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  1. Welcomed among us you shall be
  2. Using the red dot instead of the mouse, that would be more hardcore xD
  3. Reaktor could be an interesting map, it hasnt been present on beg2 for a long time
  4. welcomed among us you shall be
  5. Yea too many people underestimate bots but sometimes BOOM, they sneakily steal the obj behind your back! It it really could be Chimichanga, he's a very surprising bot. Who knows? Maybe the revolutionnary IA will develop here on the ET server among us
  6. Once a bot took the obj altough the team was so strong we were being slaughtered. It allowed us to win. It's a shame I can't recall its name but I would like to rename a bot like Batman in memory of it. Because it wasn't the bot we deserved but the one we needed.
  7. Better late than nothing. Thank you very much!!!
  8. It would be great if you could teach us how to play ET with this tablet !!! There is a huge demand of how to play ET in the office, your tablet could be a solution
  9. Okay that's a difficult exercice. But we can tackle the problem by using a well-thought methodology. Can we ask what is central in your alimentation? What spanish people usually eat? Obviously spanish people eat a lot of paëlla with orange juice. Can we notice a dominant color? Of course! Yellow and orange, so you should paint your kitchen in yellow with some spot in orange. Okay but what about the furniture? Well you need a huge shelf in the center of the kitchen with the paëlla pan and a huge bag fixed to the walls, or even the ceiling, filled with orange. Besides bein
  10. You caught me I'm not very productive. There's a reason why I like panzer. Very slow but it does his job. It's a whole philosophy
  11. Hello, Considering the current situation, I don't dare to let my money in the market for a long run. I want to be able to pull it out as as fast as I can. That's why I'm kinda day-trading. My strategy is based on the Elliott wave principle (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliott_wave_principle). It's very easy to understand. I can't predict if a stocks will go up in the long run but if a stock is crashing (like -5%) and it wasn't near his all time highest you will easily win 1% the day after. BUT you have to watch the value. For example I bought a st
  12. No, the cat helped us a lot with the work. He gaves us strong advices and basically organised all the work
  13. Hello guys, The whole forum noticed that I didn't play lately. Just like I said I took a seasonal break but a lot of people are asking me in pm bascically : "Hey Hesis, I'm so so happy you come back on beg2 the funniest server ever, but what did you do to be off these last months? We are so curious. Did you go on some private island on your personal yacht?". This times it's totally wrong. I was busy with my kitchen. Indeed I painted the cupboards and I changed the kitchen splashback. I joined a picture to prove it. Please guy stop
  14. OMG, I was there !!! I'm so ashamed I didnt recognize the map Shame I didnt try to steal the obj !
  15. I'm so old I forget the beginning of the sentence I was reading if it has more than 5 words
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