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  1. joo


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  2. You will not get used to fov 90 nor to 120. Try one fov for example 100-105 and try to get used to. Anyway script looks cooool
  3. @DeKingbetter reportage than on TV

    1. Xiahou Dun
    2. Bells


      maybe sth more advanced? 

    3. joo


      Dzieńdoberek kartofelek @Cracker

  5. Thought Flash and urallnuts are different players
  6. I'll be a little inquisitive, but whatever. 1. Is what you see in the photos taken on the basis of the knowledge from studies? 2. Do you design in a computer program, such as what? Do you make visualizations before the project is approved by the investor? 3. Do you have any algorithm you use, any rules about what kind of plants you can plant next to each other? 4. Do you design plants or elements of small architecture, for example a fountain? 5. In the photos I can see "eyes" (brown) with bush and from the outside they are probably finished with paving stones, but the shape is
  7. I generally liked the album I listened to before. Of course, there were songs that I liked less, but there was also one that relaxed me a lot. I assume that the combination of keyboard and percussion is normal (that's new to me). It took me a while to get used to listening. But! There is something about this video and this place that I really enjoyed. Especially the last part where you played a keyboard solo - something beautiful to my ears. I understand more and more what this is about. It is not enough just to hear it, you have to feel it as well. Are the people who appeared in the vide
  8. Tommorow i will start my work with. Will give feedback for sure greets
  9. Show us something what is done and greeeeeeeeeen
  10. Need something what is done. Anyway it looks promising
  11. Cmon upload it on https://easyupload.io/ and share link please
  12. I bet he has pdf's not jpegs
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