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  1. wishing I could rewind life. 

    1. Kooki


      this is what i was talking about when i said to be careful about what you say and do.  Feelings you feel now may not be the  case a few weeks later. Itll be ok.

  2. Missing =F|A= A bit today =/

    1. Jack Mehoff

      Jack Mehoff

      Come back on yo!

    2. CheepHeep


      You're always welcome here ❤️

  3. Never Forget.. I can't believe its been 17 years.

  4. David, get your ass back online and playing.

  5. Quote



    1. Neuro


      Did I say something that you quoted?


      Missing you! ❤️ Hope all is well.

  6. Quote


    I miss you guys

  7. How's football?

    1. Sonofdoc


      Hasn't started yet :DD

  8. Miss you guys.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Major Stalvern

      Major Stalvern

      I hope all is well. ❤️

    3. Kooki


      yeah wish you were still around too.

    4. Carbonautics


      come down to the discord vc sometime

  9. Good post, Hopefully I can run the damn game
  10. It's good to be back with you guys/gals. I hope to play DOI/INS soon again with you all. ❤️ 

    1. Dycantos


      Glad to have you back and I missed the last post but I lost my cat recently as well it's hard but hang in there. 

  11. My cat just passed away after 18 years. You'll be missed bud. 

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    2. ancientmule


      so sorry Pab! :(

      He was well loved and had an amazing life with the love you and your family gave..


      big hug... 

    3. Mr.Karizmatic
    4. redfromsvn
  12. soothsayer always seems to sooth me, I need a relaxing hobby. I plan on picking up acoustic soon. Any tips to start out please pm me.
  13. Instead of one asking if I'm ok the people making the decision have never asked. let that speak for itself. The hours I put in, The Amazing people I've brought in, the Moderating to keep the server clean, The pushing to include the game when it came out in pre-alpha. One issue with health which none of them asked but I had to tell, defend myself, explain. Whatever happens here. I love all you guys. Just pretty ticked right now. 

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    2. CheepHeep


      Blue, we all don't mean any harm and of course we do care about your health. It's human nature to want another person to be well and since your more than just a random dude, it should be even more obvious that we care. You're in a bit of a pickle right now, don't let your emotions cloud your judgement and don't let it make you do things you regret. What i try to do is when im annoyed, angry or upset, I don't do anything that is a result of me being in that mood because most of the time i regret it. I've learned to calm down first and if still feel the same way then its probably a genuine feeling that is okay to express rather than just a spur of the moment kinda thing.


      Maybe your situation is a bit more complicated but just know that we are all here for you if you need someone to talk to. I've tried reaching out to you but you hadn't replied. I've spoken to a few others about you too. We do care. I just wanna know whats going on with you dude.... Im available to chat on discord always. 


      And come on, you know sis doesn't mean it like that. We are still a FAmily. Just gotta believe it. ❤️

    3. Pabbatt Blue

      Pabbatt Blue

      Thankyou for the advice cheep. I appreciate it. 

    4. Pabbatt Blue
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