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  1. Exactly, or use them for an advertisement. All points would be worth 37,500 views /JoNny
  2. Hello community, a happy new year to you guys. Since the Map of the Year voting has ended, we can officially announce the MAP OF THE YEAR 2019. It was a close run but the map of the year with 27% of the votes is... http://bit.ly/TBMOTY19End #TBMOTY19 #MapOfTheYear #HappyNewYear
  3. Map Of The Year Voting As the year is coming to an end, we want to elect the most loved map of the year again. Since it's 2019 and the decade is about to end, we've chosen to pre-select the most played individual maps and add the winner of the TB Map Contest 2019 to it. As usual, you can win 150 TBP simply by participating and voting for your Map Of The Year 2019 (#TBMOTY19) The voting is going to end with the year, so no more votes will be counted after 2019-12-31 23:59:59 (UTC+1). Please vote for your Map Of The Year 2019 and enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!
  4. 2 new maps you might want to try out - basically on any & every server: https://forum.trackbase.net/threads/4210-TrackBase-Map-Contest-2-0-Results-Published /JoNny
  5. just wanted to tag @ScoOfi one more time :)
  6. Funny that the avatar of King Jong Un is of his father Kim Jong Il afai can see that. /JoNny
  7. Writing exams in the summer term is the worst! ;(

    1. L3ftY.


      short term pain, for long term gain

    2. JoNny


      The problem I have is that I don't see that 'cause I don't have a contract with my future employer yet and I cannot be sure that this actually happens. So I'm not taking that for granted, thus I just see the bad side of it and try to avoid learning at all cost haha


    3. L3ftY.


      It'll pay off in the long run. One day you'll sit back in your easy chair and say " I'm glad I wrote those exams during the summer 65 years ago" hehe

  8. .. says symfony. lol couldn't have chosen a better name (y) /JoNny
  9. No, I don't think so, because I have tried logging in with an empty UA and you would suggest this will be blocked but I got thru. So I'm pretty much sure it's rather on some kind of blacklist. Maybe it's done by IP, but as this issue doesn't seem to come up on other forums (otherwise this issue would have been posted on their forums for sure already) I suppose it's a setting somewhere only specific on this forum where this model / UA is not allowed to log in - or at least it behaves like one is not signed in. It could also be a simple front end bug where maybe IP tries to serve a specific page / layout only to iPhone users and it got an output bug so it returns the page where you seem to be signed out. But that's not the case I guess since I didn't see any specific layout that would differ from the desktop one. Also possible would be an issue with calling (getting) the signin cookie when UA-Model = iPhone but that would be really odd. So I suppose it's the first one, it's simply the most likely reason /JoNny
  10. Okay, so I checked this out now cause that's not cool, not having any option to get this sorted and no solution in sight. It seems that everything's fine but the UA (User-Agent) of iPhones are in some kind of blacklist (or ast least not in the whitelist) or so that prevents the page to display correctly. Logging in from an iPhone usually gets you to the success message and then redirects back and you see the default page. It's not. You are actually signed in but the output is like you're signed out. This is independent from any iphone model, the OS is not the fault, as iPads work out as expected. So for everyone who is eager for using these forums on their iPhone only, I found a page on SO where you can choose from a list of apps (mobile browsers) that do support changing the User-Agent (Click here). Download, install, change your UA, sign in, and then eventually you will also VISUALLY see the page content. I hope this helps, surely not a great deal but at least a working work-a-round since there doesn't seem to be a solution at all at the moment. Of course it would be nice if this issue gets sorted and will be fixed in its roots so there's no need for every iPhone user to use an app in order to view page content. /JoNny
  11. TrackBase is not aggregating the time you played at the start of a day but does it a few hours late. It should be round about 4 or 5 am CET when we summarize the playtime within the last 24h. Even though rating was disabled, we still add time played. So that should have not been the issue here. Therefore we've got TSP rating which shows the skill of a player (more taken into account of: accuracy, engineer level, revives etc. less taken into account of: ammo (xp) wh**ing. You can only get TSP rating on our ET 3.00 TB servers where that is enabled though. /JoNny
  12. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13977851/htaccess-redirect-to-https-www + change base_url to use https, so scripts will b loaded in https as well, thus work Even better: Always use // instead of http:// or https:// as it will adapt to whatever you use (might not make you force everyone to use https, but keeps ux and functionality working - to force check the link above) /JoNny
  13. Is it that hard? [img=http://et.trackbase.net/tools/sig/sig-1/5572567.png] Yours, respectively:
  14. Lol. The .png at the end's actually got a sense. It's not just pure caprice by Paul Wrap [img=The Link To Your Signature Image] around it and it'll work /JoNny
  15. Hello Bladez. You can always post TrackBase related issues on the TrackBase Forums, so everyone having the same problem doesn't have to search through google first You may visit the reserve name page and then click the "\" backslash in the line of the player you want the signature from Or you may just paste your player ID in the following http://et.trackbase.net/tools/sig/sig-1/[PASTEYOURPLAYERID].png /JoNny

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