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  1. News update: Florida man yeets hurricane out of commission by spinning faster the opposite way 

  2. Late night insurgency vibe

  3. Head shots splatter on the wall...... fun.
  4. ".... You still think about those days don't you."



    Yes I do, I was the happiest person alive at that time. But just because a simple misunderstanding everything changed. 


    "you could probably fix it all by proving that you were hacked with all those emails maybe this way everyone will stop jud-" 


    It's fine.. Everyone seems happier this way. That's all that I cared about anyways. 


    "you lost h-" 


    Correction she's happy, therefore I should be happy to right 


    "you say that... But you are nothing more than a husk now."


    "I know because.. I am you.... You lost everything you cared about and that what made you happy... You could have sorted things out but you were afraid of things getting worse.. And I know that you cried when you heard what your friends really thought about you. No matter how hard you try to avoid it you will always felt empty... Like a big portion of yourself was taken away by force and yet you pretend to be happy"





  5. When your work schedule changes and now you got no one to play with :camper

    1. m00jii


      I know that feeling. I want to play Insurgency and DOI with people, but the time when I go to sleep is the time when they get active :P

  6. Some wine, moonlight and insurgency 

  7. when you are about to solo a map and the mouse dies on you 

  8. ... Life sure does throw a lot of curve balls.... Im currently in the ER because I got a call that my bro stopped breathing... And.. I... I just don't know what to do 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sisje


      Sorry to hear this, hope he's okay!

    3. DavidM


      he's doing much better now... apparently he was on the way back from work when a drunk driver got on his lane... he tried to get out of his way and tipped his truck over a ledge. a few blood donations later he became responsive again... I'm so glad nothing worse happened

    4. Sisje


      That's good to hear! And all that just because some a**h**** decided to drink and drive, so sad..

  9. I'll be able to walk again tomorrow. This whole thing sucks but it's whatever... 

  10. not the biggest waste of money I've done but it sure was something. I kind of like experimental hardware, you can't reach the other side if you don't jump
  11. after a couple of hospital visits later, and a ton of downtime for ... reasons. its time to return to the fray.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. audrey
    3. DavidM


      Aww, guys.. >\\\> thanks. 

    4. GoongalaJones


      Welcome back, bud! Great to see you again!


  12. I love you all

    1. captnconcrete


      an we love u right back!

    2. daredevil
  13. Duemo... Billie.... Sis.... Neuro...Raziel... Armory..Sal...... Her. Thanks for walking with me. 

    1. Sisje


      Keep walking with us ☺

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