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  1. You are correct. ETMASTER.NET is developed & hosted by TrackBase. It was indeed hosted on a different server back in the days when the issue arose for the first time. We were unaware that the service had stopped on our server but have restarted it as soon as the issues with ID Software came up again. This is the reason why the same file still works but did not work for a day until we adressed the different IP in our code. Sometimes problems are only seen and reported once people rely on it as the only option. ETmaster.net is a secure alternative to the sta
  2. A new PHP package has been released by TrackBase. Anyone who wants to fetch data from TrackBase but did have problems with cURL requests, we got you. With the new library you can now make API calls with just two lines of code. All necessary information is placed inside the README file and you can easily integrate it in your project with composer or a manual autoloader. Check it out at: https://github.com/trackbasenet/dev-api Disclaimer: A developer account is required for making API calls. It is free and can be registered at https://developers.trackbase.net/
  3. Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to you guys and all your loved ones! Map Of The Year Voting As the year is coming to an end, we want to elect the most loved map of the year again. You had the option to suggest maps for this little contest. Now it is time to elect THE map of the year of 2020. As usual, you can win 150 TBP simply by participating and voting for your Map Of The Year 2020 (#TBMOTY20) The voting is going to end with the year, so no more votes will be counted after 2020-12-31 23:59:59 (UTC+1). Please vote for your Map Of The Year 2020 and enjoy the holidays with you
  4. Hello TrackBase community! As the year is coming to an end again, it is time to vote for the most loved map of the year 2020 As you might already know from 2018, all we need for that is you! Please tell us your favorite maps! Everyone can suggest several maps, though not more than 3 would be good, since we only want to get the MOST LOVED ones. So, where did you make the most frags or where did you win the map the most? It's your opinion, and based on that, we want to elect the "Map Of The Year 2020" (MOTY20). How can I participate? You can post your
  5. JoNny

    ET Jay #1 Bots on Jay1

    I think the main reason for (the high number of) bots on Jay#1 is to show a decent number of players in the (ET Internal) Server List. This makes it look not empty. To satisfy the OP's request and the idea from FA, a solution to it could be to let them connect but stay in SPEC. P.S.: I feel the argument, high number of bots in spawn is annoying. I'm already annoyed by players too slow to move out of the spawn sometimes /JoNny
  6. Arta Beta 1 out - frame drops like hell Glider 3.0.2 please check the amount of players. Makes no sense to play this big map with less than 32 players. /JoNny
  7. So, I had the great pleasure to play 30mins of ammodept today. What. The. F*ck. Do you guys even test your maps out before installing them? I've honestly never seen a map that would benefit one side more than the other. This session lost so many players due to the unfair structure of the map. Additionally, the map is not beneficial for your fps. Mine dropped by 66%. Another map where I experience big fps drops was breakout2. Please consider removing ammodepot asap. Do it for the players' fun when playing this game. /JoNny
  8. Dear members, guests and tracking enthusiasts, TrackBase is becoming 10 years old today. Paul van der Knaap had published TrackBase as a better tracking alternative on 10th October 2010. A lot has changed since then - except for one: Our love to Enemy Territory and FarCry, and TrackBase of course! Following changes have been implemented: [ET] Changed the clan ranking method: The rating from all players is taken into account now. [ET] Support for Server URLs has been added. Any server that has .URL filled will feature this url on it server page [ET]
  9. Imagine paying thousands of dollars but still sucking every night.. Impressive! /JoNny
  10. I get the point you're trying to make. Yet all I have to say about it is: It must be that simple. Members become admins and receive privileges & permissions for a reason: to use them. Yes, there are players that would go mad upon moving them. That's either VTR (or similar players) or a rater (-like person) that has a good game and you move that guy. But: what's the difference between a script moving players and an admin doing it? None. Those players would still go mad and most likely don't even know there's a script behind all that logic. In the end, using scripts should not be v
  11. I totally agree with you! A script would never do the job and not get close to how a human could see and manage things. As you said, there's too many unknown variables that need to be taken into account, otherwise it's going to be a "It's unfair!" every 30 seconds even though it's balanced. Of course there's more to just scores. There's the player count and who is in which team. Do good players switch teams mid-game or maybe disconnect? Is a really good player just connecting where you know he's gonna fix the scores in a moment if that player joins the right team. Th
  12. Dear community, Today I am announcing to you our beta program. TrackBase is seeking users and enthusiasts of its platform and supported games to join together in a team where new ideas will be brought up, discussed and realized. I encourage you all to think of something that you would like to see on TrackBase or report things that shouldn't be kept in future versions. As we are approaching our ten-year-anniversary we as TrackBase want to give back to all the users of our platforms who are still active after all those years. What do you need to do? Join our Discord serv
  13. Sad. Haven't had any issues with them before. But probably it's different on a server with 20 to 40 players online. You may want to try out Pointe du Hoc then. It's the newest addition and from Kemon from ETL. I can confirm it would be a good map for servers with a range of 20 to 40 players online. It received high acceptance by the judges from last years map contest. /JoNny
  14. Lays of Schwarzwald - https://et.trackbase.net/map/8421 Blackwood - https://et.trackbase.net/map/8422 Pointe du Hoc - https://et.trackbase.net/map/8486 /JoNny
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