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  1. Welcome back bro! See you in game
  2. Welcome to our forums, mate! We are glad you reach us!
  3. !MX

    Gone for few time

    welcome back mate! Let´s complete your trial process! Do you have someone to recruit? Hit me up on discord or here and discuss about it. See you soon!
  4. !MX


    Hello mate! Welocome to our forums!
  5. Welcome to our forums mate! Enjoy your stay!
  6. Hello mate! Welcome to our forums!
  7. Hello mate, welcome to our forums! I must tell you i´m brazilian as well :D, so, if you need anything, pls feel free to hit me up here. I hope see you soon on silent! Enjoy your stay mate! See you in game.
  8. Correct me if i'm wrong. I think on silent we already have Gold Rush gals, espeically becoz it's easier to allies reach obj.
  9. It's a nice and comfortable house my friend! I hope you finish it soon and come back to et!!!
  10. Wazz up fellas! It brought to my attention, baserace map is a good reason for ppl leave, especially becoz this version is about kills (pure frag), not about obj. So, i would like to suggest remove this map or put the version that wins with obj. To add, i would like to see again on Silent "Millenium Falcon". Ofc, requires a few players to bring the real war, but it would be good, imo. See ya
  11. Hello mate! I´m glad you made it your intro, super welcome to our forums and enjoy your stay! See you in game bro.
  12. Welcome back mate! I hope see you soon!
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