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  1. Masa_1964

    ET Server Suggestion NQ #1 Map Suggestions

    + Kerkyra + western +bramburg dam +Huertgen forrest -glider -venice -italy
  2. My latest one... did buy it on last week. Opel (Vauxhall, saab, buick regal etc ) Insignia 2L turbo 4x4 2010. Now have 6 cars again on overship But this will be fun with winter time with sport mode, need to do some maintaining and then start to upgrade software for it. First start with 300hp and 500Nm and see where it goes.
  3. Minas needs to be updated, first obj time is too short.
  4. Masa_1964

    Hear me sing

    It was long time I heard you sing, I miss that. Must been 2018 or 17?
  5. Masa_1964

    ET NQ #1 NQ hitboxes

    If you try then nq2 or fun. In nq1 when aiming head it hits head like in pro. but in jaymod it feels like its changing all the time, left albow, above head, next right arm... sometimes happens also in silent too. But usually its more logic in silent.
  6. Lazy has found his clothes Beautiful queen and princes
  7. Maybe for shared enjoyment fun Needs balls to do it... eh... not correct wording... could be someting else also fex... hamburger
  8. He was not naked I asked and he proved at he did wear pants
  9. dont worry about them... just missing files. Those will not effect on game play.
  10. MeG (MeriGorillas) 2004-05 (pro) FinCobras 2006 (pro) BH (BraveHeart) 2007-2008 (high admin)
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