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Found 17 results

  1. Since I love Food I was thinking to start this topic and see all kinds of diffirent food from diffirent country's and maybe try them out if it looks nice soups, snacks, full meals, desserts, candy, things you put on your bread, salades, everything is fine show me guys what you like to eat or eat in your country or homes or whats your favourite This picture capture 2 great things in one im fond of cheese and bitterballen the snack on the right is also great to eat and both typical Dutch food
  2. As the title explains, what food do you guys really hate? My top three: 1. Sauerkraut 2. Bell peppers 3. Olives What's your top three? X
  3. So... after reading this encyclopedic list of sandwiches - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sandwiches It got me thinking about fast foods. What are some of your go-to fast foods? For instance, mine would be grilled cheese and french fries Whether the food is purchased at a drive-thru, or made at home, what is your guilty pleasure when it comes to fast food? I'm always looking to extend the flavor palette.
  4. We are back again with your daily update on the science world. I, cheepheep, your host, generously shares with you some useful information that could help you implement some positive habits into your lifestyle. Read on.....sorry for the cringe-worthy intro. People are easily pulled into binge culture's quick-fix obsession with junk-food. But, according to a study published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, they might just as easily be able to pull themselves out of it. Laura Corbit, assistant professor at the University of Sydney, and her team wondered how one might counteract unhealthy eating habits. They were curious to find out how food cues, such as billboards and commercials, affect our decisions about where, what and how much to eat. How does our environment shape how we eat? In order to figure out useful strategies against obesity and metabolic disease, they used lab rats to conduct a series of experiments replete with oreos, pringles, jelly snakes and chow. They showed that environments where tasty high-fat and high-sugar treats were routinely consumed induced habitual control: animals lost the ability to make volitional nutritional choices based on the current value of food. But the study also showed that rats could easily be brought out of this state. For people, habitual behavior means that eating patterns are not necessarily dictated by conscientious weight regulation and health concerns, but also by external food cues that shape and perpetuate certain eating habits: a world where McDonalds billboards loom large at every corner, luring you in with the promise of cheap, high-fat and high-sugar food. A first experiment backed this idea up by looking at volitional versus habitual control in rats. Animals were initially given repeated exposures to junk-food or bland chow environments. After being food-deprived, they were trained to press levers that provided either sugar water or pellets. Then, once they were full, they were once again placed in junk-food and bland chow environments in order to see whether these distinct contexts would affect their food-seeking behavior. This first experiment showed that a junk-food environment caused rats to exhibit a more habitual mode of behavior than a bland chow environment. But could aspects of the environment also reverse this habitual behavior? In a second experiment, the rats underwent the same procedures as in the first experiment. This time, however, distinct sound cues were played whenever rats were placed in junk-food or bland chow contexts, creating specific environmental cues associated with specific food types. The researchers found that the cue played in the bland chow context improved sensitivity to the devaluation of food, when rats were subsequently placed in the junk food context after having been fed. A sound cue paired with bland food is all it took to take rats out of a habitual mode of behavior and back into a volitional mind frame. The idea that we control how, when, and what we eat assumes -- wrongly -- that we are always able-minded enough to make measured, healthy decisions. Our best intentions could be assailed by a constant stream of sensory information. If the frequently habitual nature seen in rats is translated to people, this study offers encouraging insight. The researchers suggest using simple interventions, such as reminders of how unhealthy certain foods are or interrupting the automatic processing of junk-food cues. A number of smartphone apps have already been developed to stymie the consumption of unhealthy food. Equally, simply putting up signs that point out healthy food options in a food court can be an effective way of bringing us into a volitional state of mind. As a corrective to obesity and metabolic disease, humans can come up with their own preventive cues, which may jolt them out of habit and into health. Hope it helps. Discuss Now! source : Frontiers
  5. Summer is here!! so the time for the BBQ is now...... Lets us know whats your favorite dish or meat....... This is what i love on the BBQ
  6. I have a sort of "specialty" when I cook. I tend to make a lot of breakfast/ lunch meals. Today I made something pretty great. I will say, it was by far one of the most delicious items I've ever created. I took 2 tortillas and cooked them until they were warm. DO NOT OVER COOK THEM THEY WILL NOT FOLD. Then I took 2 eggs broke the yolks added 1/4 cup of milk and a few pinches of shredded cheese. I scrambled them together over a little butter. I then put a half of a spoon of sour cream on each tortilla. Then I sprinkled 1 pinch of cheese on the sour cream. Finally, I put the egg on top, (Add salt/pepper if you like) and folded the tortilla closed. May I say it was delicious.
  7. Hello everyone! First of all, I'm not sure if I need to open this topic at 'Science & Space', 'Technology' or 'Food and Drink', so this topic could be on the wrong section, sorry. Tomorrow I have to do a debate. The topic is 'Genetically modified food is healthy', do you agree or disagree? I have to collect some good arguments and articles to form a good opinion about this topic. So, I want to ask you guys to give your opinion with good arguments and eventually an article to base your arguments on. That'd really help me. Kind regards, Gaskarth c:
  8. I'd like to know : what are you preparing for dinner tonight ? any aperitifs? main course? desserts? drinking? me = Millefeuille of fish (colin) and potatoes with white wine from Alsace
  9. i just watch a episode of space dandy which was basically about ramen kinda reminded me of when i was this little asian boy living in osaka eating crab ramen in a old ramen bar every morning anyone else share the love i have for ramen ????
  10. My hobby is...Creating Gaming based Foods... here is my latest recipe: Elsweyr Fondue. (from Skyrim) You need: 250g of cheese (preferably cheddar) 20g of braaispice (no joke) 120g of sugar 400g of Beef (chopped) 2 eggs 350 ml of Milk What to do: Grate the cheese and chop the beef up in pieces. Put the Beef in a Steam pot and start it at 900 Degrees Celsius. crack the eggs into a bowl. Once the beef is done stewing over (you'll smell it) throw in the cheese and the sugar. The sugar should caramelize and the cheese should start boiling, then add the eggs (note: to add extra flavor, you should probably add salt). Leave to cook for 2 or three minutes as the ingredients will quickly start to boil. Add the milk. Add your braaispice and leave for another 2 or three minutes and there you have it. Elsweyr Fondue for those that want more, please message me. I also have Roast Zergling (starcraft II), Minecraft cake, Skag Soup (Borderlands 2) and much more!
  11. This recipe is for SaintMire and for people who is looking how to cook real mexican tacos. First than nothing, there are different kind of Tacos, not all of them are cooked at same way. Tacos al Pastor Ingredients: Rations: 10 1 kilo of pork loin steaks 3 guajillo chiles, seeded and deveined 2 ancho chiles, seeded and deveined 2 chipotle chiles in adobo 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 onion into pieces ¼ cup vinegar ½ cup orange juice 1 cup crushed pineapple 3 cloves 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon oregano 1 tomato roasted, peeled and seeded 1 tablespoon salt To serve Corn tortillas (preferably handmade) 4 thin slices of pineapple (cored) 1 large onion, thickly sliced ½ cup chopped cilantro clean ½ cup chopped onion Red tomato sauce Slices of lemon Preparation method Preparation: 25 mins | Cook: 40 mins | Extra time: 4 hours, marinating 1. Roast the tomatoes in a pan or griddle over medium-high, turning constantly. Cook until skin is burned and start off, about 10 minutes. Peel, cut in half and discard seeds. 2. Meanwhile, boil enough water in a medium saucepan and add the chiles guajillo and wide. Cover and cook over medium heat until they have softened, about 5 minutes. 3. Get guajillo chiles and width of the pot and place in a blender. Add chipotle chilies, garlic, onion, vinegar, orange juice, crushed pineapple, cloves, cumin, oregano and roasted tomato. Blend until a smooth sauce. 4. Place the meat in a glass bowl or resealable bag and add the sauce making sure all the meat is covered with the same. Marinate within the refrigerator for at least 4 hours or overnight. 5. Once the meat is ready, turn on the grill to medium-high. Varnish pineapple slices and onion with meat marinade and roast until they have burned slightly, about 5 minutes per side. Remove from grill and keep warm. 6. Now place the marinated pork steaks on the grill and grill for 2 minutes per side, or until desired doneness. Meanwhile, cut the onion and pineapple slices into thin strips and place them in two separate bowls. 7. When the meat is ready, remove from heat and itchy. 8. Serve the meat on warm tortillas, add some grilled onions, grilled pineapple and let diners add cilantro, chopped onions, salsa and lime juice to taste. Wiki: Marinate Salsa chile guajillo chile ancho cilantro chile chipotle
  12. Hello on the occasion of halloween, what are the candy that you prefer ? I like the strawberry tagada Happy Halloween !!
  13. Hostess Brands -- the maker of such iconic baked goods as Twinkies, Drake's Devil Dogs and Wonder Bread -- announced Friday that it is asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to close its operations, blaming a strike by bakers protesting a new contract imposed on them. Hostess' nearly 18,500 workerswill lose their jobs as the company shuts 33 bakeries and 565 distribution centers nationwide, as well as 570 outlet stores. The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union represents about 5,000 Hostess employees Source- http://money.cnn.com...sing/index.html No more twinkies, now what will we eat when the zombie apocalypse comes
  14. Hi guys and gals just thought i would throw a new topic up to see what everyone is eating around the world american guy here so take a guess lol
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhP2uAF4znY Masa_1964
  16. Considering skittles is the best kind of candy what is the second best? What is your favorite type of skittles if you think skittles is the best?

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