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  1. if you kill yourself in fight you will be scared to death by the enemy. I think it got a timelimit of 3 seconds. It's Hardcore, soemtimes the respawn time comes up adn good times, others it is to deny kill, or you low on ammo. I don't really see the issue with it. The person still dies and you can move towards your objective. If you want frags, kill him before he kill himself if he run away to do it, remember 2-3 seconds, if he selfkill before that you scare him to death.
  2. looks great, but you can just jumpo from CP to the small house roof with pipe to prevent fall damage in the UJE version.
  3. with OBS you have to use game capture and choose the ET.exe program so OBS only capture that one. fullscreen mode does not work with ET, but game capture do or window capture.
  4. my bad, I eamnt warmissile http://et.trackbase.net/map/7531/
  5. Agree and disagree with Smiley. Adlernest and Frostibite are good maps. Capuzzo is actually decent and fun. Balckout is a map that should be remoced...
  6. I can understand both sides of this argument. The way I see it, or how I feel about it, is that it's just annoying being hit by a poison knife. But as far as I know you can deny the poison knife kill by nading yourself or jumping to death (seing that you got double jmp on Jay1, it's quite easy on certain maps). But I do wish the initial damage of the knife was reduced a bit, like 5-10 damage (giving me 1 extra second to kill the guy AND nade myself! *evil laugh*)
  7. Isn't the 4th fireteam Echo like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie Delta Echo Fox ? Ah just remembered you are thkning of Eazy company
  8. itd playing now! you must stop altering your mind so often my dear piggie
  9. its there. but when a map have been played it will not show on the list after 6 other maps have been played through
  10. I agree with being able to get private slots BUT bumping others who don't got private slots is not a good idea. MAny people will never spend money on playing something tht is free. Having 50 private slots on a server is like syaing screw you who don't pay a yearly fee to this game, we don't care about you. Many of those who play actually can't pay a yearly fee. Make it so you can get around 6 private slots, as we already have is good. And if 50 slots, what if admins get kicked? We are with this going to create a social classe difference(which as we can see on the world today is not a good thing...)
  11. Yeah I have to play it more, was my first impression of it. But I liked the old one quite well
  12. In my opinion this map does not fit the Hardcore server. Being on Jay 1 would be alot better. With this on HC it makes the gameplay all chaos, axis wandering of in every directions, allies going to all other places except the objective. And there are just too many pathways to take, I fell like the old bremen got put infornt of an firing squad and riddled with holes.

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