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  1. Happy birthday have a good one!
  2. Panzerwar was nice but after that I really sucked at sniperwar.
  3. Yeah count me in for some fun ET games!
  4. I thought it would be interesting to share your favorite (and least favorite) ET class and why. For myself: 1. Engineer/Soldier (panzer) 2. Medic 3. Field ops 4. Covert ops I listed engineer and soldier with panzerfaust both first: 90% of my game time is divided between those two, the remainder goes to the other classes. If I'm in the mood for objective play, I'll be an engineer unless there are already enough of them I'll pick a supportive class like medic. If I just want some lazy fragging, you cannot beat panzer... Also I'm probably the worst covert ops you'll see on Silent1.
  5. It's easy: it is a nickname given to me by some Bosnian colleagues with whom I was working in my first full time job. It's inspired by my real first name: Peter. I've used it since for my online nickname.
  6. Sure thing. If you have any questions regarding syncing data with said programs, don't hesitate to ask.
  7. The truth is that I simply forgot to check the date of the post. DD's question was on the first page of the PC support forum and I did not expect posts on the first page to be that old, but after Shana locked the thread I noticed the date (and of other posts on the first page). It's simply a less popular section on the FA forums. Most forums have rules against bumping old posts and the general reason for that is that in most cases replying to old stuff is not relevant any more and clutters threads. I've moderated several forums in the past myself and am very aware of this rule (or even netiquette if you like). But still, mistakes happen. ;-)
  8. I'll watch it of course, just like everything in the franchise. And this one is written by James Cameron again, that counts for something.
  9. Yep, I'll go see this one.
  10. I like that one as well, just like the first movie. The third one also gets good reviews, still have to watch it.
  11. I've had personal experience with 2. One of them freeware (installer is ad-loaded) and one of them paid. 1. FreeFileSync. It's free, works fast, works OK, not a lot of options though. And mind the installer: you need to opt-out of the additional included program like McAfee anti-virus scanner. 2. SyncBack Pro. Not free, but has a ton of options such as customizable versioning, SFTP, etc. I use it to backup my data to my Synology NAS and my HiDrive cloud storage.
  12. Just out of curiosity, are there people like me here who can watch the same movies over and over again? I tend to watch good movies (well I think they are good) more than once: the LOTR trilogy, Terminator movies, the Aliens franchise (only valid for the first 3), Indiana Jones original trilogy, all the James Bond movies, etc. I think I've watched Aliens (aka Alien 2) over 50 times I guess. I know most of the characters lines in the movie by heart... a bit strange perhaps.

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