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  1. A lot of things has been going on lately so I decided to leave FA. I'm sorry for everyone I've let down but I just can't stay. I've met some incredible people here and overall I had a pretty rad time here.

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    2. DFighter


      hoezo je hoef niet weg tegaan hoor dan wordt je automatisch inactive member en wanneer je weer tijd en zin heb kan je gewoon terugkomen

    3. gaskarthx


      Hahaha @Fighter?! don't say that :P.

      @DFighter: Misschien... denk niet dat dat gebeurt.

    4. gaskarthx


      The people who know me, know that I'd never hurt anyone or anything, I only like to help people and always try to stay nice to people.

      I hope you all stay safe and take care of yourself because y'all deserve the best. I'm sorry.

  2. Aw nooo, The Amity Affliction's new music video is hella sad ;-;.

  3. Just found out about these guys. They're Dutch as well and heck yeah, these men rule!
  4. Suicide Squad is actually a pretty lit movie.

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    2. gaskarthx


      Wat is moeilijk haha

    3. DFighter


      lit :D haha en he ga eens slapen :P

    4. gaskarthx


      Ga zelf slapen haha!

  5. Well, I'm a Leo and I've always wondered how these 'theories' about Star Signs are created... Being a Leo sounds pretty awesome, a lion is a gorgeous creature but seriously, I'm more like a kitten than a lion haha, I don't match with the characteristics of a Leo at all. Although... the only thing I could kinda relate to, was that the Leo hates getting a silver medal instead of a golden one. Yeah sure, a silver medal is good but let's be honest, doesn't everyone prefer a golden one? I don't really think that's specific for a Leo. Anyways... I don't believe in horoscopes, I totally agree with Flible. Though I have to admit that I read my horoscope sometimes when I'm bored, but I don't take it too seriously.
  6. Happy day of birth, my friend! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  7. "Good evening Sir" while it's just 2:00 pm... why do I say things...

  8. Gosh, their new music is amazing omg I love this song so much ahhh.
  9. It's pretty funny that you mentioned that you're a leftie who plays a right-handed guitar. That literally what I am doing as well!
  10. I really want to buy a bass guitar. Those deep sounds are epic af.

  11. gaskarthx

    What about Punk?

    I can't believe they're back in the game. I'm so happy! Also, Green Day is back as well! Gosh, I'm so happy two of my childhood bands are playing music and touring again omg.
  12. First of all, it's awesome to hear that you want to learn how to play guitar! It's also really cool that your brother has been playing guitar for a pretty long time now. I think it's really useful to have someone like him around when you have questions. I am a beginner as well, but to be honest, I actually play just for fun. I have never took any lesson, I just try to teach myself - which a lot of guitarist would probably not recommend, because you could be teaching yourself things the 'wrong way', even though I am not sure if there is any 'right way'. If it works, it works, right? Anyways, I started learning simple things as the names of the strings, , slowly playing a pentatonic scale and playing chords (powerchords, bar chords, etc.) 'correctly' (making sure I press the strings down hard enough, not accidently muting strings I shouldn't and muting strings I should) and playing these chords in random order. Not because it would sound nice, but because I wanted to be able to switch between chords without stopping every time and looking at my guitar when I had to change chords. Also, rhythm is pretty important as well, so you might find a metronome pretty useful. Just use the speed you are comfortable with and when it goes well, you could improve the speed. Also, I think it's pretty interesting to try to guess how some artist play a song when you just listen to it. It's nice to figure it out on your own, but you might be wrong. But that doesn't really matter when you have fun, I guess. Oh, don't forget the strumming! That is also really important. Don't focus on downstrokes only, practise some alternate picking, muting, different rhythms, etc. Maybe you could also try some bends and hammer on/pull offs. You said your problem was that you have to look down at the guitar every time you had to play a chord, but that's perfecly fine. You have to start somewhere. I guess it's all about muscle memory, I started like that as well but now I can play most chords without watching. Just don't stop playing, you will get there for sure! I think our music taste might be different, since I prefer my electric guitar over my acoustic one just to play rock music, which I just don't really like to play on my acoustic guitar. But I'll tell you, just start small. Don't start with songs that are too fast or too difficult. When I started playing, I wanted to play songs like American Idiot, Sweet Child O' Mine and other songs that were just too fast and difficult for me to start with. It's so damn frustrating when you try over and over again and you still mess it up every time. Playing guitar should be fun, so just take a step back when things are too hard. Play some other stuff. Try to understand tablatures and play some easy songs. It feels great when you can play a song and it sounds good! Now I can easily play American Idiot and I also figured out how to play Bang Bang and it goes pretty well. At some point when you try a song that once was too hard to play, you'll be surprised that you are able to play it now and it just gives you a lot of motivation to learn other songs as well! But hey, I'm just a girl who loves music and likes to grab her guitar for fun. I am not a professional at all, you might or might not find some tips useful. You just have to find methods that works for you, where you are comfortable with. Just make sure you continue having fun playing guitar, it would be such a shame when you quit playing. A guitar is a great instrument, don't give up! Once you improve your skills, you could play some songs with your brother, that would be really epic! The songs I started playing were Therapy by All Time Low, All The Small Things by Blink-182, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, When I Come Around, Brain Stew and Jesus Of Suburbia by Green Day, Self Esteem by The Offspring, Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, Wonderwall by Oasis and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Even the solo of SLTS is super easy, so... maybe you could try some of these songs, even though most of them aren't acoustic. Ugh, what am I saying. Just try to learn easy songs YOU like! It's way more pleasing to be able to play your favourite songs instead of some random songs. Wow, this post got longer than I expected and I am not even sure if this is useful. If not, I'm sorry!

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