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  1. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    All email notifications are turned off and have been for a long time. I managed to disable it when I first join the website, but after the new site it got enabled again and I can't find the option to disable it again. Or am I blind?
  2. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    how can I disable weekly digest to email? I ca't find any settings about. When I follwo link to stop weekly digest in the mail it goes to follwoed content - I don't follow any content.
  3. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    works for me
  4. ET Server Suggestion Jay1 map rotation suggestions

    uje fuel dump need the CP spawn location for allies
  5. Website Welcome to our new updated website

    where is the Contact Us button?
  6. Official FA Discord

    didn't see previous post
  7. Battlefield 1 - still worth?

    Ability to buy different weapons. Some weapons require lvl 3 in medic, other weapons need assignments
  8. Smiley trimming his hair - with pictures!

    go bald.
  9. What do you think about e-cigarrets

    use it as a way to stop smoking tobacco if you can't stop in a different way. Then quit e-cig.
  10. Something's Not Right

    just run at 125 fps, no reason to go higher than that. reason you see connection interrupted is beacuse you got too high fps. some more tech savy dude can explain it. but as mentioned above, set fps to 125 and all is good.
  11. ET Server Suggestion New !commands suggestion

    !afk button, admins already have it !owned; you can make your own script that does same thing, some people use it. !teams already have it, will give message at screen as well when admins do !teams
  12. Hello, I like to drink, but my problem is that when I find something good I tend to stick it, I mean why shouldnt you? But I would like to open my horizon to new ways for tastebuds to feel the excitement of pleasure that other feelings brings me. So my question, and reason for this topic. Recommend a drink you like, any type, any price. If I have the possibility to acquire it, I will try it. I can start; Red Wine; Chateau, Le Grand Houstea, Cotes De Bordeaux. "Fairly" cheap (135 NOK). It's quite good, smooth, easy, TASTE LIKE GRAPE =) (good review). I mean its quite delicious, not too much aftertaste. Whiskey; MaCallan Slecet Oak; 1824 Collection (around 800 NOK duty free) . This is one is one smooth motherf***er. I like it ALOT. Goes down quite easy, and yet it carefully screams in your throat. And the taste is quite delicious. Beer; Now, this is quite big, but I will stick to one for now that si in my mind. the Delirium Nocturnum (66 NOK at store, 110ish NOK at pub) from Belgium. Surprisingly good with and pink elephant on the bottle. A dark beer I would say, but not porter or stour. more like an illusional brown ale.
  13. Non english allowed in Jay3 Yes or No?

    and if we keep it in ONE language people can join in and socialize and make friends. if other languages was to be allowed to be spoken in main chat, there would be alot, what to call it, SPAM for people who do not understand.
  14. Non english allowed in Jay3 Yes or No?

    then say no english in main chat, if they repeat = warn, if continue after 3xwarn, then mute
  15. Non english allowed in Jay3 Yes or No?

    says in the rules? Greeting someone is ok, explaining is OK (I wpuld prefer in PM if possible). Having a conversation is NOT allowed.