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  1. meow

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    Congrats to Lefty for winning :3
  2. meow

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    better late than never! sorry xD
  3. meow

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    here are the results after round 1. Unfortunately, there was no upsets this year...
  4. meow

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    LOL! I went crazy when I did it and decided to stick to my first random idea xD
  5. meow

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    Here are mine. Didnt have the time to put them all together in one picture. I'll do it later. Please do not edit your post once the first game starts (7pm EST tonight). 16. Toronto 15. San jose 14. Pittsburgh 13. Nashville 12. Tampa Bay 11. Winnipeg 10. Washington 9. Los Angeles 8. Anaheim 7. Philadelphia 6. Boston 5. Minnesota 4. Columbus 3. Vegas 2. New Jersey 1. Colorado
  6. meow

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    I'm going to guess you meant it the other way....16 for winnipeg and 15 for toronto? Or are you really expecting Anaheim and Minnesota in final?
  7. The season ends tonight (Sunday) and we still don't know all the playoffs match-ups yet but let's get ready anyway!! Last years winners 2017: Letdown 2016: Lefty 2015: Hobbit (copy pasted from last year thread ) Here's how it works: We give a rank to each teams from 1 to 16 16 = the team you think has the best chance to win the Stanley Cup 15 = the team you think has the 2nd best chance to win the Stanley Cup ... 1 = the team you think has no chance to win the first round After each round, you are awarded points using the rank you gave to the winning teams 1st round = rank x 1pts 2nd round = rank x 2pts 3rd round = rank x 4pts final round = rank x 8pts Example: I give Chicago a rank of 14 and they lose in the 3rd round. 1st round = 14 x 1 = 14 pts 2nd round = 14 x 2 = 28 pts 3rd round = 0 pts final round = 0 pts So Chicago gave me 42pts. We do this with every team and add up all the points. You can post your picks here or send them to me by PM if you don't want everyone to copy you before playoffs starts. I will post everyone's picks together when the playoffs begins. You have until *INSERT STARTING DATE OF PLAYOFFS* (until the first game starts) to send me your picks or make changes to them. Let's try to get every hockey fan in this pool. The more the merrier! Here is the NHL playoffs tree to help you with your choices. (Wait until Monday to have the real match-ups) https://www.nhl.com/stanley-cup-playoffs/ Good luck to everyone!! Tagging everyone who was in last season: @Letdown @P8rpl3h4z3 @FrostedFlake @Sisje @D..X @redy. @von Rantala @L3ftY. @hobbit
  8. Eat a salad

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. RedBaird


      Oh, wait! I get it now! He wants his prey to fatten up!

    3. schNee


      i would eat

    4. meow


      let's all eat salad together :3

  9. ...happy birthday to you =) meoooow

    1. meow


      thank you #meow :3

  10. holy shit, now my gtx 970 and i7-6700k look sad compared to this I hope you intend to play more games than just ET with this lol
  11. meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow

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    2. schNee
    3. Xernicus


      No catnip, it's time for cuddles. purrpurrpurrpurrpurrpurrpurr

    4. meow


      pet meeeeeeee

  12. meow

    NHL Season 2017-2018

    Yeah, Raanta was injured. He should be playing this weekend

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