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Found 91 results

  1. Hey all! The purpose of this thread is to share our favorite trance songs with each other so we can all discover great new artists and techniques. It's too beautiful too keep to ourselves, imho. Probably the genre I have loved the longest, and I still listen to it every morning and evening is Trance, which is a form of electronica, and is known for it's relaxing smooth bass lines, and easy going vocals, melody, etc. I look forward to seeing what you're listening to! Here's the song I shall start the thread with:
  2. Helsen

    great songs covered

    Allright... these are the only rules : Post 2 songs that consist of either the original and acover of it. Or 2 covers of an original song .
  3. So yeah share your favorite AMV's or Opening or Ending's (since they are basically AMV's too) Since I have like 100 of these I will post one every day or so . Try not to post 50 at a time, let other people share. If you can post anime and song. (Lot of the times I don't know either though) Have posted this before, but I like it so will start off with this one. More info: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=191342 http://amvnews.ru/index.php?go=Files&in=view&id=4941 Anime: Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogarari, Nekomonogatari Music: Kraddy - Into The Labyrinth Shoutout to meow for starting Bakemonogatari.
  4. 0aporte


    I have not seen a similar topic in the forums, hence I create this thread. The idea is to post dances that you like (preferably complete sets or interpretations). All tastes are welcomed
  5. I went to Ice Nine Kills last night and it was awesome. For those who dont know they're (according to Wiki) a Post-Hardcore/metalcore band. I was also lucky enough to win tickets for a concert of August Burns Red in April. (another Metalcore band) Here are some pictures I took. No it was not a big place, they are not a very known band. But they gave us one hell of a show. Here is a song for the interested.
  6. Hi guys, here go some songs that I listen while I am playing Hope you enjoy (: See you in the other side - Pyramid Going Crazy - Antonio Giacca Gold - Kiiara The sound - The 1975 Anything could happen - Ellie Goulding Say my name - ODESZA Lunatic - DJ snake Peanut butter jelly - Galantis One day - Asaf avidan Fais rien ( Petit biscuit remix ) - Moi joe The hills - The weeknd Say to me - WTKD I follow rivers - Lykke Li Easy - Son lux Pushing on ( tchami remix ) - Oliver Dollar Let me love you - DJ snake ft Justin Bieber Chemicals - Don diablo East of Eden - Zella Day Sun models - ODESZA Chill bill - Rob Stone Touch me - Nimmo What if i go - Mura masa Firefly - Mura musa Hear me now - ALOK Closer - Chainsmokers Me and you - Alok Shape of you - Ed Sheeran Step ahead - Liu Losing - Vintage Culture Perfect Stranger - Jonas blue Cutting Shapes - Don Diablo Trem Bala ( vintage culture remix ) - Jetlag music Donald Trump - Mac miller Lucky i got what i want - Jungle Don't Hurt - Mike Williams Shotting Stars - Bag Raiders Pirate - Liu If you want guys, you all can acess my spotify page. >>>> https://open.spotify.com/user/guilapiccirella/playlist/0YBHLaroUhI5XnSLT6ax2L <<< See you (:
  7. Two of my cousins are very talented. They made a green day cover band after performing music at the church for a while. Let me know what you guys think of they're cover band! (Obviously Green Day =).... ) They're the lead singer and the drummer. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=whatsername+basket+case+cover&&view=detail&mid=885D68C89C0DBC5E7F63885D68C89C0DBC5E7F63&FORM=VRDGAR
  8. soo i make a new track, need to be finished in 2 weeks. doing this for school, im learning to produce music with ableton to be one day in the radios out there. tell me what u think? =) and do u make music on ur own too? https://www.dropbox.com/s/m1aats339r670wl/schNee_track-to-the-moon-1.mp3?dl=0 picture to make this topic more alive. cause its raining all day
  9. hey everyone, okay so I don't know if there was a post about music videos and I apologize if there was one lol. just want to know your favorite music video. doesn't matter what genre. just please don't put any inappropriate stuff on here. thank you. so first is mine of coarse. I just started loving this band. they have amazing music and its only audio but here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJtBYAKBByk
  10. Xernicus

    EDM Dance Party!

    Creating this topic to share some of my favorite EDM tracks. Whether you're trying to get through the work day, chilling at home, or dancing at the club, I hope you decide to share yours too!
  11. Hallo! To every music lover out there, I have a few headphones & amps to sell. These are high fidelity & audiophile grade devices. Breathtaking sound quality. All are brand new in box. Attractive prices for my fellow ET chaps & =F|A= mates Take your pick Headphones & Earphones: Price: (USD) Master & Dynamic MH40 closed back, Over ear headphones 380 Master & Dynamic MH30 closed back On ear headphones 330 Thinksound On1 Closed back On ear wooded headphones 175 VOIX BLU Bluetooth/Wireless On Ear headphones 49 Brainwavz HM2 Closed back Over ear headphones 49 Master & Dynamic ME03 In-ear earphones 120 Dunu Titan1 In-ear earphones 99 Brainwavz S3 earphones 49 MeElectronics HT-21 travel headphones 25 Hisoundaudio HA-2 balance armature earphones 90 Amplifiers & DAC: Price: (USD) Matrix M Stage HPA-3U High End Headphone Amplifier/DAC 350 Matrix M Stage HPA-3B Full Balanced headphone amplifier 350 Bravo Audio S1 op-amp headphone Amplifier 65 Audiotrak Prodigy Cube USB Amp/DAC 85 Audinst DX-1 DSD USB Amp/DAC 350 Topping VX-1 headphone amp/dac with speaker amp 90 TCG Audio TRD3+ 32Bit/384KHZ Amp/DAC 150 Graham Slee Bitzie USB headphone Amplifier & DAC 350 Lotoo PAW 5000 Portable Audio Player 330 Audiophile Cables: Price: (USD) Graham Slee Lautus USB Cable 130 Yulong CU2 USB Cable 95 Yulong CP1 Power cable 110 Secure payment with Paypal & Free Shipping worldwide on small packages Need anything? Any questions? Gimme a shout! Danke
  12. Krusnik87


    Hello there! Here's a topic to share AMVs, dunno if it can interrest some around here, but as i didn't see anything related to this on the forums, i decided to create this topic. For those who dunno what it means: An Anime music video (AMV) typically is a fan-made music video consisting of clips from one or more animation shows or movies set to an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio. AMVs are not official music videos released by the musicians, but are rather fan compositions which synchronize edited video clips with an audio track. AMVs are most commonly posted and distributed over the Internet through AnimeMusicVideos.org or YouTube. Anime conventions frequently run AMV contests or AMV exhibitions consisting of blocks of videos. AMVs should not be confused with music videos that employ original, professionally made animation (such as numerous music videos for songs by Iron Maiden), or with such short music video films (such as Japanese duo Chage and Aska's song "On Your Mark" that was produced by the film company Studio Ghibli). AMVs should also not be confused with fan-made "general animation" videos using non-Japanese animated video sources like western cartoons, or with the practice of vidding in Western media fandom, which evolved convergently and has a distinct history and fan culture. Parallels can be drawn between AMVs and songvids, non-animated fan-made videos using footage from movies, television series, or other sources. The first anime music video was created in 1982 by 21-year-old Jim Kaposztas. Kaposztas hooked up two VCRs to each other and edited the most violent scenes from Star Blazers to "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles to produce a humorous effect. source: en.wikipedia.org For a starter, here's this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRg_HBASjRQ Enjoy. edit: I did a mistake, i input this topic in the wrong section. If some Higher ups can move this topic to the General video section, that would be nice:) thx in advance edit 2 : ok seems i dunno how to do a research, a topic like this already existe. So feel free to lock it or merge it :/ (!splat Krusnik!)
  13. I just wanted to shaaaaaare a video. Or maybe have a place to share my videos of GTA V. :3 The game has its own built in editor which is really fun to use! I am thinking on making a sequel to a past project soon! Newest thingy-ma-bobber. It's stupid and pointless, but it was fun making it! Looks best in HD :3 Older Stuff This one I didn't make exactly. I had a lot of help. Lots and lots. It's kind of bad from a cinematic point of view and so much I wish could be changed with camera useage, but it was my first ever idea. Thanks assface <3
  14. Hani

    ~ Video Game Musics ~

    Post and Share your Fav Video Game Musics Here ! I will start with my one . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Et2g_HHfkOE
  15. DEMOSCENE! ..some of You know, some don't , so (my favorite!)...just to show just to listen...enjoy!
  16. Renaud is back.... Come back versus Médias, papparazzi
  17. G0dl!ke

    Disco House!

    Hey guys, I myself really enjoy all kinds of house, but especially DISCO HOUSE!! Are there any other players who prefer this genre? As an example i will show you a 3-hour remix by 2 DJ's from my home country. My favorite part is from 2h24 till the end! Let me know what you guys think! https://soundcloud.com/homework/homework-le-bain-at-the-standard-new-york-21092014
  18. Sonofdoc

    My Remix!!!

    App: Edjing Original song: Jordan comolli appolo The original song was not made by me, all credits for original song go to Jordan comolli ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I hope everyone enjoys the remix!!! Best bass is when listened to through headphones. Anyone can use if they want for intros, montages and all that stuff, enjoy! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LINK TO REMIX- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9TQJy8DTLI just something I did when I was bored
  19. I think the 80's are best on the time I was out at discos and picked up girls o partied with pals damn what I miss the time and the music , it was a fun time
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JB6WZu8IAZg........but it is really good
  21. Chris Brown is slated to perform four shows in Australia in December, but unless he appears in hologram form, that may not happen: Australian authorities have informed Brown that they're considering refusing to allow him entry to the country due to his history of beating up women, CNN reports. The singer plead guilty in 2009 to assaulting Rihanna. He now has 28 days to present evidence as to why he should be given a visa. Brown has previously been denied entry to Canada and the UK, and a National MP in New Zealand recently panned the idea of allowing Brown a visa as well, remarking, “We've got enough wife-beaters in this country, he should just bugger off.” An Australia official stated that they had previously denied entry to Floyd Mayweather, who has plead guilty to assault charges at least three times. Minister for Women Michaelia Cash said, “People need to understand — if you are going to commit domestic violence and then you want to travel around the world, there are going to be countries that say to you, 'You cannot come in because you are not of the character that we expect in Australia.'” Source http://www.vulture.com/
  22. Hi guys. I'm looking for some new gear and I would like to ask advice. I first wanted to post this in music, but since there's also computers involved, this might be a better place. For a start, excuse me for not providing links but the computer I'm using right now (at work) doesn't want to copy/paste... So a year ago I bought myself a waldorf pulse 2 analog synthesiser. Together with it, I bought a midi controller keyboard. I've been using it quite a while now and it's about time I started recording the thing. Since I'm new to all this, all advice is welcome. My budget for this year will be around 800 euros. I will see what I can buy with it, but basically what I need in the near future are: Firstly and most importantly digital audio recording hardware (not being a mic but a mixer or audio interface) Secondly a computer that can run some audio software without getting super-slow Thirdly and certainly for the future, a drum machine like the mfb tanzbar. My questions to you guys... -Do you have any suggestions what to use for recording hardware? Most important requirements are very good recording quality and the possibility to record at least 2 intruments. -Do you have any suggestions on which software to use for recording (adobe audition is what I know) and for sequencing the synthesiser/adding some quality drums? -Any suggestion on a good affordable computer that can run some audio? Or maybe even a combination; a computer with an audio card good enough to record some stuff? Thanks for reading, any kind of advice is welcome

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