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  1. Helsen

    Travel History

    Okay, Turkey trip ended. 35. forgot about stop over at Singapore. Indonesia trip in progress. Finding nature-trip possibilities and wildlifeguides And next trip for march 2019 in the making (plane-tickets bought): Texas!!
  2. Still right on with my final, which I wanted already from the groupfase on: Belgium-Croatia. Although I must admin Croatia looked exhausted yesterday. Maybe they can rest a bit and England will choke on high expectations and little football insight
  3. Very good to see belgium beat Brasil. Now they have to beat France and go to the final! Today I hope Sweden and Croatia win. Then Croatia beats Sweden and go to the final where they beat Belgium. That would be a great match!
  4. uruguay belgium
  5. Thanks pronoob!. The first part was easier for me too (google), but the second part still does not make any sense?:). That part seems very difficult to give a clearer sentence?:)
  6. hey all, what does the following sentence means? There are some dots missing on the words, some of the i have a dot where it should not, but I think a turkish native knows what this says Kalbim aci dolu....Çünkü beni ikinci kez engelledin
  7. They r great. Try the first episode of Taken (and sequels), And: A walk amongst the tombstones
  8. That is already the second time you put in austria, while they do not even compete. Not a soul mentions that, not even 10tacle, who read your post, is from Switzerland even.... it is Switzerland, not Austria. Or for you: die Schweiz Or is it a joke? Hopefully belgium get to the finals, because that means they beat Brasil (shite Neymar e.g.) and France (meh also) and loose the final to Croatia. Ow, and hopefully England goes rather earlier than later
  9. well, favorites through today. Hopefully Belgium kicks Brazils ass

    1. Bowly


      I hope so too :D

    2. Helsen


      and i meant common favorites. Brasil is not a favorite on mine. I hope Neymar and some of his teammates are gone rather sooner than later.

  10. Germany: hahahahahaHHHHHHHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Bild magazine found it funny (with a lot of germans that we were not there..well u r out now already :p)

    1. 0siE.


      In french (idk others) we said : "football is 11 versus 11 and at the end, Germany win the game"....


      haha what a scoring by Korea ! The team is now and for ever some heros for their country !


      YAY !


      Still some hope for the belgian I am :)



  11. Hey amiga: that is NOT a fake pic I have. Just an old one :0. And I at least can say I have pic up here where you can see me. Still missing yours :P

    1. Neuro


      Hey Helsen. Mhmmmm ok I believe you. The day I post one is the day I stop caring what people think.

    2. Helsen


      hmmm, too bad. Better not to care anyway


  12. Did put some more pictures up. No more sexy vixens for now, but some really sexy beasts all the same :P

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