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  1. So, now it´s a good time to download it. Not pressure on you, but how you showed interest, here the link to download the game I´m just giving a little push to the happiness. Now, i can say: See you in game bro.
  2. Sup Mate! Welcome to our forums and i hope you enjoy your stay. Oh and good lucky to your application, nice to see you wanna join us. Remember to stay active here, it´s part of the process. I can´t say: "see you in game", becoz you play insurgency, but maybe you could visit ET someday, you will love it Cheers
  3. !MX

    ET Classes

    I play the most as medic. However, when team needs (eng or covie), i´m ready to join up with these classes.
  4. welcome to forums! Enjoy your stay.
  5. Welcome to the forums mate! Enjoy your stay, see you in game!
  6. Hello and welcome to our forums! Enjoy your stay.
  7. Sup mate! Welcome to our forums and enjoy your stay! See you in game.
  8. floki

    hey mx 

    how is ronaldinho 🤣🤣

    1. !MX


      Hahaha Ronaldinho Gaúcho was arrested a few months ago. Ronaldo Fenomeno is in home, i guess 😄

    2. floki


      ronalinho is so naughty boy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Dear Shadow, good afternoon. When you make a complaint about server or about admins, first you need to bring valid reasons (you did it) and proofs (you didn´t). Oh, why proofs in this case? Well, you brought interesting comments about admin duties, you even called them "lazy", this shows me something is missing in silent. I would suggest for you, if you really want to help us, take ss and demo from these admins that stayed neutral when teams are uneven and use "Contact us", so, your message will go straight to Staff+, they will handle this situation. My pm
  10. Sup mate Welcome to our forums!
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