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  1. Thank you so much! You da Man!
  2. Here is what I have in my cfg, but everytime I click to swap teams it stays axis?? check it out and see if im doing something wrong please!! set sol1 "team b 0 5 8;echo ^6/^0Soldier with PANZERFAUST; set soldier vstr sol2" set sol2 "team b 0 6 8;echo ^6/^0Soldier with FLAMETHROWER; set soldier vstr sol3" set sol3 "team b 0 35 8;echo ^6/^0Soldier with MORTAR; set soldier vstr sol4" set sol4 "team b 0 31 8;echo ^6/^0Soldier with MOBILE (MG42); set soldier vstr sol1" set soldier "vstr sol1" bind F1 "vstr soldier"" set sol1 "team r 0 5 3;echo ^6/^0Soldier with PA
  3. Sick


    Hello iOmen, welcome to the forums! a lot of useful info here! Enjoy, and I hope to see you in silent1 my friend
  4. Sick

    Photography Any hunters or fishers out there?!

    Nice @MikeSlayer! I peep the empty brewskies by the cases in those hog pics! playyaas gunna play i guess haha
  5. Who says cats and dogs cant be best friends? My boys waiting on the rain to stop so they can go out and play
  6. Sick

    Photography Any hunters or fishers out there?!

    We shoot those Grass Carps/Silver Carps with bows and strings, “bow fishing” fun stuff I have a picture I’ll upload later! Also where I live, these fish are a nuisance... So the state encourages eradication. They are overwhelming the population of other fish, which is a bad thing since these fish aren’t edible. Here is two of my friends, they go late night bow fishing
  7. Trying to get as much info as I can, I got some catching up to do brotha!
  8. Here is my baby! Well... secondary baby lol I'm all nitto! Mud Grapplers to be exact.
  9. I see some familiar faces that I wasn't aware were apart of F|A! good to see this clan runs deep haha
  10. where do you live at  i seen your a farmer.  i live in south dakota nothing but farms here. 


    nice too met u hope we can become friends!

    1. Sick


      I live in Louisiana! Also nothing but farms! Mainly corn, beans, and cotton. And yes buddy, friends we already are! Good to meet you :)

  11. Ahhh the farm life! I am a 3rd generational farmer and wouldn’t swap for anything. I have always loved waking up and doing what I do and for that I am grateful, I have many friends who dread their work... and thankfully, I do not! I had a friend take these pictures back in 2018 or so, some have an interesting edit but none the less this is what I drive on a daily, enjoy!
  12. Dax as a puppy! He is a German Shepard! My best friend :)) peep those big ears hahaha
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