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  1. I hope you are fine mate.

  2. Hope you and your family are doing good!! Just giving you a shout out :)

  3. merry xmas bud hope life is doing u good hope that baby is doing great. godbless brotha i miss u.

    1. Hulk


      Merry Christmas Johnny and family! Thinking about you guys!

  4. The insurgency pic you made is my desktop background now They all look amazing! Keep up the good work on the events and I'll try not to take too many panzers to the face that day, lol.
  5. How's the baby doing bud? Hit me up when you get free!

    1. Hulk


      I am curious to hear about this as well!! Hope you guys are doing good.😎

    2. JohnnyColorado


      She was born with what appears to be nerve damage to her eye.  She can still see, but it's most likely blurry since the eye can't dilate and the minor cataracts as well.  Only time will tell if she can outgrow anything.  Other than that, we are all good :)  

    3. JohnnyColorado


      We have another eye doc appointment in 2 days :)  We will know if surgery is a viable option so my baby can see better from her eye.  She has a hard time with depth perception right now, grabbing things, etc.  And we are told it will mess with her ability to walk (something we as adults take for granted) and balance.  So I am hopeful for the appointment.  And the good thing is that the doc we are going to is a specialist and pushed our appt back a day because he is doing eye surgery on a 1yr old in our place.  Which makes me even more proud he is her doctor.  Thank you all for your concern, thoughts, and prayers.  I love and miss you all :)  

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