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  1. A reread after 10 years. I was in high school then but still remember how the ending hit me. Now, I'm more impressed with the inevitable turn of events and unforgivingly forward-moving plot; the detailed setting descriptions; the characters and their (unsuccessful) struggle for something better; the on-point dialogue; and the sobering narration putting all of it together. It's not a long or really complex story, but it's masterfully crafted.
  2. Obviously @nani* Also @JoeDirt @Pepperonipizza @SkuLLc0LLector @-=Medic=- @Krauersaut @Scream @F257 @Nik00 @yellow flash @Platonic @JuLeZ' @Wifestein @Chuckun ...I bet I forgot a good bunch.
  3. We are currently talking about lowering flamethrower damage on NQ1. Unfortunately, we can't enable selfdamage because we would have to turn FF on, which is a whole different ballpark altogether.
  4. As per current NQ1 rules, TJ to finish the final objective is still allowed after 5 minutes have passed. Axis can still switch spawns to prevent this from happening. Again, Daybreak might be the exception and we're currently looking into it and discussing related rule changes. I apologise for any confusion about the current rules and will answer questions about specific maps to the best of my knowledge in this topic. Let's try our best to maintain NQ1 as the fun place we know and love in the meantime.
  5. This is allowed under the current rules. If the defending team doesn't notice the cvops sneaking past them, they're just not defending properly.
  6. Obligatory bday song: https://voca.ro/kLb25ZRUI4E
  7. I was able to watch the madness via Discord stream! Great work so far, Event Organisers! I had plenty of fun just watching you guys, listening to old vsays, and encouraging the players I was able to watch in real time
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