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  1. In my opinion also on jay2 the map is liked much. But not everyone likes each map.
  2. Yeah, thx, works but no program
  3. Uhm, I also tried wayback in the past and that didn't work. Now it's the same I hoped on the writeup where the lagometer uploaded ... but isn't. Can someone upload the tool by having it on its HDD?
  4. www.q3eu.com is not available anymore
  5. https://bitbucket.org/isocity/mysql-transaction-model/src/master/
  6. Yeah. But until I got that the id tried to be similar in this case I had to try the lock-version, because the syntax parser in my PHPmyAdmin, as u saw, everytime cried. So it was nearly impossible to fix up other errors which I didn't see by myself. Now I go on testing the code by your select max version. Stupid is also that the LOCK-Version seems not to be working. But this was the only way that came in my mind to check if it's working. And by the way ... the lock is the version with the most work, true, because you jump between PHP and mySQL, but it was also the most hopeful ... if that had worked you could turn around those way every time because it's flexible enough, you know?
  7. @Afro. Yeah, thx ... but the fields are: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | id* | headline | word | unlocked | order* | timestamp | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 20180826235958 | Hello | How are you? | 0 | 1 | 2018-08-26 23:59:58 | | 20180826235959 | Hi | I'm fine | 0 | 2 | 2018-08-26 23:59:59 | were order is 1,2,3,4,5,6, .... and no date, so you can stack the order. and id is datetime as numeric string. @n3g4n I have a thought about that the second entry did not work ... because primary & int(255) ... so you get a collision because the biggest possible int (2147483648) was taken two times (the datetime-string is bigger than int255). Maybe that was the reason last time ... but the freakin' syntax parser everytime underlines that ... i'll try your method out again later, because first I tried the lock-version as I got the int problem this time and made the id simply double. @Chuckun As far you're saying that you're familar with that lock methods and as you said the lock only blocks until the request is done and the unlocking was given ... unfortunately I think the lock method doesn't work at all. It seems to lock nothing. I can request and request and request and nothing prevents me from that. For this case I wrote a little test-system (zip file) with clear outputs to imagine what is happening.... the 'insert_test_lock_method.php' calls the insert and the 'sql_unittest.php' is a frameset with 10 frames to call the .php-file 10 times with one click within 1-2 seconds ... a little ugly but useful to test this case anyway. $tbl = '___home_impressum_wordcascade_wordcascade'; $config = array( 'sql' => array( 'server' => 'localhost', 'user' => 'root', 'password' => '', 'database' => 'webgen_tkr' ) ); those lines should be changed to own db settings in insert_test_lock_method.php @n3g4n maybe you could look at those way, too ... thank you very much test.zip
  8. Yes this is what I am going to try. And also testing the "lock"-Version ... gonna tell if something changed this way Thx for it first btw
  9. Unfortunately my fav languages are not programming languages ... they're script languages: 1st.: javascript, then php
  10. Sry, too did not get the msg before I fell to sleep .... it was 5:30 AM here and I thought the day was long enough... This doesn't work anyway .... the Syntax-Highlighter is driving me crazy so freakn hard. But why SELECT before '20180826235955' ?
  11. Oh, sry about that - in the original source it was quoted ... But now we are a step in the right direction ... I submitted your code and it worked for the first time but highlighted as errors - see screen. This is terrifying. But when I submit the code the second time, i get errors. I changed the "NULL" in order to 0 before to be sure: Static Analysis: 10 Errors. Ein Komma oder eine schließende Klammer wurde erwartet (near "SELECT" at position 165) //expected comma or closing bracket Unerkanntes Schlüsselwort. (near "MAX" at position 172) //unknown keyword Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near "(" at position 175) //unexpected sign Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near "`order`" at position 176) Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near ")" at position 183) Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near "+1" at position 184) Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near ")" at position 240) Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near "," at position 243) Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near "'2018-08-26 23:59:55'" at position 245) Unerwartetes Zeichen. (near ")" at position 266) Thx for the review. I just thought ... because the id could change during INSERT if it's given because when at the same second (20180826235956) a post is submitted, the id gets LAST_INSERT_ID(id)+1 in the original code to be unique. and the timestamp not because that shall be the "real" time.
  12. Already done (zip). What do you mean with copy/paste a table? ... The structure is in the starting post if you mean that ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | id* | headline | word | unlocked | order* | timestamp | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 20180826235958 | Hello | How are you? | 0 | 1 | 2018-08-26 23:59:58 | | 20180826235959 | Hi | I'm fine | 0 | 2 | 2018-08-26 23:59:59 | id: unique order: pseudo-unique insert_max_order.zip

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