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  1. What is going on our INSURGENCY Servers at night (europe time)
    Only idiots around and making Trouble... I am the only one on the Server and very overwhelmed… 😞

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. D..X


      ill be around over the weekend ill try hop on @Hulk if you interested Saturday

      sometime we can all get together can probably con some others into playing as well 😉

    3. Neuro



    4. Hulk


      I have to work saturday, I could maybe sunday or monday.

  2. Come back fast my friend 😃

    i miss youuuuuu :hug:😁

  3. Nice work. Keep on practicing the work on Videos.
  4. Hey Patrick, Your girlfriend Looks fresher than you Hi DavidM, nice G36 (C?)... is it a airsoft gun?
  5. Here it is… My Airsoft "Heckler & Koch G36C"

    !!! Not a real gun !!!

    CIMG1312 (2).JPG

    CIMG1313 (2).JPG

    CIMG1314 (2).JPG

    1. Hulk


      Wow, So what would you use this for? Target practice? just curious.. Looked it up online says shoots pellets at high velocity. Looks 😎

    2. ViP3r*


      I always wanted one. I do not use them for practicing or for fighting. Well, I do a bit of exercise when I fire the weapon. lol
      this weapon has less than 0.5 joule. beginner weapon. not professional. Thank you 😃
      I like the weapon from Insurgency and she is German ❤️😄

  6. my left left place is free, come and take a seat.
  7. Hey my super duper friend from Kenya :welcome:yahoo

    1. asce1062


      Thank you :yahoo

  8. I bought a Heckler&Koch G36C Softair Rifle. It was so cheap, i had to buy it. 😁

  9. Congratulations! :D

    1. ViP3r*


      Oh!! Thank you very much @RedBaird ❤️😁

    2. Hulk


      Congratulations Viper!!:yeye

    3. ViP3r*


      Thank you @Hulk :yahoo

  10. Hey... I am not much *edit* online *edit* at the Moment. sorry! My work takes much of my time. but next week i have more time. 😉

    1. Vindstot


      Have fun at work! :D I hope its going well!


    2. ViP3r*


      😕 NOT FUNNY @Vindstot

      I wanted to write "online" 

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