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    0 = 320x240 1 = 400x300 2 = 512x384 3 = 640x480 4 = 800x600 5 = 960x720 6 = 1024x768 7 = 1152x864 8 = 1280x1024 9 = 1600x1200 10 = 2048x1536 11 = 856x480 (wide) -1 = custom This is all of them. If the resolution you want to play at is not on the list, use r_mode -1 and r_customheight and r_customwidth.
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    i live 2 blocks from this .. the falls. this is also in my state but im about 400 miles from it.
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    Meh... waiting for maintenance @ work. Glad that I get paid for waiting and chillin tho
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    You're right about the RTCW, but the ET is identical. RTCW MP40 100 ms 14 damage 400 spread THOMPSON 120 ms 18 damage 600 spread STEN 110 ms 14 damage 200 spread ET MP40 150 ms 18 damage 400 spread THOMPSON 150 ms 18 damage 400 spread STEN 150 ms 14 damage 200 spread
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    I think it was something with my drivers. I rolled back my nvidia drivers and it seems to have worked. Thank you for your help everyone.
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    I've got a few Christmas maps I can add, just been busy dealing with some stuff recently so haven't had a chance to get round to it. Next time the server empties I'll get a new rotation up. As for skin packs, maybe? It's up to @daredevil. If I do add some it'll only be lite packs that only change a few things, nothing excessive.
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    few people been asking for xmas maps. do we do skins on jay2 i cant remember. im looking forward too this .. if u need me to post up some maps .. let me know. also would like to see this up for few weeks.thanks
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    @daredevil Oh before i forget to mention mate. Since you put the invisible barrier there at the pit when you now leave axis first spawn and go through the tunnel (left of first axis spawn) towards the allies first flag, in the tunnel you can no longer go through the left side of said tunnel as there is also an invisible wall there. I'll try and get a screenshot of where i mean next time its on.
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    Thank you RendeL, good to be here! Thank you Ins4ne!
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    When you join, just type /vid_restart. See if that sorts things out for now.
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    Hi guys My Name is Geísa, I have been playing Enemy Territory for 10 years. I don't speak English, so this text was written by translate. I'm Brazilian. The server is really fun and I have enjoyed playing there. See you
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    Today we're celebrating Independence Day in Poland: Bóg Honor i Ojczyzna.
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    Now this is what I call wholesome; I love seeing intros like this. I can already tell you raised your boy right Captn. And it's nice to meet ya Jesse! Welcome to our forums, please make yourself at home. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or concerns. Gonna have to make a rare appearance to play with you both on Jay2! Wishing you both the best~
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    Well its the age old question - which is better, Thompson or MP40 The arguement has been going is that the Thompson is more powerful than the MP40 Here is the developer to explain and settle it
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    Haha, yeah thats the gap between first tunnel and second i meant mate.
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    Happened to me if I got killed during a lagspike. Under normal circumstances the death count should behave as normal
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    Welcome to the forum Ready! We have admins from Brazil and many regular players wo are bilingual at least so i think communication won't be problem
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    Here's an overall view of the falls, we have a whole Amish community that comes down from the west in the summer and gathers at the falls for about a week, some of them are pretty cool to talk to, but most have no interest in you.
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    I will make some waypoints with multiple routes and defend goals for madbunker_reloaded.
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    Mufasa - Push the Feeling on (black guy dancing) VVS danger
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    Nice to see you mate! Welcome! You wrote that you were in Japan, what did you like the most? I love Japan but I've never been there before..
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    Hello man! Wait, your favourite website is wikipedia?
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    If yes, during the connection you should see the possibility to receive your code by SMS
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    Welcome and those words are very nice spoken! Gl with ur private life hope to see u around !
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    Marxist and Libertarian
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    eventually transform into
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    Bordeaux wine bought from France. It cost around €5,49
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    Been a busy bee with renovation. Today need to install new door and lock and hopefully next week I have more time again to focus on ET. I heard admins on b2 doing good job and that makes me happy Keep it up guys!
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    ET dl allmost complete, long time for a last try
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