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  1. I dont recall any incident with him. But I'll keep this in mind.
  2. Daughter showed me picture of CosPlay sword and asked if I can buy it for her. I said at I'll look for it. Then I started to think maybe we can do something together. So I'll looked some example from net and go to hardware store and did buy some plywood and there it started. A lot of carving to do and paint was difficult. Paint was grey base, metallic red, red candy and a lot of lack. Deep red on direct light.
  3. Masa_1964

    Masa's album

  4. just in general info fex last 10y
  5. Is there any statistics of players amounts of FSP games for during past years?
  6. Mastered auto mechanics start of 80's and also heavy duty (trucks, caterpillars etc...) Worked Saab, Mazda,Peugeot,Scania mech and electrics few years (stopped that work in -87). Been hobbying different brands since then (and bit before also). I do all car related works at home. Only engine things which need heavy machinery is outsourced (block and head machinery) Build some (over 100 engines) for race and street Turbo and no turbo. I will try to help also if I can.
  7. Have you tried other browser? Which one you using?
  8. Masa_1964

    Travel History

    Sweden Norway Denmark Nederland England Belgium (lived there) France Germany Switzerland Poland Estonia Spain (canary isles) Malta Turkey USA (both sides) Japan Ireland
  9. Masa_1964

    NQ2 problems

    Gets very laggy there, yesterday it was okay. Venice map has axis spawn bug.
  10. Tested it freely walk around and some game play also, looks good and would be nice to see how new things effect on game play with larger teams.
  11. Urgh nice to hear ur voice after long time, sorry my mic was not working okay.

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