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  2. Please do a research before posting scripts. And best test them yourself cause not all are legit and in boundaries of F|A rules. For your information cg_notaunt is a q3 relic - cvar that was replaced by newer ones and was not removed in the process. Currently it's not used hence that script is pointless in my opinion. In addition cg_notaunt was used for chat.
  3. My name is a short version of DarkDutchDevil ^^ had that nick for more the 15 years now,no reason why i made it, but nowadays people usually call me Dutchy ^^
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ bind s "+vstr back1 back2" bind w "+vstr forward1 forward2" bind a "+vstr left1 left2" bind d "+vstr right1 right2" set forward1 "-back;+forward;set check_fwd +forward" set forward2 "-forward;vstr check_bck;set check_fwd"cg_notaunt 0" set back1 "-forward ;+back ; set check_bck +back" set back2 "-back;vstr check_fwd; set check_bck "cg_notaunt 0" set right1 "-moveleft;+moveright; set check_rgt "+moveright" set right2 "-moveright;vstr check_lft; set check_rgt"cg_notaunt 0" set left1 "-moveright;+moveleft; set check_lft "+moveleft" set left2 "-moveleft;vstr check_rgt; set check_lft "cg_notaunt 0" set check_bck "cg_notaunt 0" set check_fwd "cg_notaunt 0" set check_rgt "cg_notaunt 0" set check_lft "cg_notaunt 0" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have not tried well, it should work P.S. to try it I suggest you create an empty .cfg file, paste it in, save and run it from the console, so you can quickly restore your cfg GL & HF by =F|A=Lenovo
  5. next match England - Panama - 2 hours and 19 minutes at the beginning
  6. Today
  7. Anybody wanna add friend codes? ive restarted playing a week or so again
  8. i find the most crazy dog owners are the ones actually treating their dog like a baby lol
  9. germany - sweden 2-1 Reus 48' Toivonen 32' Kroos 90' +5 ended
  10. nice release Welcome back
  11. @Wanheda when the Dutch do not play, we support Belgium. This is law.
  12. Fall Out 4 has been bashed a lot and it was soon after release on sale with -50% discount. So it´s not on a sale atm, at least not before it gets at least 66% discount.
  13. No Way on Cortex. That map ruined Jay 2, it would ruin Jay 1 even more. Ruins did turn out to be fun, but I'd love to see Resurrection back
  14. 24. June England -:- Panama Japan -:- Senegal Poland -:- Colombia
  15. Yesterday
  16. It's a GPU But I finally made it work I had to disable GL extension in the system options
  17. Thats way too much for me now, listened to it years ago, couple of artists like Kindzadza, Dark Nebula or Penta were good. Not sure but I think they stopped producing.
  18. Germany - Sweden 2:1 O. Toivonen goal 0:1 (32. Min) https://streamja.com/yN9J Reus goal 1:1 ( 48. Min) https://www.clippituser.tv/c/xbaarg What a last min goal by Kroos (95. Min) https://www.clippituser.tv/c/kaqqxn
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