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  1. amberstarr

    My Absence

    So as you all know a little while back I lost internet, which caused a long period of absence. Now I am without electricity and it's a little complicated to get on the forums. I will hopefully be back soon. I am still looking to move, and probably will within 2 months. In school I have 6 college credits now and got accepted into a UCONN Early Experience program. I will come on as I can, and I hope all is well with you all.
  2. 6 college credits. (:

  3. Straight A's and I have 3 college credits :D

    1. convertor
    2. LA_Kings_Fan


      Very Nice Amber :-) Good to see you still doing well in school, keep it up ! ... miss ya in game, even though you're a handful at times ;-) but School is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT ... keep those grades up and build yourself a bright future ! I believe in you. :-)

    3. Stryker


      Nicely done!

  4. On the 26th I will have officially passed my first college class. WAYTOGO me!

  5. I wish Spring Break would come quicker

  6. (: So content and satisfied.

  7. Hope you all have had wonderful holidays latel

  8. Just as an update. I found a house and my mom is going back to Dunkin Donuts as a manager. So at the moment I'm in the process of packing and I should be in my new house within a month. Hopefully my dad will get a job soon and I should get internet back soon. In school, I have straught A's and I'm feeling a lot better mentally. Life just keeps getting better.
  9. I've never gone to war in coc so I was wondering if someone could explain it to me and how to prepare?
  10. I'm just saying if you make it purely survival you might lose over half of your FA members is all. Most of us were playing on creative and using it as like a stress detox and occasionally playing survival for something different once in a while. I'm not necessarily against it just warning you of some possible results. I mean there are tons of servers I could easily play on a creative server or play single player I assume.
  11. So I am concerned as to why like half of you left the clan?

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