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  1. Hungry for Apples? 🍎😏

    1. D..X


      omg omg omg its him :D hope your doing well bud 

    2. SiD


      Doin' fan-friggin-tastic, dude! Hope life's been good for you, too. :)

  2. I just wanted to use this important vocal platform to say: ...Penis.


    That is all. 

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    2. daredevil


      How's the mom doing? Forgot the baby due date. I hope all is well at your end.

    3. SiD


      Hung like a hamster M00jii. Call me bby. ;)


      All groovy, Dare. She's doing great now that most of the invasive testing is done. Lots of shopping and planning lol. Dec. 20th is the planned date. We'll see how she (it's a girl!) feels about getting out of there. Will definitely pop in by the end of the year with news or pics. Hope all is well on your end too!

    4. daredevil


      ohh Dec 20th. Should make it 24th. I am not religious guy but it makes future birthday celebration enjoyable, definitely. But it will happen when the time is ready. :) We where expecting a week later and happened early. Load up on diapers, wipes, humidifiers/censors and vanicream (once skin shedding is done). Don't buy too much cloths since you will end up donating 50% of it.  Get the sleep as much as you can now because sleep will be non existent for next 6 months :)


      Glad to hear all is well at your end! Welcome to da club!

  3. New site's lookin' snazzy. You're all still jerks , though.

    I am still awesome.



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    2. Sonofdoc
    3. daredevil


      Ohhh, that's good news! Congrats!! Get ready for bumpy ride :) 

    4. tipsy


      congratsssss :)

  4. SiD

    Nintendo Switch

    If you're not a whore for graphics and "power", then it's probably one of the best systems I've owned. it's rad to take this thing wherever I want to go. Runs great, easy to use, and the ability to switch between TV and handheld at any time is awesome. Games I've got: BOTW - Amazing showpiece for the system. Tons to do. Overall great game. Mario Odyssey- Amazing collectathon classic. Takes up the reigns after Super Mario 64. A lot of collectibles in this game. Resident Evil Revelations 1 + 2 - Ports of games for other systems. They looks really damn good and play smoothly. Awesome horror for the system. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom battle - Pretty awesome little strategy game. Lots of stupid toilet humor and the strategy is is fun. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - An open world JRPG. pretty good so far. Although, looks like crap sometimes in handheld. Arcade Archives Vs. Super Mario Bros - It's super mario NES with arcade scoring. Minecraft - It's minecraft. Runs well. 3x3 grid. Good for boredom handheld play. Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Fun little Megaman clone. Easy to beat. Project Octopath Traveler- A demo of a project by Square-Enix. Pretty adult themed. Interesting 2.5D graphics. Weird battle system. Rocket League - Amazing game for the Switch. solid 720p docked, 544p handheld. 60FPS in both modes. Perfect game for livingroom or on the go. Pretty sure it has splitscreen multiplayer too. I'm also probably going to buy DOOM and Yooka-Laylee soon too. Heard Yooka was great on Switch. Definitely a fun system with lots of games at the moment. There's almost as many games in its first year than there were in the lifetime of the Wii U. Lots of great indies, and plenty of big name first party developers have signed on. And thankfully, EA games is pulling out, because f*** them.
  5. Merry '2 days after Xmas' ya bastards.

  6. (⌐■_■)╭∩╮

  7. Yer all still a bunch of shitters. Hah. /salute

    1. RedBaird


      We are in "the 1%".

  8. First time in a while I've logged in- And I only logged in to say, that as usual, you're a dipshit. Take yo ignorant bullshit elsewhere. Aight. Will check in in another few months, unless I lose posting privileges. Which is gonna happen if I continue to see this sort of shitposting.
  9. So I got a promor? Appreciate it, but I'm not interested. FA was great, but you can set me to 0 homies. /highfive

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    2. speedfact


      check your pm nubblet

    3. von Rantala

      von Rantala

      Mate you can forgot those kind things. We are not letting you leave mate! :) You are part of Family!

    4. L3ftY.


      FA = your ball & chain. you're here for life, you just dont realize it yet


  10. Adios amigos!

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    2. Krusnik87


      Told ya to stop drinking Mojitos and Tequila :/ No wonder it's adios amigos to your liver >.<


    3. Alphaloki


      Which western are you watching ?

    4. Raskin


      Trump deported you?

  11. Yeah. That's right. I visited your sexy page out of love. Feel the contempt and love flow through you. :D

  12. Who's screwing around with the forums? Latest replies widget is missing.

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    2. SinfulRaevyn


      Ew dare. Nou. First status updates.. now latest replies... :/ Bring it baaaaaack. plz.

    3. daredevil


      Latest replies will come back for sure. Few players can't access forum because of it so I had to remove it! I am planning to upgrade forums soon! Working on it but my newborn is keeping me busy as hell!


    4. SinfulRaevyn


      Oooooh! Wait! That stupid live update issue... I get it now <3 And Yay! Can't wait!! ^.^ I can imagine.... take your time! Family and life first!

  13. Nice. I will try to grace you peasants with my glorious appearance. Nice idea for a poster. Would've made the Killstreak part a different color to offset the IP address though. Still- Rad.
  14. I don't know. Part of the charm is the cartoon style and light humor. Twilight Princess is the only entry in the series that went a little more on the serious realism side and it's probably the only LoZ game I have trouble getting into. Not a fan of the movement animations, and some of the combat feels a bit more stiff compared to other games. Although, gameplay-wise (dungeons/exploration) and story-wise, it's pretty good. As for the Switch, I refuse to buy until I see reviews. System looks good on paper. Has some great games coming, but two things still bug me. 1: Battery life is f***ing horrible. 2 and a half to 6 hours is a joke for a system like this. I understand there are still limitations to mobile gaming, but 2.5 hours isn't very long if they're advertising this as a traveling system. You'll spend more time plugged in than not. 2: Gimmicky, just like the Wii/WiiU. They're still trying to push motion controls and weird add on features. I saw them playing that stupid 1,2 Switch and I cringed pretty damn hard. Maybe it's good for kids, but the core audience doesn't care for shit like this. Thankfully I live with a dumb ass and will get to do a little beta testing. Jelly of that Master Edition LoZ though. That is the tits.

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