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  1. Happy Birthday mraw435!

  2. Happy Birthday mraw435!

  3. not much man, im a cook now and going to school as a poli sci major and just going with the flow haha im jumping on ur guy's servers for a bit before work..glad to see this clan is growin and doin well! so much new shit has happened we gotta catch up
  4. haha dont worry i have moved on from babies... im now into animals anyway ill haveta get bf3 for pc then but ill start gaming with ya guys soon ive been extremely busy
  5. you people should boost my lvl bc my inbox is full! haha, and does the battlefield portion of this clan include xbox or just comp?
  6. yo yo wats up man

  7. whats up all, all u guys still on et playin and all? hell (daredevil) and all those sexy ppl still here ?
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday mraw435!

  10. for all of those ppl who know me or whoever wants to help out or is interested.... come check out my blog i started, its based off music.. it will be describing music history, different bands, effects music has on ppl and all that if you want to earn me a bit of money click on the ads at the bottom for a bit which would be nice of u all http://mraw435.blogspot.com if you want me to post about anything such as genres or bands or such, i can advertise your bands or whatever lemme no
  11. lol of course i remember ya how can i forget you use to own my ass ingame lol How ya been !

  12. lol yes i no..i cant lie ;) haha how u doin

    do ya remember me by any chance?!

  13. you just called a old man sexy lol Fail : ) ( X ) Y ( X )

  14. im in love with ur body!!