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    Since everybody is asking me for pics, here are some :
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    Thanks for coming everyone! Special thanks to the event organisers that helped out too! Was a pretty successful gameday! The server had people consistently throughout the whole gameday. Activity from start to end of the gameday:
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    i got abducted by aliens ... now i am one
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    It was a pleasure meeting you there on Nq1... goodjob admins, great gameday!!
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    Great day, I had a great time for my first Gameday! I will be present at the next! Fox.
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    Your S:ET guid is now correctomundo (or correctamundo) as Bart Simpson would say. BTW, that slang is derived from the Spanish for "right world". Ha Ha! I guess that is like "all is right in the World" or something???
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    @Palace 30 players in server at this moment
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    I agree we should have a few funny v says on Hardcore i always enjoy when !love is played it adds a little extra to the game
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    Here's why your resolution is wonky: You started ET as a non-admin. It created a default config in a "sandboxed" environment, and it's reading from that. So here's a quick and easy way to fix it: Copy your etconfig.cfg file from your Program Files Wolfenstein\etmain directory to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain. Now at this point, I also recommend asking for a custom config if you do not have one. This will help keep things simpler and running more smoothly. You can ask for one here: https://fearless-assassins.com/forum/206-et-scripts-configs/
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    /r_mode -1 /r_customheight 1080 /r_customwidth 1920
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    I totally agree with Warbell and Industry 2 final Plus I'd like to add that the other goldrush map was more interesting as axis had the possibilty to exit the respawn point by climbing in the building right at the respawn. Could this goldrush version becomes the standard goldrush map?
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    Just saw the movie and i'm really impressed!
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    Castle attack is one of large map, I remember this one from Fun1 it was great map for me and players liked it. Don't remove battery I'm the only one who likes battery?
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    oh my goodness i think we just became best friends!
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    @CheepHeep Stop spamming and post your pic .
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    WELCOME see you on serv
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    Damm you need 55 yeas old vagina of Mufasa?
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    Speak for yo self.
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    Version 1.1


    ET (Enemy territory) has been messed up lately with master list redirect and hacking issues. In order to stop it, please download the ET.exe and replace your current one. Patch is for all ET players playing from Windows OS. Steps - 1. Download the 2 file ET.exe and ETPRO.exe. 2. Replace the ET.exe with the downloaded ET.exe. 3. Use ET.exe to play on all mods except ETPro. For playing on ETPro mod, use ETPRO.exe. Please share this file to all your friends and ask them to patch their ET with this one. Please report on forums for any issues, if any. Note - New patch will also stop players redirecting from fake ET redirect servers. It's about time we focus towards good gaming experience for all new ET players. Note 2 - If any new issues, we might try to fix that as well or revert back or provide complete new patch. So please subscribe to this file download. If file gets updated you will get notification, so you can stay up to date. IMP Note - Please don't download the file from other sites or source, as some may try to inject virus/trojans and spread the copy of it. I take full responsibility of this file on our website and 100% guarantee it doesn't have any back-doors. So my humble request - please be careful i.e. from where you download the files and what servers you play on. Update - 10th Oct 2018 - zip file updated to block redirect on default ET.exe itself. If you are using ET.exe from download to play you don't need anything else. If you are using ETPRO.exe or default 2.6b Installation ET.exe - Please download generic_redirect_fix.zip and put both .dll next to your ET.exe installation. Instructions are available in Read Me.txt of the zip file. PS Long live ET where we have made some life long best friends. ET for next 50 years till it becomes legacy like super Mario
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