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    Donated $10 to the family and our cause! Transaction ID: 90N85003L55958532 Cheers!
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    Finally got my PayPal account up and running! July 12th $20 USD Transaction ID: 53R08555B6016352Y Love you guys, -V
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    Thats me LazyHippo aka "the skinny gold" and my sister aka "the tirrona" having a ride to the park this morning
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    Yup that's me standing so far.. But the scenery
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    Howdy all! Achilles is back with a new adventure: Refinery. Currently my favorite map to run. To lay my cards on the table fully: under no circumstances can I run the allies (hard) side of this map. I'm simply not good enough However: axis is made out of jumps from original et frag maps as well as some awesome custom jumps thrown in. Maps like this tickle my map making brain because it "looks" like a regular map but it's actually a big tj puzzle In order the jumps seem to go radar, battery, tc base, fuel dump, fuel dump, and goldrush. Lots of great jumps to practice and enjoy. It's also the case that I can consistently run this map in under 10 mins so rather than a grueling hour out of your life it can be a fun little exercise. In order to film this I ran this map a positively obscene amount of times and I really still do love it. I went out of my way to show off the complexity of this map and do every jump the hardest way I could. All of these jumps have easier ways that wont take hours of your time and better yet if you run it with someone else or on your own you can noclip, teleport, or portal gun yourself around and skip the stuff you don't like! I picked a funny old timey song from the artist ProleteR. Maybe it's not for you but I thought it really fit. Things incoming, links will be provided: ETJump Download Map download Running ETJump tutorial
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    Y'all love corn as much as me? Mexican corn, popcorn, corn on the cob, cornbread...
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    Don't worry, I corn pick it up. It's just a kernel.
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    I'm fully cornivorous, it would be incornceivable to me to go a day without corn. Sometimes I get this uncorntrollable feel for corn. Step up corngregation.
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    Do you dress up your corn?
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    Trainings, this is bevaus im only on servers 1-2h
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    Got it. here it is: https://imgur.com/a/aW6suN6 Dr. Jordan Peterson & myself
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    so i finally made an account XD anyway hello my name is chaos im an avid gamer that likes many genres can play just about anything. im an egyptian and also irl friend with goongalajones. and i think thats all i also like anime and manga. well im happy to have joined and i hope to have many fun times with you all
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    I'm not picking up the corndog's crop.
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    The ol' corndog needs a quick walk
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    Still alive Doing a lot work in the weeks and resting in the weekends. Missing grandpa ofc, but overall i am happy and doing fine. Enjoy a lot on my work thats main thing Would be super happy if we get NHL topic active again in coming season. Its been too quiet past two season.
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    Finally got a crown placed on my molar, and just in time for summer! I can finally drink cold water (and beer) again.
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    All that trash talk in the british media just made it sweeter
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    Sorry for yesterday Belgian friends ! Your players did a great match, and I'm really respectful of what I heard afterwards from Belgian supporters. Some were even saying "France has to win and from now on we are French" Great sport spirit !
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    Mr. Jones! You are a bald one.
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    Love it so much!
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    I have been out lately, but i dont think you have cause any big damage to our clan. Dont worry mate, dont be too strickt to yourself because we all go hard times. I won depression three time and been di*k to my closest ppls when i have been depressed. We humans have to get something where to unload our bad feelings, no matter if we are just angry or depressed, sometimes we just have to unload bad feelings and its good if you regred afterwards but we do mistakes when we are angry or depressed or in dark place as u call it. We are family in here and we support each others, as i sayed you before, just let us to help. Stay strong in there mate and we havent forgot u! Get your life in track and send re-apply once all is sorted out and before that let us help u. My pm is open. Cant check site now, so dropp message in there if u want talk.

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