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  1. Woah, that's a lot ... Happy Birthday youuuuuuuuuuuuu
  2. Me too. Gotta 'know' that don't touch this docs within 5mins so i enforced one man, too after he ignored. And explained that. He apologized for ignoring and all was fine... but i think thet rule would be stupid, too ... Better way i think is to disable objects if it's nessassary ... Is there any way to edit this maps disabling obj if nessessary? This would not cause that kind of confusion combined with more happyness. peace
  3. Yay ! :) Congrats buddy !


    Now, you have some news access in the forum :) I let you discover that...


    We've got a lot of handsome secret tools 😎


    See you soon !



    1. ChaOs


      For the first thx for everything :)


      i'll try to find those tools all ;)

    2. 0siE.


      You're welcome :)


      I was thinking about trouble player topics etc. haha :)

  4. Daybreak was already in last year, like flameguards. The negative effect was if a map takes too long, even if players like it long, you have a high percentage to access the long map if you load the game ... it feels like you everytime start with this map ... at flameguards I had this feeling even I liked it. Minas also works with 2 players ... don't forget having bots and that's an adventure map where can tryout less players cool things.
  5. Mushrooms - they are like aliens with a cadaverous smelling ... Beetroot - smelling and tasting like vomit, that someone only can see this is unbelievable ... and just thinking about triggers me hard. 'Rucola' - some tell that's a kind of salat but it's not. It is grass, a part of Löwenzahn. 'Scampies' / Lobster ... okay some people like eating insects ... some not.
  6. Capreze mozzarella from croatia *_* Totally miss it ...
  7. Agree ... but what kind of screenshots are them? o_O
  8. And another point ... i do not know what time is spent if the maps will be changed on server - how much overhead this has ... If it is only few steps it could be nice if there was an inner rotation in rotation of months. F.E. that each month are new maps in and some out giving a surprising effect to players that play a long time. A simple motivation point to keep users interested. And another positive point could be because of up and down voting maps to get great map sets per percentulas measurements maybe ...
  9. Poison knifes - more methods to back f* ... doesn't it is enough that guys waiting behind walls to kill ambush everytime? First thoughts last year on Jay2 were -> poisoned knifes? Ok pretty way to troll noobs like me ...

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