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  1. Shite! We had a really nice girl in jay1 all the time... what was his name again?
  2. I do prefer your place there instead of some car :)
  3. Konichiwaaaaaa, hey hey my friend. good that you introduced yourself. i will see you soon on the server again i hope (as soon as my shoulders are healed).
  4. according to law, no one is permitted to use or copy any of these images without my permission. Not for personal, nor for commercial use available. If you want to get one of these pictures (or other ones). In the nearby future I will have my own webpage where you can watch and maybe also order your own copy of one oor more of the pics
  5. Helsen

    Travel History

    Maybe in the future I will go more into detail, because there is so much great stuff in each and everyone of these countries, but here we go 1. Netherlands (living) 2. Germany (100+ times) 3. Belgium (30+ times) 4. Luxemburg 5. France (Paris 7 times, North France once) 6. England (London, Devon, Newcastle and surroundings, Cornwall) 7. Ireland (2 times: Dublin and surroundings) 8. Scotland (Skye, Canna) 9. Spain (4 times; Madrid, Toledo, Valladolid, Zaragoza, Salamanca, south around Malaga and Tarifa) 10.Italy (2) 11. Austria 12. Hungary 13. Romania 14. Bulgaria 15 Greece (4 times) 16. Czech republic (7 times) 17. Slowakia 18 Poland (60+ times) 19. Lituania 20. Estonia 21. Finland 22. Sweden 23. Vatican City 24.Portugal 25. Turkey (3 times) 26. Ukraine 27. Kazachstan 28. Vietnam 29. China 30. Japan 31. Cuba 32. USA (3 times. Colorado, New Mexico, Florida, California) 33. The Gambia (2 times) 34. Mexico. for 1 hour next: Turkey in june (Side and surroundings) Indonesia in oct/nov (island hopping Bali, Gilli Mena, Lombok and Nusa Lembongan)
  6. I am getting older, since this makes me emotional . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rItv9i6c7AY&list=PLvLX2y1VZ-tFJCfRG7hi_OjIAyCriNUT2&index=7
  7. goodluck with the thesis and the results from it!


    1. Platonic


      Thanks! Great to get much support. It's becoming a good thesis but I might delay the deadline a bit... Better a good thesis than an early thesis 😛

    2. Vindstot


      If you need help, maybe I can help. Well... possibly not :P

      Anyways, good luck. I know you can do it!

  8. still no ET for me 😔. Got cortisone injections in both of my shoulders. Hopefully that will work out and let (part of) the pain go away. But I will return ....

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Helsen


      tnx Smilodont :). 2 Anton: no, it is in the shoulders itself. Maybe bursitus... but they cannot find a thing until now



      Thank god it wasnt in your pee pee hole (-=


    4. Helsen


      my pp hole works just fine, tnx Butters. I know u wanted to take a peek in it :)

  9. shoulders still hurting like crazy, no chance playing ET for now. Monday to orthopedic surgeon to check it out. But.... trip to California was amazing :D :D

    1. D..X


      feel better soon bud :)

    2. Helsen


      thanks Dixie :)


  10. Helsen

    NHL Playoffs Pool 2018

    @Sisje: no time to even begin :). Working, and preparing for the trip to California. Will be fun if I can watch the Avs match(es) on US television there somewhere. Or any other match even. Too bad I am quite far away from it, or I might have attended the SJS vs AD match on the 18th
  11. Jay 1 down


    1. Vindstot





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