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  1. 0aporte

    3 word story

    0aporte 0aporte and
  2. "Wherfore deare brethren let every man be swyfte to heare slowe to speake and slowe to wrath"
  3. I see that you are troubled with the use of 21st century, you know that I am not good in English (you know where I come from.. heheheh) so don't be too keen to take it but what about if you just say: XXI century just like a sage. those are my 2 cents. PS: could you send me your article in spanish? I would love to read it. I won't publish it under my name, I promise. If you agree, I'll send you my email through PM. I wish you the best [thumbs up]
  4. 2 possible answers came to my mind between the 12 secs. 1) you never mentioned a car before the question 2) 0 since it hits you is any of them right?
  5. hello and welcome to FA
  6. Assuming that you work 8 hours a day, what you did was lending him 60 days of your life, without wanting to make business with it. You did many acts of greatness along your relation with him, you have earned my respect with them. He might have made your life 2 months shorter, however you can still have a plenty life of 80 years instead of 80 years and 2 months. but if you lose your Idea of trust ("Now whenever someone ask for help, I would think 100x times and end result will be, not giving any f*** 99% of time.") then, he took your whole life aswell. if you externalise the responsibility of your current state ("you made me this way"), in paralel, you are externalising the power to change it. Guys, the problem is not the money, giving a loan, or gifting it regardless if it is for a stranger, a friend or a family member. The lesson is never offer something that you are not willing to lose, because the only thing that certainly does not exist is certainty. if you do not trust somebody then he is not your friend, just a sympathiser, DD, personally I have few friends, I can count them with 1 hand, but I have never betrayed nor been betrayed. They are good men and women, but time and circumstances separated us. This summer I was invited to stay with one of them for a few weeks, I had not seen him for some years, however it was like if time never passed (excepting for his head and wife, they became bald and fat hehehe) we shared home, drinks, food, experiences and plans, I was going through a prolonged deep and wide bad time, he really lifted me up, he did in a matter of days what I couldn't do in months. I hope for your own well being that you don't deprive yourself from trusting on people, being generous or simply being good lest being screwed.
  7. 0aporte


    hello my friend, I am sure you will make good pals here, welcome and have fun (responsibly ehheh )
  8. I have just died a thousand times
  9. If there exist fortunate people, if from time to time the wild sun of joy soars towards foreign lands in a sweet whirling of ecstasy - then where are the words which might tell of this? And if in the world there exists a beauty for enchantment, then how might one describe it? Valery Yakovlevich Bryusov
  10. then you may like doom + project brutallity, that mod enchances the game to a whole new level
  11. I recomend you to play return to castle wolfstein

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