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  1. I m waiting for news, bro :)



    1. m00jii


      I'll spam him on FB to get him back here :P

  2. Helsen

    lo Mr Elf :)

    1. 0siE.


      i liked to ring the bell when you ll be back :) be safe, bro

  3. well, that is nice news !! congrats Dixie
  4. Every team in the end, at this stage of the season seems to be the underdog versus the Patsies. Sincerely hope KC will win. Sorry Eazy
  5. doesn't look good atm Cito :(. If bolts fail, I hope chiefs will get them.
  6. Bowly, you fake french fry (since u r belgian :p),  any news on the Belgian music front? good new bands? Aaaaand how r u?

    1. Bowly


      'Sup Helsen! I'm good, busy tho :) I'm not up to date on belgian music, but i think Ghinzu is a pretty good belgian band! :) How you doing?

    2. Helsen
  7. Best wishes to you, ya great dane! Hopefully in the not so far away future i will see you again on Jay1
  8. Do not make me laugh Ratspit. It is all about opinions, and I am entitled to state mine here. So if you mind that: move on. Why would an opinion about fur and the people that are involved with it be disallowed and an opinion about a icehockeyteam , what one thinks about a country one visits, or an internetgame not? It is not politics I am talking about. And indeed : I have nothing nice to say about fur etc. Deal with it.
  9. my condolances man, strenght to you and your family
  10. Just what I thought haha, we beat the Bolts AND the Seahawks... but we will not even get a 8-8 record and they will go to the play-offs :/. Anyway Cito and Hulk: both goodluck!
  11. Helsen

    Travel History

    So, as said.. forgot 35. Singapore 36. Indonesia And Morocco (january) and Texas (march) in the planning
  12. people who wear fur and people who trap and kill animals for it make me just sick.
  13. Saganakiiiiiii

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