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    Music (i'm a DJ during weekends mostly ) - business - economic- biology/genetic - lots of different type of video games- same for movies - kungfu Wutao.
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  1. Big surprise tomorrow ladies and gentlemen :D

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Unknown


      rather disappointment than surprise.

    3. Kat0n


      not cool dude not cool =/

    4. bo0m


      Man, and I thought I would be banned first..lmao

  2. This night on =F|A= #2 Hardcore: 6 and 8 kills with RPG.
  3. Thanks Xernicus, Cheep and Spider for joining me :)

    1. CheepHeep


      I killed Krusnik once. Its Official. I own at INS.

  4. edit: I messed up, wrong topic, I already conratz these fellows >.>
  5. Get your Free copy of ODDWORLD: ABE'S ODDYSEE® on STEAM through Humble Bundle Only 20 Hours left.

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    2. RedBaird


      Is this the surprise that your earlier SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! post teased us about? :D

    3. Krusnik87


      Nah, it's something else that you should have read about already :)

    4. Dax
  6. Surprise, surprise! :o

  7. As it's soon my birthday, time to get this Level 1 Award Donation Montant du don : $30,00 USD Référence : 14549 Nº de reçu : 0922-1564-3986-5903 Votre numéro de confirmation est le suivant : 45W21353NV033044V.
  8. Hope you'll appreciate the time you'll spend among us
  9. PM sent regarding this matter.
  10. It's been a while, but... 2 times 5 kills with RPG on HC server.
  11. Due to health and personnal issue, i'll be afk for a while.

  12. /!\ During this weekend, i will offer a copy of the game MOOCH (through Steam) to 3 players. One here via some raffle, and two others by ingame raffle on Insurgency on server 2 (Hardcore) server. If you wanna participate in the first raffle, just post here that you are interrested. For the 2 other copies, one will be deliver today, and the last one tomorrow. For these last two, my presence ingame won't be necessary, so if you don't see me playing when you do, NP, you are stil...

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