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  1. Gotta take me out to dinner first! ...however, I am picking up that you are looking for my input in a woman I admire/look up to! This is a hard one as there are so many options but I will name one right now - Courtney Dauwalter. Kickass ultra-runner who is pushing the boundaries of human endurance, she has won a bunch of races and finished a 240 miler HOURS before the 2nd place finisher!
  2. mraw435


    welcome to the forum!
  3. Started a new job this week and loving it! Luckily, I will still have some free time to frag with ya all 🤘

    1. captnconcrete


      must be a trend i just did also good luck on your new venture ...


      if u dont mind me asking  what are you gonna be doing.

    2. mraw435


      @captnconcrete congrats to your new gig! always a great way to close out the summer with something new. Just saw your status, hope you are enjoying it even though it sounds like they got ya doin some tough work to start out!


      I am now working for a nonprofit with the goal of helping individuals and families across the country who are struggling with a substance use disorder. I am also working with a small lobby shop focusing on behavioral health, public health, judiciary, and addiction policy! (same boss, 2 companies) Super rewarding job and I am excited to meet a new group of professionals in the Washington DC area  

  4. not exactly a music video but has some awesome shots...and who doesn't love riding bikes in the wilderness!
  5. mraw435


    Welcome to the forums - looking forward to fraggin with ya!
  6. Hello and welcome! Seen ya on nq and Jay recently - great to see you join the forums!
  7. Huge congrats @!MXand thank you for being one of the first admins to greet me on silent a few months ago!
  8. Jay2 - Document Base Beta 2 After capturing the bunker and blowing the gate (ensuring allies keep bunker/flag disappears) I tried to spawn at the Allies first spawn point (closer to obj) but it never worked. May be to make the map more difficult for Allies, figured I'd bring it up though (already a tough one for allies in my opinion )
  9. I reside right outside Washington D.C. and I have to admit - I love it. I am originally from Connecticut (a small town with nearly more cows than people) and moving to a more urban area has been quite fun. While I don't live in the city (street parking sucks...) I think there is always something to do in the area and the restaurant scene is great. The only downside is the price of anything and if I were to decide to move, it would be to buy a house somewhere where I don't need to sell an arm and a leg. Gotta follow up on the mention of politics...a common trend I am seeing is, anywhere you live...politics suck! I work in the political scene and it has been a super rewarding experience and while there is definitely a lot of negative (regarding U.S. politics) I am grateful to have brought positive change to the nation through small wins (helping the first responder community and working to provide assistance to famers across the nation). These small wins unfortunately gets drowned out by those who struggle to keep their mouth shut happy to talk more about politics for anyone interested but wanna stay ontopic here! If I were to move though: - In the U.S., Boston is at the top of the list simply because I love it up there - Internationally, I would love to move to Stockholm...I went there in 2009 for 2 weeks and had a blast! Beautiful people, beautiful weather, a bunch of delicious food, and being part swedish (grandparents from there) I think I could fit right in!
  10. happy bday Dink - see ya on jay1 soon! !beer dink
  11. Found ET from my brother and started playing 2008-ish looking for the most chaotic/fun servers. I think Goldrush was my first map (at least the first map I can remember). Took a break during college and a few years after because I got hooked on my Xbox but after building my own PC during the pandemic, I had a computer which could successfully run ET. Here I am, amazed that the game is still so active and loving to spam the "Makin Bacon" vsay when I get cooked by a flamethrower or annihilated by a panzer! Awesome topic btw !!
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