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  1. I'm going for the BBC list and its German equivalents this year, which means lots of classics. Last read was Pride and Prejudice. Currently reading Faust.
  2. Overall favourite Anime would be Steins;Gate. Of the ones I watched recently, I'd say Your Lie in April. On Manga, Berserk takes the cake for me. And the one I'm currently fanboying the most about is Miss Komi is Bad at Communication. There's nothing wrong with enjoying "mainstream" Anime/Manga. I'd argue at least watching Anime has become pretty mainstream over the recent years. I enjoyed Naruto. I am a huge fan of My Hero Academia. I even read Bleach to its end (I do regret that a bit, though).
  3. Raziel

    Dards / *darTs

    Started playing in July. It's loads of fun! I also enjoy watching the world championship right now
  4. Just saying hi to you all :). Gonna be MIA over an indefinite amount of time. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AnG3L


      Take care mate.

    3. Gengis


      OK and take care

    4. Neuro


      Not single anymore? Hahahaha

      Hope all is well.

  5. On a two months break starting tomorrow.

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    2. Shana


      Enjoy the break ^^

    3. RedAngel


      AwwwRazi, enjoy your break, well miss u

    4. RedBaird


      Another trip to Katmandu? :D Ooooh, I just discovered that the spelling in the song is incorrect, it is really "Kathmandu" in Nepal....or have they changed the spelling over the years?

  6. How about this magic trick? Or just thinking with portals...
  7. Raziel

    Spotlight on Bastille

    Yeah they're a good band. I really like covering them, although the only songs I did so far were Pompeii, Flaws and Things We Lost In The Fire.
  8. I think this here explains it pretty well: http://www.dartmouth.edu/~deutsch/Grammatik/Wortbildung/Komposita.html
  9. Please elaborate. On a sidenote, that video was hilarious.
  10. I have a spare fintard at my apartment right now. Any takers? He goes by the name Teukka and he doesn't seem very dangerous.

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    2. RedBaird


      I don't think that I can afford the shipping costs. :(

    3. AnG3L
    4. ancientmule


      he such a nice guy, enjoy his company and still beware of the fintard guy.. xD Salutes to Teukka!

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRfHcp2GjVI
  12. Raziel

    Hear me sing

    And the other one, classic gospel this time. I really like adlibbing for this one. It's just so much fun. https://youtu.be/OR_vzBog9JA
  13. Raziel

    Hear me sing

    And I'm back with another video from this weekend's concerts. This one's a bit special, because it was my suggestion to our conductor and I was overjoyed that he not only put it into our programme, but also let me sing the solo. Some of you may know it from Civ 4. I also taught my mother to tilt her phone this time! https://youtu.be/mNeu9FGejm0

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