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  1. What in the tarnation?

    The man is back
  2. Masa_1964

  3. Voodoo 3dfx 3D card mayhem :)

  4. Well, bretheren, What the hell is Up?

    Good to hear at things getting better side! Maybe some day see u on game also WB
  5. Another Snow Day for Butters

    Luckily u got right tools!
  6. VEHX is BACK ...

    WB !
  7. I did uninstall and did not copy anyting, I need to manually remove all related files (If uninstall dont remove them)?
  8. uninstalled, integration test done. testing again and still nope. Found this from dump file: 444(267.505391): *********************************** 443(267.505386): * (achievements, stats, UI, etc.) * 442(267.505382): * some features might be disabled * 441(267.505377): * NO GAME SESSION * 440(267.505372): *********************************** 439(267.505324): Compact freed 10035200 bytes 438(267.448126): Didn't find Active Steam Controller to Load Menu Controls 437(267.377995): Error:: The theater manager was unable to load .theater!!! 436(267.377026): Loading theater file 'coop_16player-20160514' on client and from state crash file 747(715.843294): Error downloading http://ins.jballou.com/fastdl//scripts/theaters/coop_16player-20160514.theater 746(715.548506): Downloading http://ins.jballou.com/fastdl//scripts/theaters/coop_16player-20160514.theater. 745(715.542231): Error downloading http://ins.jballou.com/fastdl//scripts/theaters/coop_16player-20160514.theater.bz2 744(715.242111): Downloading http://ins.jballou.com/fastdl//scripts/theaters/coop_16player-20160514.theater.bz2. 743(715.223983): [CWorkshopItem] FAhardcoretheatre [1192129885] installed! 742(714.864653): Attempted to precache unknown particle system "blood_impact_green_01"! 741(714.864645): Attempted to precache unknown particle system "blood_impact_green_01"! 740(714.864631): Attempted to precache unknown particle system "blood_impact_red_01"! 739(714.864610): Attempted to precache unknown particle system "blood_impact_red_01"! 738(714.793998): Attempted to precache unknown particle system "blood_dismember_limb"! 737(714.754108): Theater file 'scripts/theaters/coop_16player-20160514.theater' does not exist! I have enabled dl. I dont have even theaters directory on my pc?
  9. There was only one txt (small) in only directory found on that name. did delete it. run game as admin. Now it loads that small icon full, launch hame but last second it should do selection screen, game crashes (happens only on that HC 2). did do reinstall and did that integation test also.
  10. how to connect ip address there? it just gives someting related tags option? I need to use console to connect ip? Ican find 1 and 3 but 2 is missing from list?
  11. those are win 10 paths, I figured out and tested, no luck. Now I did not even find that 2 for testing? I did do that reinstallation also, no change
  12. Of cause there is 2 seems at only qualified can connect there
  13. I cant connect there, I have played there earlier. I can still connect coop1 and no probs. In coop2 HC It loads nearly full (on that logo) and then screen returns on desktop.