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  1. As Puerto Rico suffer a lot with the Hurricane, many of students don't have place to study, so a lot of them come to Florida, to be clear, to my school. Before my school had 3 thousands students, after the hurricane it did get 5 thousands students for now. It means that 2 thousands people from only Puerto Rico are at my school for this all week. I think the school opens a good opportunity to them, and it will be helpful also. I hope the guys who stay there, take care. *King*
  2. Hi guys, some of you asked me why i have been out of ET so much time.. As all you now, i move up to US 4 mounths ago, and all this time have been difficult and diffent to me, new school, new friends, new language and new COUNTRY. I always try to get into on forum and ET, but recently has been difficult and i want apologize you all. The hurricane Irma is coming to my area right now, i am living in Orlando and it´s being threatened here. 2 week forward i will stay more active on forum and on ET. Sorry about that guys, i hope you all dont lose hope in my potential Thank your attention *King* I hope you do not lose hope in my potential.i h I hope you do not lose hope in my potential. I hope you do not lose hope in my potential.
  3. If u could acess my video and like it, it will be awesome to me U won't understand because I am speaking Portuguese, and I'm explaining how my friends try speak my last name. Hope you Enjoy *King*
  4. Having a meet with boys I think they are kissing each other, but I want believe it not =) *King*
  5. Well I was supposed to be studying and improving my english I know that someone had found another game trought ET Hope you guys enjoy and like this topic. *King*
  6. OMG I should post one pic My favourite pic it's not my best !
  7. Well, I just choose my name because when my (today ex) girlfriend played with me, her name was *Queen* so my name supposted be *King* and I use it since ever =D Anyway it makes me feel better when playing, as, * Someone was killed by *King* 's MP40 Love my nickname *King*
  8. Hello guys. Since I was 4 years old, my family and I move up to the beach, and there, my mom teached my surfing, and i have been surfing for 12 years. I love it and it makes me feel better. If I were you and never tryied it, TRY IT, it's the best feeling ever I do also play skateboard, stand up paddle , swimmer , play tennis and a lot other sports that I can mention If u do any other sport, let's talk about it. I love sports See you *King*
  9. Hey mate, nice to see you on forum. Search more informations to make an apply. Good luck and Welcome
  10. Hi guys, here go some songs that I listen while I am playing Hope you enjoy (: See you in the other side - Pyramid Going Crazy - Antonio Giacca Gold - Kiiara The sound - The 1975 Anything could happen - Ellie Goulding Say my name - ODESZA Lunatic - DJ snake Peanut butter jelly - Galantis One day - Asaf avidan Fais rien ( Petit biscuit remix ) - Moi joe The hills - The weeknd Say to me - WTKD I follow rivers - Lykke Li Easy - Son lux Pushing on ( tchami remix ) - Oliver Dollar Let me love you - DJ snake ft Justin Bieber Chemicals - Don diablo East of Eden - Zella Day Sun models - ODESZA Chill bill - Rob Stone Touch me - Nimmo What if i go - Mura masa Firefly - Mura musa Hear me now - ALOK Closer - Chainsmokers Me and you - Alok Shape of you - Ed Sheeran Step ahead - Liu Losing - Vintage Culture Perfect Stranger - Jonas blue Cutting Shapes - Don Diablo Trem Bala ( vintage culture remix ) - Jetlag music Donald Trump - Mac miller Lucky i got what i want - Jungle Don't Hurt - Mike Williams Shotting Stars - Bag Raiders Pirate - Liu If you want guys, you all can acess my spotify page. >>>> https://open.spotify.com/user/guilapiccirella/playlist/0YBHLaroUhI5XnSLT6ax2L <<< See you (:
  11. Hello guys, I am 17 years old, and now I am living at US, FL. I move up from Brazil, where I was born. I started play Wolfenstein ET, when I was 9 years, and before that I always played the Return the Castle, like offline game as solo. I speak 2 languages ( EN - PT ). I am finishing HighSchool and wait to get into a medicine curse, to improve my skills, because i've already done a work volunteer on a clinic vet, and it was very good to learn more about. Hope you guys, have already seen me at Server Silent #1, I try play 4 hours/day, and it's been funny and good to make the server better and better, and I hope do it, step by step. Nice to meet you guys, see you soon Cheers *King* - Silent#1