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  1. Happy new year to all of you

  2. Noob Tip: Inrease ur mouse sensativity to keep up with the speed increase on Silent.

    1. CheepHeep


      That is a noob tip :P

    2. m00jii


      It's good, but doesn't it mess your muscle memory?

  3. Looks great, would change that psu if you're gonna OC to those cheap yet good Evga 550w bronze, i would find a 10$ key, lot of win7 keys works for win 10. And finally, seriously a 1000$ build with no SSD. Be better to know that Ryzen refresh or ryzen 2 is just a month or 2 away.
  4. Glad to hear it, recorded with Nvidia Shadow play software, edited with adobe premier. Glad u enjoyed it, you're welcome <3
  5. Watch the Chicken being caught off guard in Hardcore [media]https://youtu.be/5IejaSkBstU[/media]
  6. Great ! also Russia is building an alternative Internet for BRICS nation, and China is going all in with quantum super-positioning (entanglement) as new Internet.
  7. Just tripled my Internet bandwith, ping stays the same, only confirms that i was right, ping has to do with how far you're from the server's location.

  8. That moment when you realize that the game character is actually hotter than the real life actress, don't get me wrong o love Alicia, but truth must be told
  9. NEED SOME ENERGY ? get it here

  10. Totally agreed, would love to see a new game based on ET and constructed on the latest Unreal engine 4, a game that is not very demanding to run, but still have a good graphics just like the CS:GO.
  11. When this "getting better" is going to change to " On the road to fame", can't wait anymore !!!

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    2. CheepHeep
    3. Entanglement


      Dude u made me upset for no reason, i was about to sleep, now im gonna sleep sad

    4. CheepHeep
  12. You have said all, no need to say anything, me and my friends started playing ET in 2015 as new comers, i still play and adore ET, but they didn't last more than two months even with Team-speak and stuff. They went out playing BF 3 and 4, while I'm still proudly here.

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