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  1. Ins elite server in an hour or so if anyone wants to join up! 

  2. No survival in our recruiting server anymore on INS? dang...

  3. What is your dream car?

    1970 corvette with an old rust/patina
  4. I like commando. It seems I'm on an island on this one >.> Has anyone considered keeping the bots difficulty higher on the custom server if it gets changed? edit: typo
  5. DOI-Discussion Day of Infamy Funny/Game Screenshots

    Another way to use the alter
  6. Other Hurtworld

    Have they done any major updates in the past few months? I used to play this a decent a mount.
  7. Xbox One FarCry 5

    >.> Games really good, I recommend saving for it.
  8. DOI-Discussion Day of Infamy Funny/Game Screenshots

    Haha the pov is great 10/10 xD
  9. Xbox One FarCry 5

    I just recently got Far cry 5. It's the best one I've played in the series, does anyone else play that would want to do some coop?
  10. What song are you listening right now? - Part 7

  11. NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    I will try but have been out of the loop for a couple of weeks! 16:Winnipeg Jets 15:Nashville Predators 14:Pittsburgh Penguins 13:Minnesota Wild 12:Vegas Golden Knights 11:Boston Bruins 10:Toronto Maple Leafs 9:Anaheim Ducks 8:LA Kings 7:Philadelphia Flyers 6:Tampa Bay Lightning 5:San Jose Sharks 4: Columbus Blue Jackets 3:Washington Capitals 2:New Jersey Devils 1:Colorado Avalanche
  12. Platform 1 - A gaming clan, why?

    Well spoken
  13. New forums look very nice.