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  1. You need to be back.

    1. daredevil


      I 2nd that!

  2. Hi Seaside.



    1. Seaside


      HI GENGIS !!! :D

    2. daredevil
    3. Gengis


      How things are going for you ?

      I am still playing ET and i am an Hardcore addict.


  3. ON TS Come and say hi

  4. Thank you guys, nice to see new faces too ! Everyone add me on evolve then : GINGAB
  5. Oh man ! I am happy to see some old mates here ! Thank you for the welcome back. How can i see who is playing now? i mean xfire is down? XD And et is not working via steam.. Just how do you know? I guess i'll be on teamspeak waiting for you guys And yes i'll be playing as gingab, i'll propably just add seaside in my name so you know. See you on hc to night lefty?
  6. Hardcore used to be my place Was the first server i went back to this morning
  7. Hello everyone. I've made my come back on ET today after years of being off the game and FA. I don't know the game anymore, but it feels good to try to play it again As i've been gone for so long, i'm just going to re introduce myself. First name: Marianne Any sort of Nickname?: SEASIDE (or doomie) but now i use the nick GINGAB Age: 23 What country are you from?: France Are you a Parent?: No How many siblings do you have?: 1 brother What's your shoe size?: 39 What do you do for a living?: i used to be a french teaching assistant in highschool, then a freelance English teacher now i am
  8. Looking for cod4 players to play Reign of the Undead mod with me ! pleasseeeee?

    1. gost


      Dougl@s have no honer he used his authority as admin to kiki me he have no honer he bad bad i can get him and ben his ass

      this not his mother server she gave it to him in his birthday boy

      be careful with me boy

      i can reach him anywhere by low

      i am international law boy

  9. gaah will I ever find my soulmate ?!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Baska


      Oh honey , you already have found me :) <3

    3. Teukka


      And me :) <3

    4. Raskin


      Ask ...before you go to sleep at night.it will happen when you least expect it

  10. Spending my last week in UK !!! Can't believe I am already moving back to France soon. Wanna stay

    1. vyder


      sacré bleu!

  11. My new boyfriend says he will not be attracted by me anymore if i gain 20kilos. What do I do? Leave him?

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Seaside


      I've gained a lot of weight already because of my medication (cortisone + anti depresseurs pills + xanax everyday)

      I can't stop my treatment and im afraid im not going to stop gaining weight yet even though im very active ! Tennis, badminton, gym...


    3. tipsy


      ah so my story, I wanted to gain weight as I was skinny , I did two things jogging + gym and after coming home juice/water , result = more heavy weight loss and I went sick on my b-day . love , bf, these things come and go, a person always first love himself , take care of yourself be happy with yourself , you don't need to be in relationship to be happy.

    4. MaKy


      Sea! I'm always on ur side !


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