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  1. Noticed on jay mod servers at situations are changing sometimes rapidly but also at even regulars are not reacting teams. Seen situations when other team has 3 players and other team has 13 actual ones and no one makes a move even when asked. When moving people then they react, what... why... etc.
  2. I all ready explained it while playing, you can jump but not do objects in side 5min. As there is no rush rule but it will ruin over all game if done that way. Usually I stop people before and remind them for letting others enjoy game also.
  3. It was practical for seeing who plays where and contacts. Some should fix it at that state as it was. no updates or anyting needed. Not sure if it can be done? I think I heard a rumor at it was asked but owner ship was changed and current owner was not willing to sell owner ship. But that was just rumor at the time.
  4. Hi Rose Nice to see you on forums too.
  5. Check these also Com_hunkmegs 256 Com_zonemegs 128 Com_soundmegs 128
  6. Only et sofar needing this special 4 clicks, what bothers me is this prosessor occupancy after first 2 clicks and when I go off from et it still keeps processor taken that 45-50%
  7. 2.60 and windows 7 32bit, dll section? I have tested with new installation from usb and used version available on dl section. No change. I know at I'm not only one suffering this. time scale is around 2-3weeks when problem started.
  8. Problem is at when double click it will start part of process (rundll.exe) and starts ocupying prosessor 50% then it needs to second double click to start et. Also when closing that et, rundll.exe remains running and taking 50% prosessor time. Other programs and games running normaly. Fresh game, copy of et from memory stick all the same thing. Not sure when this started. All easy solutions is tested from windows side (reinstall windows is not an option). Same thing on my other pc and laptop also so its not just ops.
  9. Wellcome also on forums! Seen you on nq1 Keep up nice play and friendly attidute!
  10. Cams to be repaired, water pump etc... cam belt. Timing set up is terrible operation, 3-4 times harder than regular v8 with cambelt and 32valve.
  11. Check also main folder.

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