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  1. Carlos Vilagrán, is that you? Quico (chaves) hahaha, kidding bro, nice pic
  2. LoL, another brazilian.. Didn´t know about that. I´m from Salvador - Bahia. Nice to meet you.
  3. !MX

    Nik Nik!

    Hello bro! Welcome to our forums! Don´t be shy! See ou in server!
  4. Well, i wouldn´t like the idea to remove KR in silent. First, kr means nothing. We can ask for each other, how that player reached 3.0 + KR in game? Just killing bots or is he really good? That´s the first question. Second, i´m one of many players with high one, almost 3.100 to be exact. Many players like to see your prw growing up, i love when i grow up my KR too, this is a challenge for me. I wanna get better, always. What we can to reach fairness for everyone, it´s come more closer to pay attention on teams, move players when needed and warn who deserves to be war
  5. !MX


    Hello bro, welcome to the forums!
  6. Bro, i´m so sorry for you, mean it. I hope you get better soon. It´s really sad to lost someone. If you need to talk, my pm is open for you. Always. See you in game, buddy. Take care.
  7. !MX


    Ola mi amigo, como estás? Welcome to our forums. We have a lot of sections, don´t be shy and post something! See you in game.
  8. It´s all my pleasure to kill @Renegade Pig, the most FA noob in silent. Ps: lov u
  9. Wish all the best for you and your wife, bro. Real life comes first..
  10. hello bro, welcome to forums! Don´t be shy!
  11. Hello, welcome back!
  12. Meet Hermione (white n gold), Harry (Black n White) and Kiko and Kika (birds).
  13. hello and welcome to our forms! Don´t be shy
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