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Where was I ?



welp, its been a hot minute hasn't it. where should I even begin lets see. 

I kind of went offline for a good moment to I guess work on myself as a person both physically and mentally. I used to be bullied a lot back in the day for being 300lbs and being a weeb. it was easy to ignore at first but once it becomes a constant thing you tend to believe in it as well. not to mention I was in a solid relationship with someone or so I thought since later down the road I figured out she was cheating on me with someone who I called my friend. yep that pretty much made me feel worthless to anything for a while. it felt like no matter where I just did not belong anywhere. including =F|A= ... but one day, I don't exactly remember the reason why but one day, I decided to have enough of it and I began to hit the gym. many days later in back to sub 200lbs happy, still single, but I prefer to be alone than to have bad company. anyways yeah that pretty much it tbh Its funny how something as being a weeb is now more accepted in social media... figures... hit me up on discord or something I'm down to play anything, even minesweeper. lol take care guys and gals 

from your boy, the knife wielding cheeky bugger😆

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