexploded suicide vest was later found in the rubble and a Kalashnikov rifle beside the body of a dead terrorist. 

The blasts, which detonated near the American Airlines and Brussels Airlines check-in desks, sent shockwaves through the terminal building, shattering windows and knocking roof tiles off the ceiling as terrified passengers ran for their lives.


The explosions, coming just four months after the Paris attacks, have left countries around the world reeling, with security services placed on high alert, flights cancelled, Eurostar services suspended and France's border with Belgium shut down. 

Two suspects were arrested a mile from the Maelbeek metro station at around 11am as hundreds of troops and police flooded the streets of Brussels in the hunt for members of the terror cell.

Soldiers have been also been deployed at the airport and other key locations across the capital.

The bombings come just a day after the Belgium Interior Minister warned of possible revenge attacks after the arrest of Paris massacre suspect Salah Abdeslam in the city on Friday.

Full article and lots of pictures and videos of the chaos can be found here  http://www.dailymail...s-Airport.html 

I feel sadness, shock and disbelief, my thoughts go out to the families of the victims, dead or injured

Funny screenshots from Insurgency

30 January 2016 - 10:55 AM

I know we have a topic like this in the ET section and I really wanted to share my screenshot of Krayzie molesting me on our Insurgency server so I figured I could start a topic like that here too :) 


I found the right spot :P

Winter maps

02 November 2015 - 06:17 AM

I suggest we get winter maps on atleast one server for every mod (NQ1, Fun1 and Jay2 for example)

Quickly went through the maps on the forums and this is a small selection, some maps I haven't played and some are pretty good or the winter versions of maps that are already on the servers


Monte Cassino (it is a winter map no? XD)

Supply Depot (winter edition)

Oasis winter (winter edition)

Baserace Winter (winter edition)

Battery winter (winter edition)

Railgun EU BETA 2

UJE Christmas Tank 

Operation Storehouse Final (never played this so idk if it's any good)

Wacht am Rhein (never played this)

Escape 2 final (never played this)

Frost 2 Final (never played this)


Airfield Assault

Other map suggestions and feedback about the maps are welcome
Also xmas skins would be nice (snowballs for grenades and candy canes for mines is quite nice :D)