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  1. I love you all

    1. captnconcrete


      an we love u right back!

    2. daredevil
  2. Duemo... Billie.... Sis.... Neuro...Raziel... Armory..Sal...... Her. Thanks for walking with me. 

    1. Sisje


      Keep walking with us ☺

  3. *finishes the map and stares at his m9 and smokes* we had a good run, thanks for the memories. *holsters it and sets in on the ground* My legacy is over, time to pass the torch. 



  4. *connects to ins FA 4* 

    My time is running out.. In the end things went back to how they were. 

    *holds tab*

    It's just me... 

  5. Always see yourself as a loser, this way it will always be easier to decide not to be a loser anymore.

    keep your ambitions to yourself and follow them quietly under the moonlight.

    Be patient, always wait for the proper moment to attack, Never let them know what hit them.....


    We are  assassins after all 🗡️🖤😄😉

  6. hyped for ins gamenight 

  7. Im back..... a bit broken down sure but that just makes me human.... my mother thankfully recovered except for one eye which she is still recovering... the kid, he's in a better place now.. and well the last thing.... oh well there's nothing more that I could do than to wish her the best of luck. anyways thank you everyone for being there when I couldn't... I normally could take this myself... but just sometimes, they are a bit heavier than what you thought it would be... e.e specially if they all happen all at once. 

  8. 💔 what the doctor told me made me feel more empty than what I was feeling before... And seeing the sight of my mother crying and not recognizing her son is just... 

    Someone out there must be getting off on watching me suffer... 

    1. CheepHeep
    2. Flible


      If it helps at all, I am bound by confidentiality through two different occupations. I'm happy to listen to your story if you're looking for someone to hear you :)

    3. Achilles90


      It's difficult to imagine just where you are right now and none of us have taken the same path but some of us also know those roads you might be looking down and would jump to help someone avoid making similar mistakes. There seem to be more than a few with ears ready to be bent as well. Muddle on, there is always some light to be found in the darkness

  9. Almost a week in... Just some weight loss, slight headaches... And passed out here and there... 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CheepHeep


      Whats going on mate? You okay?

    3. Sisje


      Start eating again David, what you are doing is stupid.. There is never a good reason to want to die

    4. Sisje


      here listen to what he has to say

  10. Starving to death just takes way too long 😓

    1. Vindstot


      I think about 8 weeks?
      For thirst its 2-4 days

    2. CheepHeep


      Mate, im free to talk on discord if you need to. 

  11. .... Had a nightmare again... That kid... 

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