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  1. Cocktail? how is that bannable? Banter between players happen and are part of the game. Insults are not banter. A word or two now and then in a different language is alright. Insults in different language is not okay. Good you got thick skin. But remember some other players might not have that. https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Check this out. From Wiki: On most servers, we only allow 5 to 10 seconds of conversation for things such as greetings and small talk. If after a few sentences they continue, politely tell them that English is the only language allowed in main chat. The only exception to this is if an admin wants to help a player in their native language. Give them plenty of warnings (3 verbal warnings in main chat and 1 in private messages). We never kick people for speaking another language just tell them to take it to private messages or if they can, team or fireteam chat. This rule is a lot more relaxed on our European servers; Beginners 1, Beginners 2, NQ1, NQ2 and TDM. Complaining once in a while isn’t that bad and is allowed. We’ve all been annoyed at the game every once in a while and it can get irritating dying over and over. What we don’t want is constant whining, especially if it leads to insults. Most of the time simply asking them if it’s worth getting annoyed is enough to calm them down and no further action is needed. Admins should not be part of the problem but should be working to fix it. At the end of the day, it’s a game and we’re here to have fun. The normal procedure when dealing with people like this is: A few verbal warns, 3 warn commands, 3 mutes of a few minutes, and then a mute for 1 day, 3 days and 7 days if they continue to make problems. If they’ve been muted for 7 days already, continue renewing as needed. Initial mute should be 10 minutes. Reason: Insulting, Trolling or Whining. If someone tells you they’re being insulted in private messages, tell them to take a demo or screenshots and explain this to them if they don’t know how to.
  2. pleasantly surprised. Love it!
  3. Ah found it, Brave (the dark corner). Thank you, forgot about the themed button hiding on the bottom of the side,
  4. What happened to the previous layout of the site?
  5. ah shit, thing happened, I double spammed, ah man things getting out of controls. O Brother where art thou? ah f***, messed up again. didnt mean to double pos,t. can you merge my post?
  6. It's good, and then it's not. Just like a rollercoaster! EXCITING! And shitting myselfb by how scary it is. But always loved the kick! You? (since this is gallery place, here is I, saying My Man!)
  7. I use !howfair and /scores AND look at the pase and progression AND state of the game/round being played, and the players on each team. (If someone said this already, sorry, 8 pages to read, im too unpatient atm for that)
  8. im not too late am I? all 3 please and thank you
  9. Macallan Quest whiskey. Airport Duty Free exclusive, Don't buy it. All other Macallans are fine good delicious whiskye, but quest aint on of em. But Hey got 1 litre of it, so gotta drink it.

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