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    I have made this before, but probably is good time to make it again, when i once again try to get myself back to clan duties. First name: Toni Any sort of Nickname?: von, vonny, rantalalalalala (all given from members) Age: 32 What country are you from?: Finland Are you a Parent?: Nope How many siblings do you have?: 7 all youngers than me, youngest 10 year old. One sister have 2 kid and one more coming and other sister have 1 kid. What's your shoe size?: 42 What do you do for a living?: Driving van, sharing magazines and adverts. Greatest Fear?: Too many, but i put them aside and keep leving and trusting God Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Would edit quistion as Best thing you've ever done? Joining F|A. All the friends what i got, who helped me in hard times are priceless. Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) LoL too many. First thing you look for in a new friend?: That he will take me as I am. No need to be something else front of him, than what I am. Farthest you've been from home?:. Mallorca What brought you back to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Added "back" to question. Friends who i been missing for. Been missing so many, some are not active anymore, and some still are. Cat or Dog?: Dog What are your hobbies?: NHL, watching all Minnesota Wild games (not able to watch live, because time difference). Try to watch all Edmonton games too where Koskinen is in net. Playing Eastside hockey mager and ET and watching movies. What kind of Sports do you like?: Hockey, F1 What's your favorite color?: Silver and blue How about your favorite type of music?: Melodic metal and EBM Favorite Song?: Big in Japan from Alphaville. Melotic metal, Everytime I die from Children of Bodom and Purgatorium from [:SITD:] What's your favorite TV show?: Deadwood (watching about two time per year) What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): WWII movies, historial movies and action movies. Favorite Movie?: The Pianist and Titanic Favorite Book?: - What do you like most about yourself?: That i am conscientious What do you hate most about yourself?: That i am sometimes too self critical and too hard to myself. What makes you very happy?: Time with grandparents. Grandfa has passed away, but i still would like to say grantparents and not only grandma What makes you very sad?: Missing grandfa a lot. I don't think ppls can even imagine how much i do miss him. He is in my mind everyday. But he was very sick already, and it give me condolence to know he is waiting for me in better place. What's your favorite beverage?: CocaCola What you're favorite food/snack?: Pizza with Pepperoni, asparagus, champion and sour cream. Love kebab with French fries also. Favorite actor/Actress?: Thomas Kretchmann Favorite season? Why?: Winter. Because its cold. Dont like summer because i dont like hot weather. Favorite subject in school?: History Favorite thing to learn about?: History If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: Would go to say hi to @daredevil My speak english suck, so would need translator with me, so would ask @Masa_1964 or @Reptile* with me in that trip. Also would truly like to see @Krayzie too. We came close when been talking in telegram a lot. I remember only one time, when we been server sametime. So we have to fix that What are your top three games of all time?: ET, EHM (Eastside Hockey manager) and NHL 11 Besides shooters, what is your favorite genre of gaming?: Hockey games Name one game in your collection you'd be embarrassed to tell your friends about: I bought only three - four game in past 5-7 years. Those been EHM, GTA V and F1 2016, 2018 (I had all F1 from 2010-2013, but same franchise so count it as one) So no embrassing game. How many games do you own?: I have 11 game in steam. Some i got free. Do you play console?: Nope What platform do you spend most of your gaming on? (PS, Xbox, Steam, Android etc): Steam What's your favorite internet site (That is not FA ;P): NHLTV, NHL.com, minnesotawild.com Added one pic with my best friend.
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    I now bring to you the one and only von Rantala! Quite friendly, experienced admin and leader. Thank you von for taking the time to answer a few questions to let us get to know you a little more! What is something fun we don't know about you? Hmm, i am very open person, i have told a lot on my life in the servers and site. But maybe its that i drink a lot CocaCola xD Have you noticed anything changing within the FA community since you joined? DD is more active in these days, when i was first active and joined this clan. JoeDirt was running show when i orginally joined. DD was lurking around, but now he is more active, what is great. We haven't been active in sametime. When i was active he was mainly inactive, and now when i been inactive, he been active. What makes this gaming community unique from the rest? We don't have "dictartorship" in here. We discuss major changes with all the members. If members say no, we dont apply new rules. We do apply deniel, approval together by voting. Our owner trust, a lot on his leaders and members. We dont ban or kick anyone out of clan hastily, we are very fair to everyone and give always second chanse. We also are very patiance on members who we see have potential, but doing mistakes. We always believe doing mistakes is better than not doing anything. Where do you see FA going in the coming years? In new games, but keeping old ones alive. I believe we can be very healthy clan for long long to future. In the future, i believe we can go to games which we can't have own servers. Now we mainly stayed on games which we can run own server, but dont see it impossible to go to games which we don't have own server. We never had competion teams, (scrim teams), but i think in the future we might take part of price pool game tournaments, and we could make F|A tag know to world. Who are your top favorite members? So so many old timers, dont want to make list, because would forgot someone for sure. So instead i say those who came closest friends to me. Not commenting they admin job etc.. only guys who came close friend to me off the game. KevinBacon (missing him a lot), Chuckun, Krayzie and DD. I have a lot good friends in clan, so could make list a lot longer, but added only those who kept actively contact to me when i was inactive. KevinBacon i havent hear in while, but he was my first friend in FA. Have you met any members in rl? Nope. I am very shy in reallife. Get stomach full of butterflies even to talk Finnish in TS. Havent even talk to DD. Even that he spammed me on that many times, and I even got very angry to him, to forcing me to call him or talk to him. I runaway for minor inactivity to escape his request. Ppls dont understand that i dont want speak english in TS. I have minor aphasia, what make it hard to pronounce english words. Even in finnish i have that difficult when i am nervous or tired. Thats why i dont have many friends in reallife. Thats why i never met even finnish clan members. I just need build courage to meet some finnish members first What game did you first play while in FA? Any new ones? ET. Always played ET. Tested INS couple time, but always stayed in ET. Who is the most inspirational person in your life? Pappa, (grandfather) Learn a lot from him. He has passed away. Do you think FA should have a meet-up party for members? If so, where? Sure i do. Would love to go there, if would get enough courage. Maybe start for Finnish members meet up. Would also love to meet Chuckun, DD and Krayzie. Krayzie and DD live in USA tho, so i would need to win from lotto and get a lot more encourage to go fly and meet them. Would take my best friend to translator tho. That would help to meet english speaking members
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    Back then when you could go to the beach any day, any time. Dammmmn I miss those days
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    Hey, i dont know if this kind topic already started. So hide if needed. Behalf of our clan, and from myself. I wish you all to stay healthy and safe in this difficult time. Corona virus is affecting many of our lifes. Try to stay healthy, wash hands as many times as possible and try to not visit risk groups. I hope you will get help and relief to you life from our servers and site. Hopefully this all will be over soon and we will get back to normal life, which we probably will appreciate more after this. I wish best for you family and friends too. Together we are stronger, together we can get over this. Regards von Rantala
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    Lot of admins, leaders are back, i m happy for that, i hope you will stay active after....
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    Hey guys! I've decided to become active again and support this clan from my mobile the best I can. I'll be around on forums and Discord (in sneaky offline mode by default), but unfortunately not on any in-game servers. Stay safe and healthy! Raziel
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    I have requested to Dare to add "3 maps panzer rule" on JAY1 . As per 3 maps panzer rule:- 1) Player can hold panzer for 3 maps in a row max (easy to manage and count 3 maps) 2) 3 maps break compulsory to hold/use panzer again. My main concern is there is just 1 panzer per team, and we have few players who always have it and they never share it. For a change it will be good to see some 'fresh faces' using panzer .
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    I decided to go trip in the jungle for the day but didnt imagined to find some of @CheepHeep and @Renegade Pig relatives in a sinkhole farm. I knew nobody will believe me so I took some pics for proof at some safe distance with Cheep's since I didnt want any trouble: And with Pig's comrades was a little bit more close:
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    Happy Birthday to @CheepHeep and @Bleed! Here are some for you
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    We r screwed, very cos we r f***ing selfish, we dont think of others, we dont empathize. 3 weeks had the spanish government to prepare for what could happen in our country seeing what was happening in China, apparently the state of alarm could only be declared once there were a few thousand infected, ... cool! ffss When we get a vaccine everything will normalize, for the moment they are only experimental phases. I dont believe in conspiracy theories, so i dont believe that there is an intentional background on the part of any country. This has not benefited anyone, nor will it benefit anyone. Stay home if u can, if u cant go to work, take care of your family. If u can, dont have contact with your elders, its better for them, provide them with what they need without having physical contact with them. We have more than 112.000 confirmed infected and 10.348 deaths. This shit affects everyone, lets not make the situation worse, and follow the rules.
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    Dear fellow clan members, friends and regulars On behalf of all the Fearless Assassins we invite you to join us for a weekend to celebrate this Easter. With those hard days arround the world, we propose you a weekend of pure fun. Lets forget all the problems for a moment and enjoy a good time with each other. "The great gift of Easter is hope" We'll be hosting 3 games on the weekend of April 10-11-12th ENEMY TERRITORY DATE: FRIDAY APRIL 10th TIME: STARTS AT 12 GMT +0 SERVER: =F|A= NOQ #1 XPSAVE IP: nq1.clan-fa.com:27960 DAY OF INFAMY DATE: SATURDAY APRIL 11th TIME: STARTS AT 12 GMT +0 SERVER: =F|A= RECRUITING CooP #3 IP: doi3.clan-fa.com:27034 INSURGENCY DATE: SUNDAY APRIL 12th TIME: STARTS AT 12 GMT +0 SERVER: =F|A= #4 Bot Carnage |MEDIC|ENG|COOP|CUSTOM| IP: ins4.clan-fa.com:27022 Don't forget to join us on Discord https://link.fearless-assassins.com/discord HAPPY EASTER!!!
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    Atm look like i have freeday from work then, will try to come. Hope to see some other old farts too in server. New one's come to say hi to me. Want to get know as many new members as possible. PS. Made reminder to my phone
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    If admin says that report that admin on forum or PM me the admin name or to cheep. Spawn killing is allowed since the beginning of our servers. But we always make it harder to do spawn killing.
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    Hello everyone, everything is fine? I'm back!! First name: Lucas Any sort of Nickname: Caveirinha (Little Skull) Age: 21 What country are you from?: Brazil Are you a Parent: Not yet! How many siblings do you have: 3 What's your shoe size: 41 (BR) What do you do for a living: Im a Light Designer Greatest Fear?: Hm... its loose my parents Most Exciting thing you've ever done?: Travelllllll!!! Hahaha Most embarrassing thing you've ever done?: (Don't be shy!) Well... First thing you look for in a new friend?: Honesty Farthest you've been from home?: Paraguay What brought you to the Fearless Assassins servers/forum?: Im a old member Cat or Dog?: Have 4 cats What are your hobbies?: I play CS:GO, DeadByDaylight, and now, Wolfenstein again! What kind of Sports do you like?: Football What's your favourite colour?: Blue How about your favourite type of music?: Maybe its rock gospel Favourite Song?: youtube.com/watch?v=9yfCAOx5too What's your favourite TV show?: I like AGT What kind of movies do you like? (Scary, comedy, drama etc): Action, Cops and Scary What do you like most about yourself?: My determination What do you hate most about yourself?: I don't know how to manage my free time, for some things... What makes you very happy?: When i have free time HAHA (#hardwork) What makes you very sad?: When the day is over and I didn't do everything I wanted to do that day. What's your favourite beverage?: Energy drink (Monster) What you're favourite food/snack?: Snickers Favourite season? Why?: Mr Robot, because i like movies/seasons about hackers. Favourite subject in school?: Its probably science. Favourite thing to learn about?: LightDesigner If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?: New Zealand its me!!
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