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    my interests are my kids playing sports playing wolf and just living lol
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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes all

  2. Happy Birthday MISSOURI_MANIAC!

  3. I like original Monster original Nos and venom all those other fruity ass drinks yuk lol
  4. i will definitely do that if i ever become a member thanks for the easy button though lol i will not post so many pics sorry just like the variety lol happy holidays to you and the rest of the F A community hope my the like button thing gets fixed i see alot of good posts thanks again MISSOURI_MANIAC
  5. guess i try to comment everyday on this till someone fixes it is really annoying i know that people are really busy and im not mad about that just with so many members there should be somebody who could fix the problem anyways hope everyone has happy holidays and i will see you who play nq3 there thanks David Richardson
  6. This movie looks sick and it has an up an coming actor enjoy the trailer Missouri_maniac dont sound bad maybe one day lol
  7. lol ty Lulu and i did try tulsa still aint working would of responded earlier but just got off of work thanks for the advice and comments hope to get it fixed soon so i can like all your comments two per day of course
  8. Hi F A community i need some help with a problem i am having on this site it used to let me like two things a day now for the last 4 days it says i have reached my allotted amount and wont let me like anyone's comments or posts any help would be gratefully appreciated David Richardson AKA MISSOURI_MANIAC
  9. Happy thanksgiving to all that celebrate wish everyone has a great day and happy holidays
  10. bored about to go play some wolf

  11. well seen here comes the boom funny all the way threw hotel Transylvania is ok my kids loved it Abraham Lincoln: The Vampirehunter i have fell asleep on twice now lol and somehow i got ropped into going to see the new twilight movie with a girl from work on sat but the movie i want to see is this one
  12. All the above sounds good except fried okra yuk lol i worked at golden corral for years and we served that stuff just cant do it lol but today i am eating some stir fry to get me up and at them lol
  13. If i am dancing these are acouple songs i like http://youtu.be/mqWq_48LxWQ http://youtu.be/2HQaBWziYvY

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