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  1. For that case i just made the first option. It basically shows that players are primary happy with all. (It is the good feedback in that case) I don't wanna cange the poll itself anymore, because this would be manipulation. And this is not that fine
  2. Ah, u mean "The server is empty ..." or likewise... o_O Okay but to "leave because the server is empty" is a loop somehow.
  3. @-=HipKat=- Ty a lot. Can you please tell, what kind of problems the bots causes? Is it when the server is empty or medium or nearly full?
  4. @MikeSlayer Thank you very much for your vote. Can you classify pls (which is more often), so we can watch more in detail and keep an eye on? See you ingame
  5. Ah, too late^^ But you can verbally post it... when it's a thing of more players, it can be fixed up
  6. So. It's a poll to check up Jay2 and suggestions. If sth. is missing or a special point of the poll, you mean, you can/should post it also. Please no discussion here, only votes (also verbal votes) pls to keep this clean for an instant view. Thx a lot and have fun
  7. It is not by the looks. It seem to be about jay2.
  8. (That you can let be or not... You already showed the intensions, how you want to make the demos... It's senseless, sry.) Instead, if you are really interestest in a solution, what you would say about the above shown poll that everyone can reach?
  9. Yeah, that's a thing... As said, we can use a poll to "show up" the opinions each, maybe why the opinions seem to be more important than clear facts... My most valueable reason why I leave Jay2: -- One vote each, open voted, minimum: 50 people (to make sure that the interest is high enough) * I am just tired or exhaused * Eating or my p*rnh*b premium account calls me. * Field ops spamming * Dren * FG42 * Flamer * Medics * Panzerfaust * MG * No teamplay / no object play * Stacked teams (btw. that admins can fix ingame) * Spamming or any kind of rule based abusements * Too short respawn time (thx from von Rantala) Any other suggestions?
  10. I just made both because that are the both adrenaline servers to just make sure each. I did not "find" I took the first sample and when about 70% are using it in the first sample, this is not hard to find at all and the opposite of rarely. Just took the first sample as the server had enough players and switching above the medics using each time !spec %player% as you see in the demos. For me? This is absurd. I have not searched for it. It wasn't nessesary at all. And I did not take "just moments". Watch out, what you are assuming this line. When you call me a manipulator/liar between the lines, you have to show up, why. We can also make demos without any gap a hole week and the dren using over the not-bot-medics are over 50% for sure.
  11. If a fact has to be shown up clear, not dirty, each single point has to be worked out until a result is given. Otherwise we have "evidences" in Donald Trump style. * I rarely see medics using adrenaline. And I spend a lot of time in spec. - refuted by the first two taken samples Jay2 and Jay3 each. * To be honest, I rarely see a Covert Ops with a FG42 destroying objectives with Satchel Charges. The same "rarely see" sentence and no evidence. I'll go check up in the future if no one other wants to. Unfortuntely we cannot read past logs searching for "CP post destroyed" or sth like that to make a statistic. * Enjoy playing with bots, when all the rage quitters are gone. - not any kind of approvement, that rage quitters going to quit about FG42. An idea would be, that we make a open poll with "reasons why players quit" * Like many said, the topic is about FG42+Adren, that’s still my problem. - Just ignoring about 70% of the shown up points. * in the end i had an acc of ~ 43% with close + long range and slacking at the beginning combined. - approved, there is a way to get a high acc, depending on the play style. Checked the demo from @Avagantamos * I played for 10 min with FG42 and from my point of view it is clearly overpowered. - not approved. Depending on the player the weapon is more strong or not. My first two comparisions showing a Thomson being a little better. this is a type of a long term check, speccing people with FG42 and the 'same' people with one of the both regular weapons
  12. Simple: it is no issue.

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