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  1. Update: I completely reinstalled graphics drivers. It did not help.
  2. First 2 times I installed in the most manual way possible by literally dling ET.exe 2.60b and the etmain pak/mp_bin pk3s. 3rd time i used the FA Download link. I installed in new locations, outside of program files (C:/user/zelly/games/...) I tried with no config aswell and the issue still happened. My main thing that has me stumped atm is that it was fine after 3rd install for a few maps, but something seemed to have triggered the malfunction when I downloaded new maps. (Even weirder it's not some custom maps, its very common scrim maps)
  3. Completely new install no old pk3s exist completely new location, double checked paths in console as well. only servers i joined are fa ones and only server i joined on my 3rd install was hardcore.
  4. Will copy what I said in discord: I am having troubles with my ET since I got back, when map loads/or vid_restart the loading screen has orange textures, and then looks like this which doesn't seem right(couldn't ss the orange it goes by too fast and doesn't seem to let me) It also sometimes crashes completely, and I get CG_SoundPlaySoundScript warnings for most map sounds like flag captures etc. Fresh install twice, et 2.60b happened on silent mod first and continued happening on etpro, all fa servers. I briefly fixed it for a few maps by reinstalling ET(For 3rd time) carefully doing each step to see if I could pinpoint what was causing issue. The issue came back when I switched from adlernest to supply(downloaded both maps as it was fresh install) Same happens with ET run as admin, and default settings. Win 10 This is what it looks like when I vid_restart/map changes: the map preview and map description panel are both orange textures for about 1 second before showing this. This happened after I cvar_restarted: (I am still in game I pressed ESC, and it showed the connecting UI despite already being connected. I disconnected as well and it didn't even show main menu it only showed this screen)
  5. Zelly

    (Mixed) Scrims

    I see weekly Sunday @ 1pm CST. I assume you meant Sunday, if so it appears it does.
  6. Zelly

    Website Favicon

    Liking the new site but something that always has been missing for me is an icon for the website. I keep my bookmarks on my bookmark bar without text so it only shows the icon. Currently I have 3 bookmarks with this same icon: I figured FA would benefit from a well designed icon I know there are a lot of talented people that can make a clean hopefully easily distinguishable "F|A" icon.
  7. Have been largely inactive in ET and forums for past yearish?(Honestly can't recall how long its been) I was set inactive on forums. Will be returning to play few days a week. (Side note I got lost trying to get here the wiki still points to old tracker in many places, through great investigation I found the way)
  8. Zelly

    Anime Music Videos & Openings & Endings

    Wow this really brings back so many memories of the show XD DIGIMON DIGITAL MONST... oh wait.
  9. Zelly

    Anime Music Videos & Openings & Endings

    Rip merica again Both are great shows though, I always sat through the flying witch op Recent AMV that has caught my eyes... :-) NSFW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg3rG-e6haw
  10. Hohoho I see someone has watched Re-Life

  11. Just some screenshots of my addiction. Waiting for a tank... One true Monk (some people were using their magitek walkers to bomb the city teleport, I took some screenshots >.<) Hunting is the true endgame is the joke on the server.. (This was only an A rank hunt, S rank my game usually can't even load all of the people ) Loot robbed by one person A cat and succubus. When I found out my turtle mount can fly. (Last night) New raid group decided to have this coat be a requirement into being apart of the raid group
  12. Zelly

    et server silEnT Mod servers - Update

    Yay new silent finally ^^ I think a filter on IP formats and x.x.x.x etc and websites on both chat and private chat would come in use as I suggested strongly before. Swear words I don't really agree however I don't really disagree either seeing less useless chat couldn't hurt. I could PM you the code I had.
  13. Zelly

    Which anime do you watch?

    This season in order of most enjoyed so far: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Boku no Hero Academia Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Magi: Sinbad no Bouken Flying Witch Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? Bungou Stray Dogs Kiznaiver Mayoiga Big Order Also watching Samurai Champloo and just watched the Stranger: Mukou Hadan movie which has some great sword fighting P.S. best girl
  14. Zelly

    Issues with ET

    Being that the answered post has the wrong commands for anyone searching in the future the commands are: /cvar_restart and /vid_restart ^^