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  1. Soooooo. I may be to blame with the conundrum I recall suggesting in open chat "try to change /cl_packetdup *0-2*" 2 IS NOT a viable option.. in-fact - Resulted in almost exactly what you're saying.
  2. When our gaming alter-ego wants to take the reigns- Of love.
  3. I like that you like teh music I throw down to... You should come to Jay1 sometime and catch these knives 😛

  4. Playlist Genre(s) Entailed- (Rap/Hip-Hop) Playlist /Track Amount- (22) *1 album* Source(s)- (YouTube) Account @ User Channel "Uberman" //Playlists- Created Playlists// Link-
  5. Zoobi - LNDNDNGN The Dark Side Rhythm Playlist
  6. (The Dark Side Rhythm Playlist) -Distance The Offering (Original Mix)
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