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  1. Hubsan

    bright future

    lol you had to post this
  2. Hubsan

    Hubsan Airlines

    Good old days man
  3. LAMON ❤️ 😘 

    1. Carbonautics


      hubsan nin dost yeno ewa???

  4. On this day, twenty five years ago, a child was born whose name would be MintyHippo (Not to be mistaken with LazyHippo, who is a different human altogether) - Copyrights pending. T&C apply Celebrating Silver Jubilee anniversary - 25 years on Planet Earth Let's all wish happy returns of the day for MintyHippo - Beloved daughter, sister & a wife . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hK8GZDqL6Q . . .
  5. Do me a sammich hubbie :)... long time pal (panth3r here)

  6. Hubsan have you left on your sabbatical yet?

  7. Hallo! To every music lover out there, I have a few headphones & amps to sell. These are high fidelity & audiophile grade devices. Breathtaking sound quality. All are brand new in box. Attractive prices for my fellow ET chaps & =F|A= mates Take your pick Headphones & Earphones: Price: (USD) Master & Dynamic MH40 closed back, Over ear headphones 380 Master & Dynamic MH30 closed back On ear headphones 330 Thinksound On1 Closed back On ear wooded headphones 175 VOIX BLU Bluetooth/Wireless On Ear headphones 49 Brainwavz HM2 Closed back Over ear headphones 49 Master & Dynamic ME03 In-ear earphones 120 Dunu Titan1 In-ear earphones 99 Brainwavz S3 earphones 49 MeElectronics HT-21 travel headphones 25 Hisoundaudio HA-2 balance armature earphones 90 Amplifiers & DAC: Price: (USD) Matrix M Stage HPA-3U High End Headphone Amplifier/DAC 350 Matrix M Stage HPA-3B Full Balanced headphone amplifier 350 Bravo Audio S1 op-amp headphone Amplifier 65 Audiotrak Prodigy Cube USB Amp/DAC 85 Audinst DX-1 DSD USB Amp/DAC 350 Topping VX-1 headphone amp/dac with speaker amp 90 TCG Audio TRD3+ 32Bit/384KHZ Amp/DAC 150 Graham Slee Bitzie USB headphone Amplifier & DAC 350 Lotoo PAW 5000 Portable Audio Player 330 Audiophile Cables: Price: (USD) Graham Slee Lautus USB Cable 130 Yulong CU2 USB Cable 95 Yulong CP1 Power cable 110 Secure payment with Paypal & Free Shipping worldwide on small packages Need anything? Any questions? Gimme a shout! Danke
  8. I'd like to order two coconuts , extra straw.

  9. HALLO! Velkommen, Mein Komrad from Kanada Jahahaha
  10. I am letting you people know that Screech has passed away. I am writing this article with a heavy heart. When another player from Estonia who informed about his death, I was reluctant to accept it & was shocked. But after much speculation, & reports by many players & members from Estonia, it is indeed confirmed that Screech has passed away. For enthusiasts playing ET game on Jay1 server might know a player called 'Screech' who mostly used to play as field ops or covert ops. He used to deploy poison gases & knives with Sten as his favorite gun. He would sometimes make 'peace pacts' with me in-exchange for cloths or ammo. He was a sane & obedient player & played with good conduct. I never knew Screech in real life and I dont even know his name. But I got acquainted to him on Jay1 server a few months ago. He was from Estonia, Lived near Tallinn city with his parents. In around last days of April month this year, he got a job offer in Tallinn city & decided to move in with his friends. After a week he said he was well settled & was happy. He visited his parents about every week or so. But on the fateful day of May 13th, when Screech & his fellow friends were on a road-trip in Eastern Europe, near Latvia-Lithuania border, the car he was traveling in met with accident & Screech was injured in head. He passed away on May 15th in Hospital. We cant even estimate how hard it must be for his parents & friends to bear his demise. May the good lord give them strength & courage to face tough situations like this. Rest in Peace Mate.
  11. Leeeeeeeroooooooooooooooooooooy Jeeenkiiiiiiins Its all Nostalgia
  12. Punny ones (must watch): Kudos to the passionate people who love ET
  13. Hubsan, can you see your wall?

    1. *ReVeRZe*..!?


      you'll need a certain amount of posts before you're able to post on your wall

    2. RedBaird


      PallBearer said 15 before he can post. I suggested to Hubsan that he start a Chinese topic in Language Help forum :)


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