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Welcome to Fearless Assassins Gaming Community

We are glad you decided to stop by our website and servers. At =F|A= we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. With helpful admins, custom maps and good server regulars your gaming experience should be grand! We love to have fun by playing online games especially Enemy Territory, COD4, COD:MW3, BF3, Team Fortress, Minecraft, etc and if you like to do same then join us! Here, you can make worldwide friends while enjoying the game.

Posted By: DJ aka GDR DJ Aug 27 2014 02:57 PM

For Europeans, September is the month of taking off bikini’s and swimsuits and starting to turn over your closet in search of your favorite sweater.

For Russians, 6. September is when Leningrad finally became Saint Petersburg again.

For Allies, 6. September is the day when Ypres finally came back into their hands.


Not for us!
In =F|A=, September is the time for yet another wonderful game-day where panzerwars, sniperwars and crazygravity are only the pretext for an all-round day full of joy and whether or not colorful names.



Feel free to come and steal some apples from our paradise!

Your hosts for this month
DJ aka GDR DJ, Ang3l, Antichrist, Kat0n, BORR*ACHO, Quovadis, Jhnonny/Shinobi, D..X, Redbaird, Platonic War and Von Rantala.
Under supervision of
Maximo Decimo, Nani* and Ann!b@l

Special thanks to Mr.Karizmatic for providing this month’s poster and to Chameleon for help

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Posted By: speedfact Aug 06 2014 12:57 AM

Welcome all new trials, members, recruiting member and leader!!


---New Trials---
Name: staticwarp
P: new trial

Name: HotChip
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../11713-hotchip/
P: new trial

Name: Andrev
Profile: http://fearless-assa...r/14036-andrev/
P: new trial

Name: Mulan
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/14210-mulan/
P: New Trial

Name: Warpig
Profile: http://fearless-assa...r/14597-warped/
P: new trial

Name: kelfouto!r
Profile: http://fearless-assa...4857-kelfoutor/
P: new trial

Name: Tetsu
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/14213-tetsu/
P: New trial

----Trials to Members----
Name: b0unty
Profile: http://fearless-assa...r/10347-b0unty/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Blue*
Profile: http://fearless-assa...ser/13996-blue/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Castiel
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../10339-castiel/
P: 11 to 12

Name: *Appel*
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/10519-appel/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Dest!Ny
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/5240-destny/
P: 11 to 12

Name: gaskarthx
Profile: http://fearless-assa...4143-gaskarthx/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Kepar
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/10173-kepar/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Omegaxbeast
Profile: http://fearless-assa...08-omegaxbeast/
P: 11 to 12

Name: Spycid
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/6686-spycid/
P: 11 to 12

Name: FinZeroX
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../4014-finzerox/
P: 11 to 12

---12 to 14---
Name: captain187
Profile: http://fearless-assa...299-captain187/
P: 12 to 14

Name: Deathshead
Profile: http://fearless-assa...561-deathshead/
P: 12 to 14

Name: dropdead
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../7622-dropdead/
P: 12 to 14

Name: Foxboro
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../11064-foxboro/
P: 12 to 14

Name: Mononegro
Profile: http://fearless-assa...0512-mononegro/
P: 12 to 14

Name: mukiko85
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../6867-mukiko85/
P: 12 to 14

Name: Pianist
Profile: http://fearless-assa...r/6655-pianist/
P: 12 to 14

Name: RedAngel
Profile: http://fearless-assa...12125-redangel/
P: 12 to 14

Name: RENiE
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/12490-renie/
P: 12 to 14

Name: Sasirou
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../10400-sasirou/
P: 12 to 14

Name: Teukka
Profile: http://fearless-assa...r/11404-teukka/
P: 12 to 14

Name: Ultra
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/12646-ultra/
P: 12 to 14

Name: LuckyStar
Profile: http://fearless-assa...19-«luckystar»/
P: 12 to 14

---14 to 15---
Name: Daniele
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../10215-daniele/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Reverze
Profile: http://fearless-assa...455-flareverze/
P: 14 to 15

Name: casper
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/1658-casper/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Indian
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/4793-indian/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Ooops
Profile: http://fearless-assa...ser/8989-ooops/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Platonic War
Profile: http://fearless-assa...8-platonic-war/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Th3ory
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/6952-th3ory/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Xernicus
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../9897-xernicus/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Sl@yer
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/10446-slyer/
P: 14 to 15

Name: Gengis
Profile: http://fearless-assa...er/5576-gengis/
P: 14 to 15


Name: Unknown

Profile: http://fearless-assa...r/3198-unknown/

P: 14 to 15



---15 to 16---

Name: D.X.
Profile: http://fearless-assa...m/user/8819-dx/
P: 15 to 16

Name: exploid
Profile: http://fearless-assa.../10795-exploid/
P: 15 to 16

Name: kouklos
Profile: http://fearless-assa...r/9084-kouklos/
P: 15 to 16

Name: Rambolike
Profile: http://fearless-assa...1682-rambolike/
P: 15 to 16


Name: Maky

Profile: http://fearless-assa...user/5953-maky/

P: 15 to 16

---16 to 17---
Name: Angel
Profile: http://fearless-assa...ser/4262-ang3l/
P: 16 to 17


---19 to 20---

Name: Pinoy

Profile: http://fearless-assa...ser/6735-pinoy/

P: 19 to 20

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Posted By: daredevil Aug 05 2014 11:45 PM

We are proud to announce new Left4Dead 2 Gaming Server.




Belo and Incubus will be working on the Left4Dead2 server configuration. Right now i have just installed basic configuration. If you have any suggestions, ideas, etc. Please let us know and we will try to add it if they are good one.





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Posted By: Spanky Aug 03 2014 07:01 PM



It's time for another cod4 game weekend! This time we are having it on Beginners server so that even nubs like Speed may join in! ;) There will be fresh map changes for the weekend and some other fun changes too.


Hope you can all join us for a good time on there on August 16th and 17th!



Beginners 24/7 Hardcore IP:

Teamspeak IP: ts.clan-fa.com:4666

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