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  1. PeruET

    Help me.

    Hi. My question here is whether the experience (account data) can be transferred from one pc to another. I have changed my PC and I do not want to start over again as I did 1 year ago (because 2 to 3 years ago I also had an account with 230k exp and when I came back in, I completely restarted the account and I had to start from 0). I don't know if it will be possible, but if I could do it it would be good for me. I will be grateful to those who help me. I currently have 340k of exp or out there.
  2. PeruET


    Hi all Well I introduce myself, my name is Aaron, I'm 20 years old, I live in Lima, Peru . As a good Peruvian I really like the food, visiting archeological sites or nature (eg Machu Picchu, etc). I hope to get along with the community and congratulate the founders. Currently playing W: ET
  3. Thanks all , especially rendel . Now my conection is more fast.
  4. In any case there is some way to make the ET compatible with windows 10, I have another PC much better than this one that I played with 2 years ago and the truth is that the game ran at full speed, but when I installed windows 10 the lag generated was unbearable much more than my current old pc. Is there a way to fix that?
  5. Goodnight . I already did everything you told me. Try playing the ET without the razer but the result is the same and it has nothing to do with the server because it tries with JAYMOD 2 and is the same. etconfig.cfg
  6. Thank you for your attention. Later arriving from work I upload the .cfg file .
  7. Hi all . I would appreciate if any of you pass me a recommendation to better configure my game. I am seriously thinking about uninstalling the game since it has practically become impossible to play (lately it is giving me a lot of lag and I think the cause is the connection to the internet). Here I give you more details. DIRECTX 11 RAM: 1gb CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 3 Ghz 32 bits GRAPHIC CARD: Intel (R) 82915G / GV / 910GL Express Chipset Family (186 mb) SCREEN: 1280x1024 INTERNET CONNECTION: 72 mbps USE OF ANY BOSTER PROGRAM: Yes, I use the Razer I would appreciate if you really help me since I have put together a reasonable amount of experience to think twice about leaving the game. Please I would like the configuration to be based only on performance, I really do not care about graphics. Sorry if my PC seems very old for today xd but I just have another but since it has windows 10 the wolf et him runs too slow because it is not compatible.
  8. I would like to put the most voted maps in the busiest times, almost always I see that maps that are not popular that are placed twice a day during peak hours (where there are more players). I just want you to take that into account. Example: mines is a map that displeases many currently and yet they put it 2 times a day when the sv is almost full. bba2-beta is a very popular map and they only put it 1 time in the afternoon (when it's full sv).
  9. PeruET

    Favorite Teams

    Real Football : manchester united,atlanta united ,universitario de deportes. Football : N/A Béisbol : N/A Hockey :N/A Basket : N/A Cricket : ¿?

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