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    A pillar of Beg2, For his dedication for the clan, for his good job on servers/forum, for his help for others admins; please welcome to our new co leader @RendeL
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    I used to play here quite a while ago. However, internet connection in Mongolia wasn't ideal, neither was it in Tanzania. But now I'm back in the world of faster internet (Poland) and hope to get back onto the FA server for some good times. So hello again!
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    Which server you would like to play? I can do some changes to accommodate your request.
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    At heathrow airport finally after 3hr train. Now waiting for my 12 flight to China which is just the first part of the journey. Someone bbq me plz.
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    Hey bud, congratulations on earning co-leader! Can't think of anyone else right now that would deserve this promotion more than you do. The amount of work you put into B2 is insane, I'm surprised it took as long as it did for people to notice. Before I even applied I had some great nights chatting with you, the other admins and regulars on B2. It's a real shame that most of the admins from back then don't play now cause I had tonnes of fun playing with those guys. I just recently read through my application again and I saw so many old faces that I haven't seen in nearly 2 years. I guess that's life though I don't know what caused you to leave the clan before but I bet you're glad you came back. I guess this means that my 2nd referral became co-leader Anyway, I'll probably see you on the server pretty soon now that I visit there more often again so get your PPSh ready.
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    a day of walk with mazuelos 67 68, jiren, the cousins and me
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    Couldn't sleep So got the time to upload my xp. Cheers Basalisk
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    This is done. Available from next map.
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    Thanks guys. I have to tell you how hilarious this is... When I was away, I would walk around corners or see buildings that reminded me of maps in ET. When I saw other people playing FPS games I would remember how much I enjoyed ET. When I visited a war museum here in Poland and saw German weaponry, I missed ET. lol. I just couldn't escape it. I was meant to come back. As soon as my new computer comes in I'll be back!
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    to something adventurous
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    when u wake up too a full filled day of bs and nothing goes ur way let dave express ur thoughts .lol love megadeth
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    annihilating all enemies
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    You need to request a unban here https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/79-unban-request/ And provide information as described here https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/13-read-first-protesting-a-ban/ Plus you must put your guid in your profile as described in the above articles before a Admin will look into it
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    the dogs cant
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    Anyone else here play? Post your setups and discuss all things golf! First off, I 3D printed my own ball marks and posted about them in this thread. If you want a couple for yourself, post there! I can print almost any design you want. I started golfing when I was pretty young, probably around 12 or so. I enjoyed it, played off and on here and there until about last year, when I really started playing a lot. Now I get out to the course to hit balls or play a round 4-5 days every week and I am really loving it. Luckily the nicer course by me has a really affordable membership that allows me to play a ton without breaking the bank. Last year was definitely my best year of golf. I was consistently shooting low 80s playing multiple times a week. My best score was a 77. This year I've been a ton more inconsistent. Currently I'm shooting about mid 80s and up to 90 on a really bad day. I've been really struggling with a slice on my drives this year, but I think I fixed it this past weekend. My last two rounds were the best of this year. Currently my handicap is about 12. I use the SwingU app (free) to track my scores, real time yardage on the course, and it calculates my handicap for me. My Bag: Driver: Cobra HS9 Irons: TaylorMade 200 - Stiff Shafts Grips: Golf Pride Wedge(s): Lob - Callaway Gold Big Bertha Putter: Ping Zing 2 Balls: Srixon Soft Feel Glove: FootJoy StaSof Shoes: Puma Ignite Spikeless I scored most of my current bag on a craigslist buy about 1.5 years ago. Definitely an old school set of irons, but I really like them and I can hit them almost as well as my brother's new Taylormade M3s. I want to get more consistent with my shooting before buying a new set. I had a set of Callaway X-20s before this, but they didn't really suit my swing and I played less because it was frustrating. So anyways, post your bags and any and everything else about golf!
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    Back from vacation! See y'all on the servers soon!
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    Just a few small suggestions for Jay2, would like to hear what the admins and regulars think too 1. Remove the 'disguised enemy' popup. A small improvement for covert ops players, medic is probably still the strongest class so it won't mess with balance to remove this. I think the cvar for this is flag 8: 2. Increase shove distance by a small amount, maybe 1.5x what it is now. Bots get in the way a lot especially in tight corridors like in Axis' first spawn in Gold Rush. Sometimes they decide they want to start walking backwards, I think to reach a waypoint they missed. If you push them while they're doing this, they don't really go anywhere and it's frustrating being stuck behind them. The cvar for this is g_shove. Not sure what it's currently set to, probably 100, but I can't see a small increase like 1.5x causing any major problems. 3. Admin chat colour. Letdown asked I add this suggestion and I agree: Change the colour of the admin chat from white to orange like on silEnT and Jay1. Makes the text stand out more, especially on white backgrounds like in Fuel Dump or other snowy maps. Plus who doesn't love more orange. Also just want to remind DD of the filter on the words 'bot' and 'boot' and the Alliesqsay bug at the end of maps. Cheers, El
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    first sunglass, for your config second, congratz 3rd done
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    Hey guys, I designed and printed my own ball mark! It's the first 3D CAD model I've made from scratch since getting my Ender3. Going through a couple iterations and getting to the final product was really gratifying, even if it's a bit simple. Here it is: If any of you are golfers and want a couple personalized ball marks for yourself, let me know! Some =F|A= marks would be pretty cool. I'd be happy to print them if you throw in for shipping. =F|A= Golfers, post your setups in my Golf Thread in the Sports Section! Post up your favorite prints if you have a 3D printer!
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    just a regular V12 engine xD
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    We welcome you back and greetings! And here is our museum of World War 2:
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    Indian smoke signals
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    It's not like ram runs out So I don't really mind if it's overkill Happened to google it and found when I noticed that objectives gave that lagspikes.
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    thats awsome guys i wish my dad played et.u fellas are sure fun in et ..
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    Hello! I was wondering if we could add some improvements for our server #4 featuring Medic and Engineer classes. Before I started playing in your server, I was roaming in different modded coop servers discovering new things beyond just playing regular non-modded servers coop or pvp alike. So I thought, maybe I can introduced some of my suggestions based on my experiences listed below: Boost "low" HP from 25 to either 35 HP or 40 HP Improve the medic's silhouette to better see and prioritize while trying to revive a fallen teammate Engineer buildings disappear whenever a new objective is captured or destroyed needs to be fixed. Especially once a counter attack is set Boost Build points for Engineers. Maybe around 18 or 20 Add a silhouette or a text with instruction to the Ammo cache built by an Engineer so that they don't have run back and forth, from the resupply point to the battlefield and help them see or realize that there's a mobile resupply point. Here is an example of what I mean: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1787058162 And finally, if it's possible, fix bot's spawn point in some maps pls I hope these would help contribute to improving the server including player experiences and look forward from hearing any positive results. Thank you for your comprehension. Izygowie
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    by tasty Pálinka
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    Ozzy and Randy Rhoads live on TV 1981
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    Need to buy a new computer
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    Anh i like this love attitude from each another Now I can just wish world would be so much nicer like this! Cheers guys! Happy weekend!
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    that was tasty
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    silent 1 is good fit for you guys for now till you get some skills. Then move on to hardcore server. If you like fun server, then jay2 is best fit! If you like fast shooting then Jay3 and if you like more weapons then NQ #1. silent1 - you can play right now. HC from after midnight and jay2 after next map. Looking forward to see group of friends playing together. Just word of advice - keep things fair for others i.e. don't stack same team - yes you all can play in same team as long as teams are fair. If teams are not - please break down and balance it yourself For now you can play on below servers - /connect s1.clan-fa.com:27960 /connect jay2.clan-fa.com:27960 /connect hc.clan-fa.com:27960 /connect jay3.clan-fa.com:27960 /connect nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 Reminds me of my old days - me and my friends all 8-12 used to play together. If you get any issue, please let me know! Cheers!
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    talk about all
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