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  1. Uhm, ok no - i don't know these - maybe it's really another unfortunate Quake 3 .... breath in, breath out ....
  2. The Same [eXe] as me? With ***Trickxie[eXe] and more?
  3. ? How old are you? I was in "eXe clan HQ" in 2005? Sth like that, do not remember.... Tag was [eXe] uhhh... the old time ...
  4. Nya, I thought it will get about 50 votes. But with 26, too we have a 'little sign'. The most votes got the happy people, leaving for just the day is over. I mean, everyone who not voted I think they're happy, too and wasting not time for voting. The second most vote gets adrenaline in general. Don't know why our no-adrenaline-servers are not visited that well - when dren is the problem. What would you suggest?
  5. What kind of "infection" the end users could expect. Or other question: how does the infected code go from the browser directly to the computer? Browser cache btw. is not enough to infect computers. Because Chrome and other browsers create 'cache' blocks to prevent exploits. Always interested in browser security.
  6. Mostly, true. But you can define it on many compilers and interpreters. Also there are pre definitions on IEEE 754 (floating point arithmetic) and the enhanced pre definitions of this with their r/c/o/n this is mostly nessesary for 3d software interpretion for example, making an "infinity" room and simulations of inner linear and outer linear expansions of rooms (don't know, if i translated that correctly) Hotkey: Riemann Sphere
  7. are we talking about the same vid?
  8. That's the point, why the calculation is "tricked"
  9. i need to learn sth about brackets. Tell me more^^ Better you become less personal on a discussion. And that what you call "mistake" is simply a preview, to simplyfy what happend. Everytime, when you create a zero for multiply or devision, it doesn't care how you create a zero, you make logical errors. In school math everything times zero is zero. And everything devided by zero is "n.A." or sth. And this is easy to imagine, thats why it's handled so. But rly El, we know it better. 1/0 is infinity with a cardinality. A
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