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Welcome to Fearless Assassins Gaming Community

We are glad you decided to stop by our website and servers. At =F|A= we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. With helpful admins, custom maps and good server regulars your gaming experience should be grand! We love to have fun by playing online games especially Enemy Territory, COD4, COD:MW3, BF3, Team Fortress, Minecraft, etc and if you like to do same then join us! Here, you can make worldwide friends while enjoying the game.

Posted By: daredevil Nov 13 2014 10:41 AM

We have updated our ETPRO servers based on the feedback received. Here is the final updates on this:


1.  NJ, USA Location


Server IP: sw2.clan-fa.com:27970


Public stopwatch server.




2. GE, Euro Location


Server IP: sw1.clan-fa.com:27970


Public objective server. Stopwatch public config can be also voted.





3. GE, Euro location


Server IP: scrimeuro.clan-fa.com:27980


Private scrim server for scrims. Server will get locked once anyone with valid level will do !password sdadsa command and then they can share the password with the team. Once scrim is done password will be auto removed so other players can use it. Command is not yet implemented but we will get it going soon. 





Scrim server is open for any clan players. Ask your friends to drop me a PM and I would set up there admin level so they can lock the server while scrimming. Server work is still under progress for this server so any suggestions are welcome.


As usual it goes without saying "Cheating on any of our ETPRO Servers will earn long time bans on our all servers".



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Posted By: daredevil Nov 13 2014 08:50 AM

I would strongly suggest to donate for server and forum bills. Please post here once you donate towards our early target.

Why to donate? http://fearless-assa...m/donation.html

Quote from old clan leader Milli:

Ok peeps, here's the deal. 

Take a look at clans that have survived as long as we have and you'll see ONE thing that makes us different. We don't charge for membership! We don't give promotions to those who pay more! 

Have a favorite server and want to help keep it going? $5 a month from you will help pay for it! Its not hard to do. I have paypal directly linked to my bank account, and it auto-withdraws once a month. What is $5/month you ask? Its a pack of smokes for those of you who do. Its less than a month subscription to your porn site! It's cutting out a cup of coffee once a day per week a month! Its less than a large popcorn at the movies! Hell, its less than a movie ticket. 

Its not hard people. I'm laid off from work and am able to give and help keep the servers alive and kicking. Even one time donations are sweet. Can't do monthly but have $40 you can give now? Great! 

We need your help folks. Here's the low down and dirty...we have almost as many NON members donating as we do members. That does NOT speak well of the clan. So please, help out and pitch in!

Special thanks to all donors! 
Donation link: http://fearless-assassins.com/donate/
This time we have purchased new add-ons for forum so that it auto tracks and displays the top donors instead of us me doing all manual work. It's going to display top and latest donors and you will also have option to donate anonymously like many had requested before.

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Posted By: GI-JOE Nov 07 2014 02:46 PM

One of our oldest COD 4 servers, =F|A= Hardcore-No Marty has made the move to 1.7!


Things will probably be slow at first but hopefully with some diligent camping this move will bring some new blood into the server that many of us got our start on and give our 1.7 COD 4 tube and last stand haters a new haven to flock to!


Server can be found at the same address and port as before, all the rules are still intact, so please play and enjoy!



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Posted By: daredevil Oct 28 2014 06:48 AM
We started our community back in 2008 on this day. It does seems like years have passed by but when sometimes I start ET/COD4 I feel it’s all same when I see familiar faces on the server. We are happy that we started the community back in 2008 because if we didn’t then we wouldn’t be able to know you people.

It has been blast gaming with you people throughout all this years. Sometimes I miss my friends who have been playing with us since 2008 or even before. I do miss seeing some old friends who used to play on our servers back in the days. To name few =F|A=F257, VS|Moita, VS|Berko, [FAG]EvilToad, [FAG]M!, [FAG]Zane, TDK Xeon, =F|A= FEM, =F|A= Medic, =F|A=Thunder, =F|A= Milli, =F|A= Dixus, .bb. Blackhawk, .bb. Hellcat, etc, etc and the list goes on. I had never ever though that I will miss people whom I hardly new in real life even after so many years. All I want to say is this gaming community has given me so much that even after so many years, I still remember my friends and miss them.

People say it’s just a game but for some reason I feel it’s just not a game. It’s a place where I made new friends, learn new things and become patient over the period of time. It has become part of my life.

On this day, I would like to say thanks to every donor who donated money for paying the bills, time and experience making this community worth loving for. With donations it would be real hard to manage the bills and I still wish more people would donate rather than just few donating high amounts.

It’s easier to be leader in the pack but it’s much harder to create the pack and then lead it. I would like to thank you our leaders, co-leaders, staff members, recruiting team and members including trial members to make all this things easier. We all together have successfully created a gaming place where players enjoying playing on our servers rather than worrying about cheaters or trouble makers.

Over the period of time you all together have changed this place from one gaming clan to one family.

We are happy that we started Fearless Assassins back in 2008 and we are still part of it. We are hoping that we will be here still playing with you people and your kids. J Gaming isn’t over yet my friends and we are going to enjoy it every day!

Special shout out to clans and members where we used to play before 2008: .bb., DoW, [FAG], Evil, BEL, NB, HESS and VS.

That being said Happy B'day Fearless Assassins fellow gamer's!
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